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  2. You see lots of things on Reddit and other spots on the Internet. Giffords Law Center (or whatever it is) does not mention this restriction. It does include this passage which could be interpreted by stores to not allow non-residents to buy ammo... how can you tell if someone is eligible without a FOID or a background check? I think this one has been around for years. It may be like the many retailers who will not ship handgun magazines larger than 10 rounds to Illinois. I'd sure like to clear up that one. Cheers, Tim
  3. Well, the level of surprise I feel is quite low. Anyone whose not maniacally anti knows it’s a dumb rule,
  4. Don't mistake it, he is an enemy. face to the name: https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/sociology/faculty/hs23698 From 9/2021 - 7/2022 Harel Shapira is an ethnographer whose research focuses on gun culture, militias, and right-wing politics. Dates at IAS Member School of Social Science 9/2021 – 7/2022 Degrees Columbia University Ph.D. 2010 The University of Chicago B.A. 2001 Appointments The University of Texas at Austin 2013 Associate Professor of Sociology
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  6. You always respond to a motion for S/J with a contention that discovery should be completed. Prior to that, there are generally few or no "undisputed" facts. Defendants deny everything in their answer. Constitutional and/or legislation issues are more likely to get an S/J without discovery if, for example, an act is unconstitutional on its face.
  7. Practice, practice, practice. Too many do not understand adrenaline makes a New York trigger into a hair trigger. This is why I stick with double action only. Anyone know how to get a big nose of adrenaline dumped into our system during practice. None of my clients with medical degrees had a suggestion.
  8. I sent registered mails as well. Let's see if we all get responses...
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  10. If they had a shred of self-awareness, Highland Park would realize that Gun Free Zones decals did not prevent the July 4th tragedy. Instead, they will stand on those victims to perpetuate their folly.
  11. That length of time to trial is very common for civil cases which can often take two or three years to get to trial in many US District Courts. Also, mediation is often part of a Judge's standing order that goes out in every new case that I would expect in this type of case will be waived by the judge. If not waived it is often just an hour meeting with the Magistrate Judge assigned to the case. One thing to keep in mind is that each of the judges in Illinois District Courts have 500 - 700 or more cases each at any given time and criminal cases always come first because of the speedy trial laws for criminal cases. We don't have to like it but it is, as they say, just the facts.
  12. Exactly, and it was only enacted then to assist police and law enforcement aka a public interest aka means-ends policy. I don't see how it can stand post Bruen unless the SCOTUS overrules and reverses course on Heller/Bruen. And we have to remember that once law is found unconstitutional it's as if it never existed at all since day one, so a settlement in this case is just odd at this point in time, if they were found guilty/liable they would have a very solid defense and possibly even a potential 1983 claim, now they have basically nothing, thus I suspect the fine print was actually pretty sweat for them but allows California to brag.
  13. On June 1, the judge ordered parties to file briefs by June 14 why Anderson v Raoul should or should not be consolidated with Morse. The Anderson docket doesn't list such an order yet. Presumably the Anderson plaintiffs can file, as well.
  14. It looks like all SAF members are also now covered! Sounds like the same for GOA members based on other articles as well. Nice to see a leaning towards ending (or at least slowing) this abhorrent ATF action.
  15. Kenneally isn't consolidated with anything. Herrera, Barnett, and Bevis are consolidated for the preliminary injunction appeal. They are still separate cases at the district level.
  16. We can what if it all day with different scenarios but we won't know for sure until someone gets arrested and goes through court to set a precedent. Hopefully this garbage of a law will be tossed in the garbage can long before that.
  17. But signing an affidavit stating the weapons your purchased were owned PRIOR to the law going into effect, would be to purger yourself, if in fact you bough them after the law went into effect, wouldn't it?
  18. Looks like 6/32 screw size works on that plate
  19. DITTO ! I used Word to put multiple pictures of my various guns with some history about each (2 are over 100 y.o.). It also tells (approximately in several cases) when the gun was purchased or inherited and the serial numbers. Two electronic copies are on my computer and a relative's and hard copies at both places as well.
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