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  2. Private sales across state lines without checks (i.e., FFLs) are federally prohibited. But, of course, if you ignore laws, then there are no restrictions anywhere.
  3. You dont need a government prosecutor. https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/usam/legacy/2014/10/17/civrico.pdf
  4. I believe they cannot be sold or transferred in Illinois. They can, at this time, be sold out of State. FFL's can still sell/transfer Assault Weapons to another out of State FFL. VooDoo
  5. No idea but I doubt that we can find a prosecutor at the State or Federal level who with charge hundreds of Politicians (Democrats and Republicans) with operating an organized crime entity and racketeering. This is, of course, pretty much what they are doing but I am extremely skeptical that they'll ever be formally investigated or charged under and RICO Laws. I don't think there is a Way out of this - I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see a viable Way of holding these people accountable for dismantling this State/Country. As I have said many times, these politicians have a Plan to liquidate the trillions of dollars possessed by the Working and Middle classes and get it into the coffers of the .01%. The Oligarchy wants all the wealth but to get it they need US disarmed and cowering, hopeless and helpless. I believe that's what all of this is about - it's all about the money and wealth being moved to the top. VooDoo
  6. Lever guns in pistol calibers are typically a better choice indoors at short range than most shotguns Lever gun Lower recoil Better accuracy Higher capacity Shorter (16 in barrel) Lighter Handier Manual of arms with lever gun takes more practice and .. You lose raw power from the shotgun but make it up in other ways . Lever guns are over looked as defensive weapons . Winchester or Marlin are the best choices ... possibly Henry (no personal experience with Henry) I am not sure about Rossi quality. My current defensive carbine Winchester 94 30-30 Williams peep sights. Sighted in at 100yds Sling. It is quick , lighter than and är and more powerful than a varmit cartridge. Just another opinion .... I am not biased against shotguns I also have at the ready a 12 ga pump set up for defensive use
  7. Not sure why a glock 19 wouldn't be good enough, self defense usually isn't applicable at 50 yards.
  8. hey, compared to our Senators, he’s a young pup! He could still help us for another 20 years! 😀😀
  9. The federal 1983 suit is probably the way to go here. Class action for every resident of Illinois. I think it stands a chance post-Bruen, especially the reaction bills since scotus would have the final say. You can't bring the civil rights action until everything else is settled though so it could be a while.
  10. Wouldn't RICO laws apply to organized crime conspiring against individuals or classes of people? IANAL
  11. Because they are not scared of any consequences for their unconstitutional acts and have the power of state government to tax YOU to pay for their attacks against YOU!
  12. I had a Rossi lever gun in .44 mag. It was OK, however the mechanism was a little unpolished and rough. It got the job done, however at one point the front stock broke and I had to glue it back together. If anyone makes buckshot in .28 gauge, that could be a lite recoiling yet packing enough punch for in-the-home defense, option.
  13. On September 21, plaintiffs asked for an extension until October 24 to file an amended complaint.
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  15. ..and perhaps tens of thousands to pay an attorney to keep you out of prison when "They" decide to use you as a testt case for not registering firearms that are now *ILLEGAL* to be in possession of without registration which is, at this point, nebulous, convoluted and confusing. First offense (I don't register my Beretta Px4 Storm full size 'cause I have the balls to say no) is a misdemeanor. 2nd offense ('cause I didn't register my Sig 9mm PCC ('cause I have the balls to say no...) is a *FELONY* and now they wanna make an example out of me and put me in prison, fine me (in addition to $250 an hour for legal team) and then they get to the Rock River Arms LAR-15, and then the Ruger 1022 in tactical chassis, and then... you get the point. They are gonna find high profile folks that did not register (because they have balls) and rack their balls with tens of thousands of dollars in fines, lawyer fees, and news headline. They'll lose their jobs and their families will suffer and they'll spend the rest of their lives wishing they had never seen a Sig PCC, or an AR, or and tricked out Ruger 1022.These people are playing for blood at this point - my blood. I have as much starch as the next guy but I'm not powerful enough to fight the whole State of Illinois that wants me behind bars for possessing objects that terrify them. They want those guns in the dirt and I don't have the financial means to resist. They are gonna make this a nightmare if they can/ Mark my words. They don't have to get US all - just a few hundred of the low hanging fruit. IMO. VooDoo
  16. Or a 20! Going with a semi-auto might also help with recoil since they use up some recoil cycling the action
  17. I krep my HD Mossberg 500 loaded with this: REMINGTON LE 12 GAUGE 2-3/4" 8-PELLET REDUCED-RECOIL 00 BUCKSHOT AMMO - 25 RDS PER BOX This 12 gauge ammunition from Remington is a low recoil load well suited to self-defense applications. Each shell in this box of 25 fires 9 pellets of 00 buckshot at a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second. This produces excellent stopping power at typical self-defense ranges. The reduced powder charge and recoil reduces the risk of over-penetration and makes your shotgun more controllable--an important factor if you need to fire more than once to stop an assailant. 00 buckshot is a powerful, versatile shot type that has been proven in many self-defense and hunting situations.
  18. Revolver or pump shotgun. Rossi levers can be finicky.
  19. Thank you for the nice summary and all else you provide in content/perspective to this site Euler. It is appreciated!
  20. For those that maintain a prayer list, Judge Benitez would be a good name to add.
  21. Exactly. These people swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies and then draft and pass legislation that is unconstitutional. They are in breach of oath and need to be removed. If I swear in court to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" and then lie I can and will likely be prosecuted and jailed for it. But our "representation" can swear an oath and bald faced lie and there are no consequences? We have elected our ruling class and they are above the Constitution or prosecution it seems. The problem is that the very people who need to change the laws about prosecuting representation for lying and breach of oath are the people who are lying and breaching their oaths. I don't see a Way out of this. VooDoo
  22. Possibly at the most historic time in the history of our Second Amendment, the Gun Rights Policy Conference begins this morning - Livestreamed - don't miss tuning in to the most up to date info about our Second Amendment rights throughout the country.
  23. Glad Joe picked the only person more incompetent then himself to lead this mess.
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