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  1. Yeah. How does Judge Easterbrook's test square with Bruen? Pretty sure it doesn't. Also pretty sure that (to be quite honest) the judge doesn't care.
  2. This from a woman who, in her confirmation hearings, said that since she isn't a biologist she can't define "woman".
  3. Justice Jackson's observation about the Founders' race and predominant religion doesn't exactly inspire confidence in her dedication to fair mindedness.
  4. I mean...yeah....other than the fact that the AR-15 is limited to semi-automatic operation, and the M16 is not. No big difference there. Eyes wide shut.
  5. "News" article doesn't say a word about the Bruen decision, or the Supreme Court period. Imagine that.
  6. Up front, apologies if this has been asked: Since the 9th is (or has been)giving SCOTUS precedent short shrift, is it possible for Miller to appeal directly to SCOTUS if the 9th agrees to hear this?
  7. If I've got this wrong, please tell me. Did not SCOTUS GVR this back to the 9th? Which in turned kicked it back down to the District Court? So......other than the 9th's en banc refusal to follow SCOTUS precedent (and apparently SCOTUS' direction), what has changed? And can this now be directly appealed to SCOTUS? A number of years ago, I read that the 9th was the most overturned of the 12 US Circuit Courts of Appeal. Without checking, I will speculate that this hasn't changed.
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