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  2. Has anyone actually presented a plan on how they are going to cut taxes or balance the budget?
  3. Another thing that was a load of hooey: I know someone who built one and showed me how much everything cost. He probably paid at least $200 more for his P80 than the equivalent Glock would have cost. So nope. Not cheaper.
  4. Yesterday
  5. You have 60 days from denial to appeal. You got denied for a reason. The reason isn't going to go away.
  6. My FOID card has a May 1st 2022 expiration date but online it is listed as the same as my CCL which is June 2024. I am just carrying my CCL with a screen shot showing my FOID is good. This whole FOID thing is ridiculous.
  7. It's the American Dream in full force. Jewel, Tony's, Walmart, Meijer's prices higher in store than online.....check. Has rude employees.....check. Is price gouging the public everyday.....check. It's not a unique to firearms issue.
  8. They're catching up and doing better, but it could be a few months before the "board" gets to you. It was taking 1.5+ years a while back.
  9. Last week
  10. .....serial# 1234 "I bought it like that a couple years ago off an individual at a gun show", "sorry I don't remember his name since I don't have to record that".
  11. Maybe the OP was from the ATF and just trying to fit in.
  12. IDOC? If so, I might be able to help. There was a change in the statute recently, which allowed C/O's to keep their employment without a FOID if they were deemed to not be a threat to themselves or others. I've got a DOC contact working on getting the statute for me.
  13. And that, coincidentally, is how many purple "C"s I see when I hit the "View New Content" button. I smell incoming ...
  14. CamaroSSNut


    eBay has been good for carbon fiber for me
  15. Nice job. I am a leftie too and have the same gun. Might have to give the DIY route a go.
  16. They said in the "next batch" I asked when is the "next batch" They said they don't know. They have no idea.
  17. UPDATE! On May 4th i reached out to my IL State Representative Andrew Chesney via Email and told him about my situation. He emailed me back within an hour and told me he would look into it. Within a week I get another Email from Mr. Chesney telling me my FOID was re-printed on May 5th... literally a day after I reached out to him about this situation. Thanks Guys for your help. I had not thought about reaching out to my representative because i had no faith it would help, i was 100% wrong.
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