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  2. Go read about how sheriffs work. Next, look at the map of sherrifs that support this. You can tell based on your location how easy it would be to arrest someone under the statute. This whole conversation has already been had a year or more ago. Not sure why you're trying to scare people now.
  3. The actions of these "rogue" courts and the pols who pass these criminal laws remind me of the old expression - "Hoist on their own petard" - i.e. - destroyed by the very device (the petard) with which one meant to destroy others.
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  5. Arkansas Senators Sound the Alarm After Discovering What the ATF Failed to Do Before Fatal Raid on Clinton Airport Exec …. Malinowski got in a shootout on March 19 with ATF agents serving a 6 a.m. search warrant on his home in Litte Rock. He died from injuries received during the gunplay on March 21. In the search warrant affidavit, the ATF claimed Malinowski was selling guns without a license. Bud Cummins, the lawyer for the Malinowski family, claimed Bryan Malinowski was selling guns legally through the gun-show loophole provision … https://www.westernjournal.com/arkansas-senators-sound-alarm-discovering-atf-failed-fatal-raid-clinton-airport-exec/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=CTBreaking&utm_campaign=breaking&utm_content=conservative-tribune
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  7. https://saf.org/plaintiffs-file-brief-in-challenge-of-illinois-public-transit-carry-ban/ BELLEVUE, WA – Plaintiffs in a federal challenge of the Illinois Public Transit carry ban have filed a brief in support of their earlier motion for summary judgment in the case, which is financially supported by the Second Amendment Foundation. The case is known as Schoenthal v. Raoul and is currently in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Western Division. Plaintiffs are Benjamin Schoenthal, Mark Wroblewski, Joseph Vesel, and Douglas Winston. They are represented by attorney David G. Sigale of Lombard, Ill. The defendants are Attorney General Kwame Raoul and State’s Attorneys Rick Amato (DeKalb County), Robert Berlin (DuPage County), Kimberly M. Foxx (Cook County) and Eric Rinehart (Lake County), all in their official capacities. “As noted in the brief,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “this case asserts the Illinois Public Transportation carry ban cannot stand unless it is consistent with the historical tradition of firearms regulation at the time of the ratification of the right to keep and bear arms. It is abundantly clear the defendants can’t provide such information, and in their response, they have failed to offer any Founding-era evidence supporting the ban.” In other states with licensed concealed carry, legally-armed private citizens can utilize public transportation. Illinois, however, continues to cling to a restriction which has no historic legal foundation. It simply denies the right to bear arms arbitrarily to anyone using public transportation because of state government’s long-standing revulsion toward firearms and the Second Amendment, Gottlieb said. “This ban clearly violates the Second Amendment,” he observed, “which the defendants should realize, since the Second Amendment was incorporated to the states via the 14th Amendment in a case they’re all familiar with, McDonald v. City of Chicago. SAF won that case at the Supreme Court in 2010, nullifying Chicago’s handgun ban.”
  8. I no longer have any responsibility for IGOLD, but dammit I tried to get people motivated. More than 200. Way more. Less than 8000, way less. I took forensic photos of the seating area to do a count, later. I have done zero that's IGOLD related all day today, save for replying to this thread just now.
  9. The House stands adjourned until 4/19/2024 @ 10:00 AM.
  10. On April 17, plaintiffs answered the court's order regarding jurisdiction. On April 18, the court ordered defendants to respond by April 26.
  11. I agree. I have IL and FL cards. If nothing else, it shows you made the effort to be within the laws.
  12. I sent mine to Battle Werx, put a bag of jerky in the box with my slide and it got moved up in the queue a bit. lol
  13. The Senate stands adjourned until 4/18/2024 @ 12:00 Noon.
  14. The House stands adjourned until 4/17/2024 @ 11:30 AM. Prior to adjournment, Amendment 1 was adopted on HB4500 Unlawful Possession Weapons, and the bill was moved to third reading.
  15. Fair enough. Unless I missed something… I don’t remember seeing anything about this being a requirement.
  16. IGOLD usually has them for sale.
  17. HB1881 Criminal Law - Tech HA1 and HB4500 Unlawful Possession Weapons HA1 have been posted to a 4 PM House Judiciary - Criminal hearing this afternoon. We're neutral on both.
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  19. Before the CCL Act, this was how people carried legally. It's sometimes called "FOID Carry" and was advertised with the slogan "6 seconds to safety," since that's about how long it would take a well-trained person to draw and load a weapon.
  20. Try this: https://berettaforum.net They have a classified ads section. A regular 96 FS slide should work. When I was shooting factory ammo, Winchester 180 grain stuff in the .40, the brass would get ejected with some gusto. I never did move up to a heavier recoil spring though. Once I had enough once fired brass, I started reloading for the .40 . (At just above minor power factor) Then some 92FS Brig Inox’s became available. I think I had one 96FS frame set up with a D spring. The other 96 frame got a 1911 main spring. So I just put the 92FS Brig Inox top ends on the 96FS frames.
  21. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/ https://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=1911A1+trigger You might try Numrich - I have found all kinds of miscellaneous gun parts for Colt 1903's and such there. VooDoo
  22. We cancel stamps. Why don’t we simply cancel the legislative session!
  23. I completed the renewal class and successfully submitted my CCL and the FOID renewal option button disappeared but I keep getting emails notifying me that my FOID expires in about 4 weeks. my portal says I’m 83 days out from CCL. i know my CCL is supposed to be controlling date but why do I keep getting these irritating emails but I can see a way to renew my FOID anyway. is this just more Illinois BS and dysfunction? F U jelly belly and commie rah ool.
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