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  2. Here is the data from my recent CCL renewal: Applied for renewal on 6/9/20 Active on 10/8/21 In hand on 10/15/21 -Keith.
  3. I've added a couple legislative actions to the list of items we're watching: AM1020257 Appoint – Christopher Patterson Synopsis As Introduced Nominates Christopher Patterson as Assistant Secretary of Firearm Violence Prevention for the Illinois Department of Human Services. HB4182 Workplace Violence Prevention Synopsis As Introduced Amends the Workplace Violence Prevention Act. Expands the purpose of the Act to include assisting employees in protecting themselves from unlawful violence and harassment at the workplace because of an employee's employment duties or place of employment. Expands the definition of "petitioner" to include an employee. Provides that an employer may seek a workplace protection restraining order to prohibit further violence or threats of violence by a respondent if: (i) an employee believes that the respondent has made a credible threat of violence to be carried out against the employee outside of the workplace because of the employee's employment duties or place of employment; or (ii) the respondent has made a credible threat of violence at the workplace against an employee, customer, or guest. Permits an employee to obtain a workplace restraining order.
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  5. Is that the quickest way to kill a bill? Harmon the legislative ninja assassin!!!!
  6. I was listening to the radio on the way to work today, and they were talking about this, the NRA I guess is involved and said they are going to argue that the way NY's process is clearly violates the 2nd Amendment. So their argument from what I remember was going to be that they need to rule in favor of allowing people the right to bear arms, because otherwise, if you don't uphold the one amendment, then basically you'd weaken the other amendments as well. Can't remember the exact wording, but it seemed to be to that effect.
  7. Whenever I've gone to buy, I've had instant approval. A friend of mine however seems to always get delayed by a few days.
  8. June/July 2018 saw massive upticks. All those peaceful assemblies of democrats burning, looting, and murdering couldn't have had anything to do with it.
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  10. I've got nothing yet, can one of you scan it or take a pic?
  11. A student from my old high school was recently stabbed to death in a fight by a kid from Elgin. Kim Foxx's office claimed Mutual combat between the two, and all of the kids that I went to high school with were OUTRAGED on social media that the perpetrator wasn't charged with murder. These are the same people that ran down the ballot voting DEM last year and probably voted for her without even knowing. I went to the polls to vote exclusively against her. but every time I see a post of the sorts I cant help but think YOU IDIOTS ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT VOTED HER INTO OFFICE. These people will never learn.
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  13. Not lookin forward to this at all. That said , thank you for being the sentry.
  14. So the illegally owned guns are not really coming from free states such as Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, etc. as previously claimed? If you are a criminal organization and you need guns it's a whole lot more efficient to set some out of work machinists up with equipment and produce the guns you need, plus make it a profit center by selling them to other organizations. The cartels have been doing this for decades. You don't have to manufacture the most reliable or smoothest operating gun when it's basically a disposable item.
  15. I REALLY appreciate everyones feedback. I **may** have found a location within 30 minutes. I'm still working on the details with the owner. I will keep you posted though because this seems like my next viable option. Hopefully I have an answer by the end of next week.
  16. It is the next attempt to "eliminate guns" modeled on the Texas law to "eliminate abortion". A blatant attempt to skirt the law. "If it works in Texas..." It will not stand in Texas and it will not stand in Illinois.
  17. Unfortunately, if they are successful at that, the rest of the BoR will follow rather quickly.
  18. That’s one area where I’m pretty persnickety: I will not use a bag as a carryon if it has EVER been to the range with me. I know all of the guns would be out of it, but I’ve had bags poop live rounds months after I’ve taken them to the range. As I understand it, TSA isn’t as down on ammo as they are with firearms, but it’s still good for an arrest and a fine, IIRC. CC
  19. Wow will these be going on in November too? This is awesome! Seriously planning to buy my next firearm just based on this.
  20. We've been seeing large numbers of people buying home protection shotguns off the rack right outside our classroom door at GAT all along, yet almost none of these fledgling purchasers ever get a chance to fire the guns in any practical way. Most ranges don't allow shot loads of any kind to be fired, much less at a fast pace. We wanted to provide an opportunity to do that. Given GAT's large training facility, which we've been doing handgun classes at for over ten years now, it finally came to pass that this shotgun class got put together and on the schedule. Drawing in part on our multigun match directing experience, plus some practical defensive shotgun training, we have a class where the practical shotgun owner can come and learn basic handling, loading, and shooting techniques and get some practical (i.e., fast) shooting on reactive steel targets. Along with my estimable IDPA-guy colleague Perry Stevens, we run a class that focuses on safety and good gun handling, ready conditions and multiple target shooting, all in a three-hour class on Saturday mornings. We will do our shooting in the 50-yard range, but not from in the booths. Rather, we work from tables downrange with the steel plates at ten yards. The typical round count for the birdshot portion is 36 or a little more. #7 1/2 shot size or smaller is required and no steel shot is allowed. We are also including a short section as time permits where the students bring a couple of rounds of their real-deal buckshot loads to fire at cardboard silhouettes to see the actual patterns they will get. So far, we've seen that more than half of our students have never even fired a shotgun in their lives, and this is the shooter we are most looking to serve. Not that anyone can't stand a bit more full-speed trigger time. A couple of things we've seen so far, just for information. The students with Mossberg slide-action 500-series guns pretty much dominate in numbers and successful results. If you haven't purchased a defensive shotgun, take that as a tip. Shooters with many semi-automatics find that low-brass, standard power shotshells won't run well in their guns. Be sure to bring or buy the highest-power ammunition you can. We had one poor fellow who'd gotten an AR-pattern magazine-fed 12 gauge import that hardly ran at all except with high-brass slugs. The class is on the gatguns.com website in the Events page. Typically we are running it on the fourth Saturday morning of the month, 9am-12pm, and the class fee is $100. October's schedule got a little out of the usual due to other commitments and range time availability. The next one is scheduled for 9am Saturday, October 30th, and November's is set for 9am Saturday, November 27th. Of course, our regular handgun classes continue, Intro, Women's Intro, Phase II, and Skill Builder Phase III (where we make you shoot your handgun fast and hard. Fun class.) Bill Zeller Excel Training Group
  21. He should've at least given them all a chance to handle it.
  22. No she won't, he was a concealed carry card holder and a foid card holder. He must be made and example of. Now if he did not have either, then she would let him go.
  23. Parents are 100% responsible for the actions of their kids. Except if they're LWW's or cronies.
  24. Reminds me of the saying that no good deed goes unpunished.
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