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  2. I get it, she is utterly ignorant and maybe I missed it but there has to be someone who has done a slow-motion video of a bump stock showing the trigger resetting and getting pulled with each bullet destroying her ill-informed and ignorant claim? This is not something that is a matter of opinion, the trigger is factually pulled with each bullet using a bump stock and her stating otherwise should be challenged at every turn as a matter of undeniable fact...
  3. Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Stephen P. McGlynn: Status Conference held on 7/16/2024. Sean Brady participated on behalf of the FFL Illinois Plaintiffs. Andrew Lothson, Matthew Rowen, and Nicholas Aquart participated on behalf of the Barnett Plaintiffs. David Sigale and Will Bergstrom participated on behalf of the Harrel Plaintiffs. Thomas Maag participated on behalf of Langley Plaintiffs. Christopher Wells and Kathryn Hunt Muse participated on behalf of Defendants Kwame Raoul, Jay Robert Pritzker, and Brendan Kelly. Thomas Ysursa participated on behalf of the St. Clair County Defendants. Katherine Asfour participated on behalf of the Randolph County Defendants. Andrew Hamilton and Troy Owens participated on behalf of McHenry County. Keith Hill participated on behalf of Cole Shaner. Final Pretrial Conference set via ZOOM video on 9/9/2024 at 1:30 PM before Judge Stephen P. McGlynn. Bench Trial set for 9/16/2024 at 9:00 AM in East St. Louis Courthouse before Judge Stephen P. McGlynn. Parties will receive a Zoom invitation via e-mail. (Court Reporter Hannah Jagler.) (jsm2)THIS TEXT ENTRY IS AN ORDER OF THE COURT. NO FURTHER DOCUMENTATION WILL BE MAILED. (Entered: 07/16/2024)
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  5. Selfie works fine, no hat, no smile, plain background, and off a size they can blow up to view eyes without major pixel distortion. They will compare it to your DL As Molly said, keep the canvas size to passport, but have enough data to zoom.
  6. That was a classic brutal take down. Well done! 👍 😂😂 Just put up 6 foot fence without barbed wire around your house, that will stop them! (oh no a fence as tall as me what do I do….. vvv)
  7. Midway and Freedom Munitions are both in the "lost causes" category when it comes to shipping to Chicago.
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  10. I'm betting most IL ammunition buyers have the, IDGAF mentality. I am shooting (pun intended) for a victory. Cook County has really hurt my business and margins for the last 5+ years.
  11. Some are part of the Republican wing of the democrat party.
  12. On July 9, Anne Arundel County requested an extension to file its response. On July 12, the Court granted an extension until August 26.
  13. On July 10, the judge denied motions for a TRO and preliminary injunction.
  14. On July 12, Naperville filed a status report with the district court. (I haven't read it.) The case begins to move again.
  15. here is a guide i wrote to help new resident gun owners in Illinois: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/a-guide-for-new-resident-gun-owners-in-illinois/ Welcome to the suck.
  16. I have to read a bit between the lines, but I strongly suspect that the joint status report (which isn't on the docket) said that nobody accepts mediation. Since the judge actually has to handle the case herself, she's calling a timeout until she can get on top of the pending motions. ... but that's just a guess ...
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  18. Should be clear to anyone on this forum that is here to support its purpose.
  19. This is why federalism is a thing, anything too detailed for DC can usually be handled at the state level......WOMP WOMP
  20. Another concern of mine is that IL FFL Dealers do not have to register their business inventory, but what if they close down. Then they would be required to register their PICA related items after 01/01/2024. Interesting...
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