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  2. Don't get involved with 3rd world idiots is the moral of the story.
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  4. I will pass. I try to make it a habit of not supporting the opposition.
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  6. The concealed carry act which addresses the carrying of concealed firearms by the public in public places does not supersede state law that allows people to carry firearms concealed or open on their own land or in their own places of business. My opinion.
  7. I've heard stories of fingerprints being rejected because they were older than some probably arbitrary age. Also, each TCN has a given purpose. You can't use fingerprints taken for one purpose, even if unused for that purpose, for another purpose.
  8. The letter of mental certification after more than 5 years can be filled out by your doctor. If you were a patient in a Mental Health Facility more than five years ago: Firearms Prohibitor – Mental Health Admission More Than 5 Years Requirements Checklist Firearm Disposition Record Form Mental Health Certification form Please note, this form must be returned directly to the Illinois State Police by the examiner and may not be sent by you.
  9. September 24, 2021 In Brief: Far More Defensive Gun Uses Than Murders John Lott explains why you never hear of these stories amidst the slew of crimes tales. Americans who value the Second Amendment know that it’s ultimately about Liberty. But much of the debate often ends up being about crime. Truth be told, the gun grabbers don’t fare any better on that front. John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, has researched and written extensively about this over the years, and he’s out with some new numbers about defensive gun use. While Americans know that guns take many innocent lives every year, many don’t know that firearms also save them. On May 15, an attacker at an apartment complex in Fort Smith, Ark., fatally shot a woman and then fired 93 rounds at other people before a man killed him with a bolt-action rifle. Police said he “likely saved a number of lives in the process.” On June 30, a 12-year-old Louisiana boy used a hunting rifle to stop an armed burglar who was threatening his mother’s life during a home invasion. On July 4, a Chicago gunman shot into a crowd of people, killing one and wounding two others before a concealed handgun permit holder shot and wounded the attacker. Police praised him for stepping in. These are just a few of the nearly 1,000 instances reported by the media so far this year in which gun owners have stopped mass shootings and other murderous acts, saving countless lives. And crime experts say such high-profile cases represent only a small fraction of the instances in which guns are used defensively. But the data are unclear, for a number of reasons, and this has political ramifications because it seems to undercut the claims of gun rights advocates that they need to possess firearms for personal protection — an issue now before the Supreme Court. Americans who look only at the daily headlines would be surprised to learn that, according to academic estimates, defensive gun uses — including instances when guns are simply shown to deter a crime — are four to five times more common than gun crimes, and far more frequent than the roughly 20,000 murders or fewer each year, with or without a gun. But even when they prevent mass public shootings, defensive uses rarely get national news coverage. Those living in major news markets such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles are unlikely to hear of such stories. Lott goes on to indict the media for choosing the salacious crime stories over the more prevalent good ones. Their job isn’t fairness, of course, it’s selling a product. Crime sells. (read rest of article at the link below) https://patriotpost.us/articles/82943-in-brief-far-more-defensive-gun-uses-than-murders-2021-09-24?fbclid=IwAR3ZBvoCLvNaQDC-8UAgNUXpuBuaVVpw_my9U73kvgurbHVzqVmnORyZuso
  10. I just submitted two different FOID applications and put the Unit # in both ways: (A) one within Address Line 1, and the other (B) as part of the separate Apt input cell that the ISP website offers. The former results in the usual USPS format when processed, and the latter processes as Random St. #00. Both got approved. I don't think it matters- but if I had to lean one way or the other, I would recommend (A), putting the Apt/Unit # on the same line as Address Line 1. This is because during the CCL application, the system does a check against the Illinois SOS address you have on file, and it tends to match better when it follows the USPS format that your Drivers License or ID will be using. When I first tried my CCL application using (B) above, the ISP website said my address did not match the one they had on file for me (i.e. the USPS-formatted one). But switching my profile to use option (A) allowed it to match immediately within the system and avoided any headache with the rest of my CCL application. It will also help avoid future issues with not matching with your DL/ID (e.g., ordering ammo online). To clarify: Option (A) - My recommendation - "Random St. Unit 00, City, IL" by manually entering the unit as part of Address Line 1 Option (B) - Not recommended - "Random St. #00, City, IL" using the ISP Website's separate cell input for Unit
  11. I had the same issue, as I had an old FOID card and was required to call into the ISP Call Center to verify my information before my online account was active. I had to call several times - and most times I received a "Verizon Wireless unable to complete this call" message before connecting. There were a few instances where I got through and spent 2+ hours waiting on hold before dropping myself. Finally, after a few calls and about 6 collective hours of being on hold, I was connected to an Agent on a Wednesday morning around 9:00-9:30am CST. Essentially, it was a "first call of the morning" type situation, and they activated my account within a minute.
  12. Vito, if you don't have your FOID card this long after going Active, something is indeed wrong...
  13. I got my notice last week. Got online, worked through the process. Aaaand, the new card showed up today. I was shocked.
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  15. 2013 FSB Court Hearings Report.pdf 2014 FSB Court Appeals Report.pdf 2015 FSB Court Appeals Report.pdf 2016 FSB Court Appeals Report.pdf 2017 FSB Court Appeals Report.pdf 2018 FSB Court Appeals Report(1).pdf 2019 FSB Court Appeals Report.pdf 2020 FSBCourt Appeals Report.pdf
  16. In the comments section of Lake & McHenry County Scanner Facebook page some said it was a bully breed but don't know if that is true or not. Pretty impressed that almost all comments support the CCL holder.
  17. FOID renewed September 15 went active yesterday September 21 and both dates 2021 LOL
  18. Submitted a new app today. Already had an active foid, so we’ll see how long it takes. Only thing I can see is my wife took my pic and it was more of a shot of abdomen upwards as opposed to shoulders and head only, so hopefully they don’t fuss much over that.
  19. All makes good sense. Looks like a good feature to grow into. Thank you for the information.
  20. As above. I'm sure the great (big) governor will be limiting gatherings by then so I'll have limited spots. Information and email link to sign up are at: https://www.facebook.com/TricoAreaFirearmsTraining. You don't need to have a book of faces account to view the page.
  21. I resenting looked for info on the Fed judges ruling in Cook County Preserve. I checked the right topic but did not scroll down far enough to find what I was looking for. At the top was sticky older dated stuff as normal. For the back room I am used to scrolling way down to find current post. Do new people scroll down or see old dates thinking the forum is inactive. I admit thinking scrolling so much to find current post seems odd.
  22. Except for Alaska, where a non-resident property owner can purchase any style of firearm. As long as you have proof of property ownership and an Alaskan address, they never seemed to care.
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