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  1. Best thing to do is contact the instructor and ask them! My dad has a hard time standing and wanted to sit during the qualification. I asked the instructor and he worked it out for us. Both times I shot there were people who shot 22s. One was an elderly woman who brought a snub nose revolver she had never shot before. Could not shoot it. Instructor lent her his own 22 and she qualified.
  2. It will do exactly what Kelly and his puppet masters want, make it harder for people to buy ammo. They can't get the guns outlawed so the next best thing is to make the guns paper weights since you can't buy ammo! Their ultimate goal is to have everyone but their minons without guns/ammo.
  3. The simple answer would be stop the killings so no funeral is needed.
  4. Talk about waste! Why replace perfectly good cards that are still valid. Wait till the card expires to replace it. This just proves that it is a scheme to shaft folks.
  5. Just where are they going to steal the money from to pay for this???? The state says it is broke and needs more taxes~
  6. Another slide down the slippery slope to gun confiscation and disarmament.
  7. If it is against the rule of law and constitution, they will move every quickly if they think they can get away with it
  8. My problem with it all is the money is coming out of my taxes and fees and not the politicians personal bank account
  9. And that is what the state wants. If they can't make it illegal, make it where folks won't bother
  10. SO------ My cards are both fairly new. Will this mean they will be sending me a new card soon or waiting until they are ready for renewal to send it?
  11. So IF they combined the foid and ccl into one card, what happens when the courts declare the foid unconstitutional??
  12. If he wants to reduce crime, he should look at his own party and it's leaders~
  13. Interesting that this came out on the same day tiktok had "shoot up your school day" . There are no coincidences
  14. Around here only place you can't carry is where the stupid law says you can't. No stores or restaurants are posted (if they were, they would be out of business because of no business). Even the neighboring states (Missouri and Kentucky are gun friendly)
  15. Turbin durbin is just play lousy political theater. He is a nothing burger who should be removed from office
  16. I was think more like a jail cell not just sent home on retirement
  17. I understand her frustration and That the punks needed to be shot; but LEGALLY she was way off base. She should know better to
  18. This will continue until they are held accountable
  19. When you allow these wanna be dictators get away with ordering folks around under the excuse of public health crisis; everything they want to do to further their anti American agenda will become a public health crisis. Time fire the whole bunch
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