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  2. There's an OR in there. broken down in a non-functioning state OR not immediately accessible OR unloaded and enclosed in a case. A chest rig pretty much looks like open-carry though. I think it would be awesome if a pouch-style holster (think like a Bianchi M12 holster, but not actually an M12 holster, just like it) that completely enclosed a sidearm counted as concealed carry (for loaded CCL, because you can't see the firearm, right?), but it probably doesn't, because it's obvious that there's a handgun in there.
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  4. Can confirm https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/ I'm in the city (60625) and uploaded FOID and DL. Good to go.
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  6. My understanding is that your FOID/CCL was revoked erroneously due to "moving out of state", which you did not do. In cases of moving out of state, people do not have to transfer their firearms. I suggest you send an email to ISP.AskFOIDandCCL@illinois.gov. with your full legal name, date of birth, FOID number, address, and a copy of the Status Letter of your License showing it is Clear/Valid. Please keep us posted on your progress! If you don't hear something back in 7-10 days, please let me know.
  7. I’ve donated to these organizations before and have been disappointed and let down with their actions. As long as my right to bear arms is written on that Bill of Right I ain’t donating jack squat to anybody! The only money I donate is the round up change at bass pro shop.
  8. Roberts enjoys getting slapped around from the 9th circuit. He wont use the safe word, he wants more and likes it. Nothing will be done to them.
  9. As I interpret re-world outcomes one will (may) have to get 12 people to agree with you. The cost in time, court expense and worry may be much greater than just letting the police and insurance deal with it. Being smart can be wiser than being right.
  10. Paid for renewal on 3/15/21. Just logged into the portal and my CCL went active on 11/29. Hopefully it's in the mail this week.
  11. Still waiting, but my daughter submitted her renewal over a week after I did and her new card was in the mail Saturday. This system makes zero sense.😡
  12. If spelling and writing were requirements for having a FOID and CCL, you might be out of luck! It sounds like your problem is that you cannot log in to the ISP website to order replacement cards. Others have had this problem and there is a way around it... though I do not recall the details. Perhaps someone else will point you to the thread discussing lost ISP passwords. It may involve creating a new profile with a different email address and then changing the email address to the old one, if that is the one you wish to use. You should wait for further guidance and not just go ahead based on what I have written here. Reach out to Molly if an answer is not forthcoming. Best,
  13. Even a very narrow ruling, if worded correctly can still have a big impact. Suffice it to say, it’s pretty obvious that they will find a right to bear arms outside the home, and that “self defense” is the only reason you need to obtain one, therefore banning one being required to show good cause. Even if that’s the only thing they say. It will still impact the majority of those 31 cases. Some of the cases may still lose based on other specific factors of those cases. One case that may loose no matter what the opinion states maybe Sibley V Watches. That one probably should be classified more as a prohibited persons then as a gun permitting case. however I admit, everything is pure speculation until the opinion gets released. The longest time on record from oral arguments to opinion released is 223 days. which I doubt this case will become the longest on record. Therefore we should have an opinion before June 16th. The average time for Arguments to Opinion is 100 days. Which would put an opinion releasing around Feb 13th. I don’t see it happening before then.
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  15. Sadly they are in the process of banning gas tanks over 10 gallons......
  16. Fix your weed conviction. Google has lots of info on the legalities and effectiveness of them... this paragraph was from commentary of an Illinois invention - The Salt Gun.
  17. I have since received my CCL.......... both say active and have the new address on the website....... still never received a replacement FOID. As the FOID is virtually useless anyhow since I only carry my CCL, and the website says both are active and updated Im not that concerned about the physical FOID card
  18. This assumes there are folks who want the dems to survive... Keep it up dems....keep digging.
  19. Didn't your dad give you that gun like a decade ago and he's just been holding it for you? That way you can take it home on your flight as though it's always been yours.
  20. He'll end up as a paid contributor to one of the Leftwing networks where they can present him as a "reasonable" Republican and former member of Congress. He will put on a serious face when he badmouths President Trump, treats the minor riot of January 6th as if it were really an attempted coup, and probably praise Creepy Joe as a President trying to unite us. At one time I supported him, but the moment he turned on President Trump, the President who did more to put this country back on the right path than any other in my lifetime of 78 years (yes, more that Ronald Reagan) I no longer could stand this traitor to America.
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