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  1. So, what they are doing is unconstitutional BUT the court will allow them to continue to violate the constitution and our rights for 6 months? Doe not make any sense
  2. We skipped the prints the first time around because the only place we could get the right kind (required by the law) done was 3 hours drive away. AND the cost of getting them was way to much. We did not do prints for the renewal since it would not really speed things up. I am NOT worried about the state having my prints since I have had them on file with the Feds for 30 plus years do to my DOE job and clearance. The wife has her on file with the state due to teaching. Just was not worth the trouble and travel. I have not looked lately to see if anyone close by does the required kind of prints now (I live down close to Metropolis Illinois- about 2 miles from the Ohio River and Kentucky!)
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the Lulu loader! I have loaded THOUSANDS of rounds in Glock magazines for our range training at work. And I do mean THOUSANDS!!!! Worth every penny and I have threaten folks with shooting them in the face if they tried to steal mine! They also make a loader for the AR magazines= either lose rounds or stripper clips. The best way to learn the Glock trigger reset is dry fire. Snap the trigger, cycle the slide, then just barely release the trigger till you feel\hear the reset. Now you are ready to fire again.
  4. I fell in love with the Glock the first time I ever fired one. Carried one (model 22 in 40 cal) for years on duty. I carry a model 23 (40) now concealed. I would recommend the Model 43 (9mm) as a deep carry gun. Stay away from the Model 42 (380). The 43 is just as small and better round. I want a 44 (22 lr) for blinking
  5. Good. Now, make sure the local judicial system admin refunds any and ALL fines paid out by the victims, the McCloskeys. And just to make sure justice is met, indict, try, convict and sentence the whole district attorney's office and staff for their actions to falsely imprison an obviously innocent couple for political gain. 20 years in State prison with million dollar fines each sounds about right. this is what will have to be done to stop these political persecutions by activist prosecutors. Make it hurt
  6. What is the status on the law suit to rule the foid unconstitutional??? Thrown out on some stupid technicality??
  7. It has always been their goal to take ALL guns away from those they determine are not worthy! They are just now saying it out loud and admitting to it.
  8. Does not matter who is caving, just that they are caving and paying out what should not be paid. It will only encourage the next one to try for the same pay day!
  9. Again we get the sensational head lines and blurbs but not all the facts and information needed.
  10. There is not REASON for this except they can get away with it! A right delayed is a right denied.
  11. Sorry for your troubles. It boils down to the state faces no penalty for not following the law and doing their job in the allotted time. Only penalties are on the person for not bowing to their controls.
  12. AND nothing in either bill will stop the "gun violence" going on because neither will matter to those gang bangers shooting the place up! They DO NOT have the stupid foid, and they will never worry about getting it. NO one will ever "red flag " them unless it is another gang banger and they would just shoot them first. I think they need to look up the word "reasonable" in a good old fashion dictionary; because it is very plain they do NOT know the meaning of that word. Just more lies
  13. Talk to a lawyer would be the best advice. They would know what to do to remedy the situation
  14. Both my wife and dad filed for their foid renewal on Saturday June 05. They both received their new cards in the mail today Thursday June 17. The cards are dated June 9. They both lost 2 months (their old cards expired in August but we decided to get the ball rolling since it was taking for ever and wanted to get them in before any new stupid requirements were stuck on us).
  15. My dad and wife both applied for their renewal on June 5, 2021 (a Saturday). The new card went active on June 09 2021 (the following Wednesday) and both actually received the new card today, June 17, 2021 (Thursday). Usually we DO NOT have that kind of good luck!
  16. Back in the day we (DOE) carried +P+ 110 grain 38 specials in our Model 686 357 magnum revolvers. Rumors were "they didn't want us having magnums". The shock wave and muzzle blast was outrageous, especially on the indoor range. The 125 grain 357 load which was the one most recommended at that time was a lot easier to handle.
  17. Biden says what ever they put in front of him to say. Whether or not he understands what he is saying is another question. His puppet masters are destroying the country
  18. So they hope to close the store by suing them out of business due to the cost of the legal process!
  19. I have seen nothing that would make me believe that the cheaters and fraudsters have been arrested and put out of service! I expect them to double down on the cheating to try to keep their power and increase it. I sure hope and pray that I am right. As far as the supreme court goes, it is a complete toss up what they will do! They appear to be running scared of the the liberals threats and might try to appease them. (which we all know you can not do). Will be interesting to see how it goes. If it goes our way, I expect a very narrow ruling that does not cover very much
  20. We can take southern most Illinois, western Kentucky and southeast Missouri and make a new state since these areas have more in common than they do with the rest of their respective states Why would anyone from Missouri or Kentucky want to divide out of their state....... theyre both conservative states Because folks in these areas feel left out of their states politics just like we do down here!
  21. We can take southern most Illinois, western Kentucky and southeast Missouri and make a new state since these areas have more in common than they do with the rest of their respective states
  22. Wouldn't they have to change the US Constitution to do this? And wouldn't that mean 2/3rds of the states have to agree?
  23. they are already embolden and are going for broke! What they will end up getting is yet to be seen, but they will get something!
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