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  2. +1 These kinds of press releases and articles never phase me. Their goal is abolition. As soon as they get semi-autos, the assault pump shotgun will be next. And the same people talking about how they are okay with shotguns will be demonstrating how much more deadly 00 buck is compared to a bullet from an AR15.
  3. Advisory resolution - changes nothing. Just exposes their true intent. Good.
  4. I have the same issue. However, mine does correctly have the CCL indicator at the top. Since my CCL does not expire for a few more years, I wonder if they will send me a corrected combined card when I renew.
  5. A Highland park mom was on the news the other night supporting HP ban. Then mentions, she bought her 2 kids backpack body armor. I say kudos for buying the backpack, but the people she supports wants all that stuff banned , and lets not even get into the schools and teachers.
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  7. Wish we could double down on spending zero dollars in Highland Park's Colossal Gun Free Zone.
  8. If that article is accurate it means they do not currently have the votes. They are fearing a red wave becoming worse and possibly losing a chunk of state senate seats. They think Jabba will win (Chiraq vote), but they are unsure about the local races.
  9. Interesting - still waiting on my renewal. I wonder what the Non-Resident card will look like. (since we can't have FOIDs)
  10. specifically states that it does not authorize concealed carry. that is if you DO NOT have the CCL Indicator
  11. I still have an original combined cards that has the wrong ccl verbiage in the corner and specifically states that it does not authorize concealed carry... Are they going to be replacing these eventually? It's been over 6 months...
  12. I always miss either the original notifications or the reminder for these so, bringing it back to the top for the rest of you. Hope to see some of you there tonight.
  13. Thanks for the link. Very interesting. I like my hellcat but may have look close at other options in the future. Interesting that they have exemptions for big box stores.
  14. https://bearingarms.com/davidl/2017/05/01/springfield-armory-and-rock-river-arms-sell-out-illinois-ffls-n29795
  15. the cops in Uvalde need to be charged with 21 counts of accessory. If y'all are too chicken sh*t to go in and stop them at least don't actively aid the perp by preventing others from stopping him.
  16. Bearing Arms reporting that Illinois Dems are still deciding whether to pass an AWB before or after the election. The more this can be delayed the better, to give the current mag ban and AWB cases more time to move through the courts.
  17. Does anyone have a link to what they actually did? I guess whatever Springfield did was before my time here. When my wife and I were younger, I didn't keep a gun in the house. Guess I never felt unsafe if that makes sense. All the riots in 2020 is what got me into guns/self defense. Sure my family in Ohio always had guns in the house, dad had shotguns for hunting and a handgun or two, but when my wife and I first were married, just never really a thought to be honest. Glad I'm not that way now.
  18. We have no base from which to build and it would seem that $$$ means more than anything we discuss. We have just here at IC 20,372 registered members as of this post. 1,405 currently online but these members aren’t being used. Who has the e-mail lists? Have they been broken down by North, South, Middle Illinois? Has there ever been an e-mail blast to gather support? Thousands of instructors who have students with e-mail addresses AND may have never been told about IC as part of their class. Yes i I know as I’ve said some of this before and was met with, we don’t want to trouble our members/students. They didn’t tell us we could contact them! Exactly why the moms, dads, left, reverends etc. all get people out, get people to boycott, they have a group mentality towards meeting their beliefs head on. Gun Owners? We post within the cry’s for who is supporting us. Where’s the ISRA etc. Well where are we? Those who we fight (kind of) have the mechanisms in place. They want to be involved. We don’t need our people to be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. We just need to reach out and see who wants to and who can help. Let those who don’t wish to get involved opt out of any future e-mails. Springfield sucks us back in with new deals giving away a $2.50 landed range bag from China. Yay. if you don’t agree that’s ok. I have this opinion and I’m sure someone has a better idea how to push back. But getting 10 guys to show up last minute to block seats at a anti gun rally speech TrueType shows the commitment that gun owners have. “I have my gun, I have my CCL and FOID. I can buy ammo so leave me alone until I can’t and I’ll be glad to be listed as a gun owner.” Thats what we might want to print on the backs of our cards on the next run of them. No Gun. No Cash. Remember them?
  19. it is a pistol until you SBR it I know the process, I have 2 SBRs already but that was from early on, when ATF didn't care. I heard since then that they are not approving Cook Co requests any more, wanted to confirm
  20. If its an MP5 pistol, its a pistol. Why would you think its a SBR? IANAL but if it is a true pistol ....?
  21. IMO, No. Their carve-out was instrumental in passing the law that shut down literally every FFL I used and there have been no suitable replacements. Their imported pistols are fine. Their politics are crap. I get that they blamed their lobbyist... but if a dog bites you, is not the owner responsible? Same goes for RRA. With friends like that, who needs enemies.
  22. I tried this. In theory, it's possible - in practice - you'll be waiting about one year. You must maintain 03 status, throughout the entire process. Once that's done, you have to be careful: it might not be legal in the next municipality.
  23. An important lesson for school employees: https://fox59.com/news/greenwood-park-mall-had-policy-against-weapons-ahead-of-sunday-shooting/ Uvalde: Hundreds of heavily armed and equipped government employees respond, form a perimeter, prevent parents from entering to save their children and allow 21 people to be murdered. Government solution is more training and more laws and more money for security guards and infrastructure. Greenwood Park Mall: One guy breaking the rules flips the script. Real world solution is to ignore "gun free zone" signs where safety can't be guaranteed. Political scientists call this “Irish democracy,” the phenomenon by which the general members of a polity resist the mandates of their would-be rulers by simply refusing to comply with them. It is a form of civil disobedience, but one that can be very effective at times: Mohandas K. Gandhi was entirely correct in his famous declaration to the British powers that they would eventually be forced to simply pack up their tiffin pails and go home, because 300,000 Englishmen could not control 300 million (at the time) Indians if those Indians didn’t cooperate. If a gun free zone can't guarantee the safety of the people required to be unarmed, the name is a fraud and it's a kill zone. Mass shooters, including terrorists like the one who murdered 49 people in a Florida night club, must be denied kill zones. Period. Until the Supreme Court gets a case forcing them to revisit the Gun Free School Zones Act in light of their more recent decisions, the most effective way to protect school children is to create an environment of strategic ambiguity through the exercise of Irish democracy.
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