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  1. Interesting. Maybe his actions thus far on 2A issues (and this one in particular) demonstrate WHY he was passed up (if he was ever even considered) for a seat on the high court. To be frank: looking in the mirror can be hard.
  2. FWIW: "Michel notes there's also a "wild card"; the Rahimi case. A decision from the High Court is expected to come down next month, and Michel says the Court could end up using that case as a vehicle to flesh out the "text, history, and tradition" test it laid out in Bruen. Michel says it's entirely possible the justices will keep the gun ban cases in conference until after Rahimi has been decided, and then grant cert, vacate the lower court decisions, and remand the Illinois and Maryland lawsuits back to the courts of appeal for further review in light of Rahimi's findings." https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2024/05/16/2a-attorney-has-all-fingers-crossed-while-scotus-considers-taking-a-gun-ban-case-n1224937
  3. Which demonstrates how important it is to know what your county sheriff and state's attorney stand for.
  4. From "The Reload". https://thereload.com/analysis-illinois-tempts-fate-in-scotus-defense-of-ar-15-ban/
  5. Huh. "Venue shopping" is bad. Buying seats on the state supreme court is apparently good. Go figure.
  6. And 2A rights of the people of IL are being very, very abused. BTW, who makes the call yea or nay on this?
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