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  2. There's an OR in there. broken down in a non-functioning state OR not immediately accessible OR unloaded and enclosed in a case. A chest rig pretty much looks like open-carry though. I think it would be awesome if a pouch-style holster (think like a Bianchi M12 holster, but not actually an M12 holster, just like it) that completely enclosed a sidearm counted as concealed carry (for loaded CCL, because you can't see the firearm, right?), but it probably doesn't, because it's obvious that there's a handgun in there.
  3. Yeah... only someone carrying a gun in combat situations uses a chest rig. You do not wanna be that kind of a gun dork! While in Kenosha for the Rittenhouse trial, one of the freelance security guys was "dressed to the nines" in tactical gear with a chest rig and all kinds of strapped on crap. He wanted to be prepared... they made him "tone it down" as much as possible. The next day he looked more like a regular guy and not some sort of wacko militia guy. Blending in is what you really want to do. A chest rig does will make you stand out.
  4. Easily accessible is not a primary requirement. - Unloaded - In a case - Must physically possess FOID (or CCL) If it is a holster, it is probably not a case. Sneaky Pete - not a case. Cargo pants pocket - not a case. Chest rig - probably not a case. A paper bag is a case. A backpack is a case. A center console or the glove box of you car is a case. Your briefcase is a case. A fanny pack is a case even if it is designed to hold an accessible pistol and magazines... though unattractive, it is quite a practical piece of kit. Wearing it where a holster might be gives you "6 seconds to safety": - Open Fanny Pack - Remove Unloaded Gun - Remove Loaded Magazine - Insert Loaded Magazine - Rack Slide to Ready "Fanny Pack Carry" comes directly from the ISP pamphlet discussing how to transport a weapon legally in Illinois. This was valid long before concealed carry was available and is still valid today. A perpetual thank you to John Birch, John Horstman and other Illinois gun rights pioneers. Perhaps they were the "Merry Pranksters" of Illinois Concealed Carry. I am pretty sure it is not valid in certain prohibited areas... music venues with magnetic wands, courthouses, other government buildings, etc. I am not sure about mass transit. This has been discussed before. I live in the city. I do not use mass transit. If I did, I would leave my gun at home.
  5. Does a chest rig give the vibe that someone is carrying? I think fanny pack is more inconspicuous when it comes to CCW because it's more common to see.
  6. ... from back when fanny packs were acceptable and available to buy anywhere. - Unloaded - In a case - Must have FOID on your person
  7. For the record, I also have a CCW, not just FOID. My understanding of FOID carry was that the container had to be inaccessible, so I never really considered the possibility of having it in the backpack. However, now that I can conceal carry, I'm trying to figure out ways to have access in an absolute emergency while fully compliant with the letter of the law. I was thinking of buying a small, portable handgun safe, with a fingerprint scanner. The safe would then be placed in the backpack. I'd have an unloaded gun in the safe with magazine not in the gun but in the same safe. Magazine would have bullets in it. Would this be compliant with FOID transportation requirements while on a public transit? I may be overthinking it. I also have a chest rig, by Hill People Gear. I can fit a full size pistol it, the rig has a zipper. I'm thinking the rig does't quality as valid transport for a firearm as it's easily accessible, where as a separate portable safe would make access less easy.
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  9. "FOID Carry" is carrying an unloaded weapon encased in pretty much anything. "6 seconds to safety" was the reference for how fast someone could unpack and load a firearm, if necessary. Also there's OC spray.
  10. Thanks for your answer. You are giving me hope. I'm not arguing that there is no option, I'm asking a question. Apparently, you've found a way. I appreciate that. Can you share, if you don't mind, the details on your transporting the weapon? (i.e what kind of a case was it, where was the ammmo, etc...)
  11. Why is there no option of carrying unloaded in a backpack? I did it for years on the Red Line and Brown Line. I'd duck into a Starbucks or something around the corner from my stop, use the head to holster up and leave. Besides that, carry pepper spray. It's gonna suck, a lot in a train car or on a bus but you won't get your stuff stolen.
  12. So, there is no option of carrying in the backpack in a gun safe, while unloaded? What do the people do who must use public transit for one reason or another?
  13. I'm usually traveling by vehicle, but may be needing to use public transit to travel to Chicago. What's the legal and most efficient way to carry or transport so that I am able to defend myself and family?
  14. think of gun control as icy water backed up against a glacier ice dam. it's constantly at work seeking a way through, no matter how : stealth , deception, lies seeping, seeping, seeping, always trying to push through. if we hadn't been paying attention....... BOOM!!!!
  15. Can confirm https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/ I'm in the city (60625) and uploaded FOID and DL. Good to go.
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  17. Who is interested in a tactical shotgun class? Or perhaps a tactical pistol & shotgun class? I'm considering hosting a private class with a fairly well known law enforcement instructor. This could be one or two days. If you're interested, please reply and let me know if you're interested in one day, two days, and if you want pistol + shotgun or shotgun only.
  18. I don't think anyone in the Senate seriously believed this would move forward. It was yet another political statement about the failing gun control message.
  19. "I'm sure all the calls to Sens. Durbin and Duckworth made a difference!" I did both emails and calls. Duckworth's office, get this, in answer to the email, spoke nada about this, and instead tried to sell me on the Build Back Better Money Printing Bill.
  20. Before the MT's I used used nitto 555R's...they sucked... It was always a dance...too much, they would break..too little, slow 60 foot... When they broke I would always have to get off it... (I've seen too many rear ends grenade, or wall kisses from people who dont know when to get out when they get loose... ) I never looked back after going with the MT's...
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