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  1. The Republicans waste most of their time attacking each other. Then they hold grudges when someone else gets the nomination and withhold their support in the November. Even in hard fought primaries, Democrats usually come together in November. I do not expect that there should never be negative comments, but I want to know about a candidate's stand, accomplishments, and plans. I do not live in Illinois anymore.
  2. You do not need expressed permission of an owner to carry, if licensed. Place of worship, business, home etc. it is up to them to tell you that you are not allowed to carry there. I am not addressing places listed by law (schools, hospitals, etc.). A prescribed sign makes it obvious, but if the owner tells you to leave it outside or leave, you must comply. Gun or no gun, if you refuse to leave you are guilty of trespassing. Do it at a posted business or church, a FCCA violation could be added. Doing it at a private home being informed of the owner's wishes, it is a violation of the FCCA; posting does not matter.
  3. Down state is losing population faster than Chicago. Where Illinois Is Losing Population – Chicago Magazine
  4. Move way south in the state, or even to another state. The candidates that you vote for the legislative bodies may not win the election or your choice may win and then vote on bills differently than you prefer. You will still claim that you are not represented. Leftists who live in conservative districts or states make the same claim. Come up with a perfect system and persuade the whole country to change to it. The U.S. and state constitutions give you the right to vote. They do not guarantee your happiness with the final results.
  5. Democratic representation is a fallacy. Unless everyone in a group agrees on every issue and the legislator is bound to vote that way, someone is not going to get their way. If we went to true democracy, everyone votes directly on every issue, Chicago/Cook would still dominate. Also, under the republican it would probably possible more districts to sections of blocks in Chicago and have less districts downstate, each would contain even more counties than now. Districting is based on population, not geography.
  6. You have the same representation in Washington as some liberal Democrat from a downstate conservative Republican district. Your representative will vote contrary to your wishes on most legislation, and their rep. will vote contrary to that voter's wishes. That is the nature of a republic. It would be the same with or without gerrymandering. The OP was about the Illinois legislature and FOID, but the principle of republican government is the same. The numerical populations of all districts are close to equal. If the population of the state was equally distributed, districting could be done using a grid. The overwhelming concentration of population in Chicago makes that impossible. There is no single will of the people to guide a legislator's to vote. Only a small number of the electorate will correspond to them about an issue. We get mostly pro-2A opinions here and complain that legislators do not respond to the will of the people. On some anti-gun site they hear mostly the opposite viewpoint and think that is the will of the people. Throw in other issues like border security, abortion, LGBT, environment, etc., the "will of the people" gets even more complicated.
  7. There are 59 Illinois senate districts, per the Illinois constitution, and 102 counties. It is not like the U.S. Congress in which each state in the Senate has the same number of votes. Nothing says that county lines have to be considered when district boundaries are set. SECTION 1. LEGISLATURE - POWER AND STRUCTURE The legislative power is vested in a General Assembly consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives, elected by the electors from 59 Legislative Districts and 118 Representative Districts. (Source: Amendment adopted at general election November 4, 1980.) Even the original Illinois Constitution had a similar set. District did not equal county. Illinois Constitution of 1818 - Wikisource, the free online library
  8. (430 ILCS 65/2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-2) Sec. 2. Firearm Owner's Identification Card required; exceptions. (9) Nonresidents whose firearms are unloaded and enclosed in a case; In recent years various applications have made the Social Security number optional. I do not know the specifics for a FOID application. I did mine decades ago.
  9. How is that different than: "Here's how it could have gone and been a good search: The officer thinks he sees an "extended" magazine, arguably misdemeanor contraband within Chicago. That looks suspicious. Suspicion gives him the ability to ask the subject his business and his identity."?
  10. News reports do not give all the details in a case. There is nothing is the story that states that the events you suggest for a good search did not happen. Initially, no one had to know he was a Wisconsin resident. The reasonable suspicion, based on the officer's experience, was enough to initiate the officer's action. The man's car could have had a Wisconsin plate and/or his residency could have been revealed.
  11. As a Wisconsin resident, even with a Wisconsin CCL, he could not legally carry a loaded concealed firearm on his person outside of his vehicle in Illinois. He could not legally leave a loaded functional firearm in his vehicle. No law prevents a PO from following a person on a public right of way.
  12. There is nothing presumed. They are not going to issue a card that has a bold heading CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT and then have a small line later down saying, "Not authorized to carry a concealed firearm". Any LEO, in or out of state, is going to thoroughly examine you card and see the CCL endorsement. If not, you can point it out. They also have access to the ISP to verify your status. At least the Illinois LEOs.
  13. "It then says in small print the FOID number, an AL number, and then a CCL indicator." Your FOID card has a CCL endorsement. The cards are combined if you have A CCL. It is recognized by other states who recognized Illinois CCL, just as they will recognize endorsements on your driver's license. They are both legal documents issued by the state of Illinois. https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/102/PDF/102-0237.pdf
  14. Thanks for doing the research and reporting the outcome. Too many make assumptions and never follow up.
  15. As a married couple, all the guns (just like all the property and goods) would automatically belong to the husband, unless there was a will stating otherwise. He has a FOID card. The FOID law does not require proof of ownership of a gun. You are not required to keep the bill of sale. There is no title or registration, as in the case of a car, for a gun. It would not matter if the dad bought the 12ga. the .38, and the carbine; and mom bought the .45, the AR, and the .44, for a general example.
  16. All the areas listed would already be included in a list of: "(14) Any real property under the control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District." It looks like they are clarifying that part of the original FCCA. I think that trails and rights of way would still be open to carry. Still, it is a stupid and will have no effect on the criminal element.
  17. Illinois does not tax your military pay. It does tax other sources of income, e.g. a parttime job, interest or dividends. Some other states do tax military pay. You might want to check with your base human relations department (or whatever it is called) about this for more detailed information.
  18. What is your state of residency? If you are a resident from a state with substantially similar laws, you may be eligible for an Illinois CCL. From the FAQ on the state police site: "The Illinois State Police sent a survey to each state to determine which states have laws that are substantially similar. Currently, the only states considered to be substantially similar are Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas and Virginia. Click here to view the CCL Substantially Similar Survey " IL Firearm Applicant Portal (ispfsb.com)
  19. I saw this as an attempt by some ATF bureaucrat to be funny. Vengeful persons already turn in exes, family, or former friends for real or made-up crimes. If the ATF post made it to the national media, it did not last long. Are people here saying that we should never turn in a family member, or does it depend on the crime?
  20. To claim residency in Illinois you must have an Illinois driver's license or state ID. To do so you would have to surrender you New York license. New York would be notified eventually and New York would no longer recognize you as a resident of that state. The Illinois State Policy gets its information from the Illinois Secretary of State. (b) A person applying for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card shall consent to the Department of State Police using the applicant's digital driver's license or Illinois Identification Card photograph, if available, and signature on the applicant's Firearm Owner's Identification Card. The Secretary of State shall allow the Department of State Police access to the photograph and signature for the purpose of identifying the applicant and issuing to the applicant a Firearm Owner's Identification Card. (c) The Secretary of State shall conduct a study to determine the cost and feasibility of creating a method of adding an identifiable code, background, or other means on the driver's license or Illinois Identification Card to show that an individual is not disqualified from owning or possessing a firearm under State or federal law. The Secretary shall report the findings of this study 12 months after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 92nd General Assembly.
  21. The law is not clear. There are probably several areas in the state in which people have a mailing address that varies from their mailing address. "(a-15) If an applicant applying for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card moves from the residence address named in the application, he or she shall immediately notify in a form and manner prescribed by the Department of State Police of that change of address." " (a) A Firearm Owner's Identification Card, issued by the Department of State Police at such places as the Director of the Department shall specify, shall contain the applicant's name, residence, date of birth, sex, physical description, recent photograph, except as provided in subsection (c-5), and signature." " (430 ILCS 65/13.2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-13.2) Sec. 13.2. The Department of State Police shall, 60 days prior to the expiration of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card, forward by first class mail to each person whose card is to expire a notification of the expiration of the card and an application which may be used to apply for renewal of the card. It is the obligation of the holder of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card to notify the Department of State Police of any address change since the issuance of the Firearm Owner's Identification Card. Whenever any person moves from the residence address named on his or her card, the person shall within 21 calendar days thereafter notify in a form and manner prescribed by the Department of his or her old and new residence addresses and the card number held by him or her. Any person whose legal name has changed from the name on the card that he or she has been previously issued must apply for a corrected card within 30 calendar days after the change. The cost for a corrected card shall be $5 which shall be deposited into the State Police Firearm Services Fund." It seems that the ISP should have both the residential and mailing address on record, when applicable. Should the FOID contain the residential or mailing address?
  22. For the sake of others, it is good to hear that the ISP seems to be doing better in processing. A month from now, my wife and I will be mailing CCL and FOIDs to them from another state.
  23. This is from Sec. 65 Prohibited Area “ (3) Any building, parking area, or portion of a building under the control of an officer of the executive or legislative branch of government, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit a licensee from carrying a concealed firearm onto the real property, bikeway, or trail in a park regulated by the Department of Natural Resources or any other designated public hunting area or building where firearm possession is permitted as established by the Department of Natural Resources under Section 1.8 of the Wildlife Code.” https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/AboutTheAct.aspx 5) On what IDNR properties may an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit holder carry a concealed firearm? Illinois Concealed Carry Permit holders may carry a concealed firearm on any IDNR real property (including bike trails, trails, or any other designated public hunting area or building where firearm possession is permitted by the IDNR) with the following exceptions: All IDNR Office buildings, including but not limited to the Joel D. Brunsvold Building (IDNR Springfield Headquarters Building), IDNR Regional Office buildings, IDNR State Museum buildings, and any other IDNR building marked with the ISP-approved sign prohibiting firearms. All firearms, including concealed firearms, are also prohibited on all IDNR State Refuge areas, IDNR Dedicated Nature Preserves, and IDNR children playground areas. When visiting any of these locations, Concealed Carry Permit holders are required to secure their concealed firearms in their vehicle in accordance with the Illinois Concealed Carry Act. https://www2.illinois.gov/dnr/LawEnforcement/Documents/ConcealedCarryQnA.pdf Note that they are specific in delineating State Refuge Areas and Nature Preserve as different areas. That would indicate that Natural Areas are different from those two. Other than staying out of buildings in a Natural Area, it does not appear that CC would be a violation.
  24. The thread is about a proposed Illinois law. Where in Illinois can one legally drive 100mph, except on a race course or drag strip?
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