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  2. Well it is the SCOTUS, they can do whatever they want. The question is, is the Caulkins case enough of an FU to the high court for them to take it up? I don't think so. The federal cases are the bigger FU to the high court precedents. Is it enough to grant an injunction? I'm still leaning no, but.... combined with the Caulkins case it could be.
  3. There are steel mags with welded-on floor plates. I'm not saying that it's fundamental to the topic, but they do exist. But I suppose they could be cut and welded... Also the Ruger rotary mags for 10/22 style. They could be modified to hold fewer, I assume, but not more.
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  5. My opinion. Not a lawyer. If we move our guns out of State to get out of Registration they need to stay out of State until this is resolved. If never resolved, I'm going to sell mine from the out of State storage. Everyone needs to make his own decision as we have been divided so as to be more easily conquered. If I move them out of State to avoid registration, they stay out of State. VooDoo
  6. Here's the deal, any time you regulate something to extinction, you create a huge market for criminals. One need only look at drugs/booze to confirm. The bottom line is you make the bad guys rich, and in many cases, make the neutral bad. Has we learned nothing from laws like prohibition?
  7. Should the state push "an AR mag can hold too many 22LR's" argument, a magazine's intended use is as a feeding device that functions without jamming. A firearm that jams because of an overfilled magazine is no longer an "Assault weapon".
  8. The Makers Clubs here have meetings and workshops you can go to. I've been going to learn about 3D printing for my other hobbies of woodworking and model railroading. If you can find a radio control aircraft/cars/boats club they can probably direct you to a Makers Club, as they seem to heavily overlap.
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  10. The way I see it, they are in no hurry to issue the FOIDs and it was hard enough just getting it renewed. I think it took me over 8 months this last time just on the renewal and I ended up getting a little outside help in the end. I will repay in kind. If they haven't figured out that all my vehicle registrations, drivers license, voters registration, along with other things are no longer in Illinois and haven't been for over 2 years now, that's on them. I will just wait until it's cancelled and do nothing until then. I still have over 7 years to go until it expires. I have no plans on ever returning but weirder things have happened...
  11. So go to a court and get a court order to release YOUR information is what ILSC is saying? The ISP "claiims" that FOIA isn't the appropriate route. So why didn't they just state that in the initial court case and suggest, as an alternative, that the plantiff could request an "order by the court" to obtain the records? Would have saved everyone time and money. Was the ISP attorney paid for by the hour and not an actual state employee?
  12. @Molly B., is there any recent track record for how long appeals take? I sent them my docs in back in Sep. The review board only meets periodically? Thanks! ===
  13. They would have to be charged and convicted of something for that to occur wouldn't they? Not just that teacher Buttsore that didn't like that you took your kid to the gun range, and now you have a clear and present danger "check mark" on your "file" and you didn't even get to go to court. But the local news now has you in the paper because the popo showed up at your house in full SWAT mode demanding you hand over your FOID card and ANY firearms you own? Then you can consider going to court? There are a few threads in the forums regarding the CPD mess and violations. Imagine being drunk and saying something stupid to an officer 5 years ago, you were not charged, arrested, booked, convicted, not even a ticket or a court date, and you get denied for FOID as a CPD. Now you need to hire a lawyer to even find out what was filed against you or what you did/said.
  14. You mean gang members "multi-precinct-frequent-voter" program members?
  15. School Shootings is the name used by the Gun Violence Archive. I included the link to verify that the claims made by the posters above were accurate. Yes, the labelling by the GVA is deceptive.
  16. Not knowing all of them I’ve got the USCCA gold level for 30 a month. If nothing else a little peace of mind.
  17. Something going on with that emitter for sure. It could be a cover as Dave suggests, but I use Holosun. I checked out every reticle I could find and every model, the only two I found was a round dot and a triangle. You have some sort of defect IMO, if it is new, I would send it back, if other get money back. The other option is to contact Leupold and send them a picture of the issue, they should know straight away what's going on. This isn't a newbie optic issue, you have something wrong there. Don't give up! I love the red/green optics. I like Holosun because they auto adjust to lighting and have a 20K hours battery and in some cases, charge themselves. Auto on, auto light, auto charge = very cool. I don't need sights to 50ft for center mass, but if I need to make a tight/head shot at 50, I need a bit of help. When I was shooting competition, I had an old optic fail and still completed the stage, with one miss out of 32 rounds. I went back to the range, turned off the site, looking through the window, and shot until I had no misses. Optics, lasers, sights, are all great, but you should get to the point you don't need any of them for typical self defense scenarios. JQ
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