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I watched the Gubernatorial Debate

Black Flag

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On 10/6/2022 at 8:41 PM, mauserme said:

What were their positions on gun rights?

Just a little bit of a difference there...  ;-)


I watched it too.  Bailey did much, much better than I anticipated.  He made some flubs like saying "our" part of the state once; but did pretty well overall.  For some reason, Pritzker's closing statement kept replaying on my phone and i had to shut it down to stop it.  Don't know what happened with that.  If it happened on others, that was a very clever move.  Kind of spooky though.

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On 10/6/2022 at 9:19 PM, Black Flag said:

I told a little lie, I watched some of it.

I listened to all of it.

But what I did watch bothered me.  
Tell me I didn't see prejudiced camera placement and selection.
Whenever I saw both of them, JB was up close, Darren was off in the distance.

Could the up close be due to physics, or he’s just so large it appears he was closer?
Maybe it was his gravitational pull on the camera? 🤔

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"... The two candidates also debated gun control in the wake of the Highland Park mass shooting.


"I believe we ought to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the state of Illinois," said Pritzker.


"The Highland Park shooting, it shouldn't have happened because of the laws that are on the books but when Governor Pritzker doesn't follow or obey these laws, these things happen," Bailey accused. ,,,"




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On 10/7/2022 at 5:29 PM, mauserme said:

We need to let Illinois Republicans know what is expected of them.  A vote for Darren Bailey will do that.


Unless we speak up they'll keep electing people like Jim Durkin as House Minority Leader.



Wishfully, RINOs are as endangered here as in Africa, but this particular RINO just won't go away.  He's nothing but a more fiscally-conservative Democrat.

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