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  2. Another thing that was a load of hooey: I know someone who built one and showed me how much everything cost. He probably paid at least $200 more for his P80 than the equivalent Glock would have cost. So nope. Not cheaper.
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  4. You have 60 days from denial to appeal. You got denied for a reason. The reason isn't going to go away.
  5. He looks slimey as heck, but he really does have a decent hair cut….. sure beats mine
  6. My FOID card has a May 1st 2022 expiration date but online it is listed as the same as my CCL which is June 2024. I am just carrying my CCL with a screen shot showing my FOID is good. This whole FOID thing is ridiculous.
  7. Yeah, I saw that too. What an idiot. Unfortunately there are some who will believe him. 🙄
  8. https://patriotpatch.co/products/ghost-gun-patch They have a couple different designs
  9. It's the American Dream in full force. Jewel, Tony's, Walmart, Meijer's prices higher in store than online.....check. Has rude employees.....check. Is price gouging the public everyday.....check. It's not a unique to firearms issue.
  10. Does this law carve out anything for guns that were mass produced but without a serial number. I have a couple that do not have a serial number. One is a 22 rifle that was my grand father's. The other is a Ross from 1905 but there might be one on that one but pretty sure it is untraceable, i don't even know where it came from other than pretty sure it was used in WWI.
  11. If my two younger kids were allowed, they'd give them the finger. Having little ones around while putting together a receiver is almost mandatory. Their eyes are way better than mine to find that flung spring.
  12. We all have our own opinions and experiences. All I can say is that I know firearm prices, and they gave me one heck of a deal on an Ed Brown Kobra Carry.
  13. Kee is just another shop that price gouges and has rude employees. They have higher prices in store than they have listed online.
  14. I liked the part about the “kids/children”. Children should not be able to put together an AR style assault rifle like putting together a toy! What?
  15. What’s he doing there? He’s been associated with more “gun crimes” than this entire site
  16. I remember when Sams Club sold soft body armor. I don’t know how popular it was but I remember them having it on display
  17. This is where I stand right now. Don't kill the messenger, but I think JB is going to be the democrat's presidential candidate in 2024.
  18. I was recently denied my ccl and I wanted to know what could happen if I fail to appeal my denial within 35 days can I re apply or am I denied for life??
  19. Forgot, But dont mind me, I don’t know what I am talking about and go ahead and keep voting Democrat cause the union told you so. Meanwhile they Eviscerate your other rights.
  20. I still recall the first time I witnessed that cowardly Deamonrat move and now I see it all over the place. Feed the poor turns into mag bans and tax hikes on cable tv subscriptions. Replace the word and with and and another ban on breathing fresh air. Thats how they hide this crap from the press and the people.
  21. They're catching up and doing better, but it could be a few months before the "board" gets to you. It was taking 1.5+ years a while back.
  22. You are correct. It will take more than guns and votes to fix this though.
  23. I had real body armor when I was in KS. Made in KS and legal at that time to be sold in KS. It was fairly comfortable. The plate carriers seem like they are really heavy and would slow a person down. Unfortunately there's no common sense when it comes to the ban and cancel culture.
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