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  1. My opinion is that this was all by design to allow them to eventually track every firearm owned in Illinois. If gun registration was the big surprise in a last minute amendment it appeared to be, the ISRA would have objected. They said nothing. The ISRA was on board with that every step of the way.
  2. I have to hand it to you, that is new one to me and I think of myself as pretty well versed on the talking points they try to use against us.
  3. I never wish anything bad for anyone but she's had so much ill will for gun owners, this is a great thing. As a side benefit soon, I'll never have to listen to her drone on endlessly with that preachy voice that's so grating on my nerves.
  4. It's kind of sad how hard it is to tell the difference between a west suburban Republican and a west suburban Democrat.
  5. Are you asking for a specific date, or is "decades ago" good enough?
  6. They covet relevance. Gun rights are an excuse they use to achieve it.
  7. That hadn't occurred to me. That fund needs to dry up.
  8. I fear the plan might be for Ed Sullivan to take over. He would be darn near as bad as Ms. Willis, in my view. Worse, actually, in some ways.
  9. What could they be thinking? Yes, “they”. The ISRA. Again. In their June 13 email outlining endorsed candidates, they had the audacity to stand with legislators who have shown a history of anti-gun behavior. Senator Koehler, for example. The Senator was the chief sponsor of the “FOID Modernization” Act, the law that requires registration of privately sold firearms and background checks for ammunition purchases. Earlier in his career he sponsored SB337 Gun Dealer Licensing – Various, the law responsible for closing roughly half of all Illinois gun dealers, permanently. That same year, he voted for SB2343 Bump Stock/Trigger Crank, a bill that would have banned these firearm accessories in Illinois with penalties as extreme as a Class X Felony. He voted for another bump stock ban, complete with an attack on various counties' pro Second Amendment resolutions, in HB1467 Criminal Law – Tech. He voted to require a FOID card in order to purchase Tannerite, another range toy, via SB2561 Prepackage Explosive Component. He voted for HB1468 Criminal Law – Tech, a bill to require a 72 hour wait on arbitrarily defined “assault weapons”. There was a 24 hour wait in place for long guns at the time. He voted to create a definition of “Assault Weapon” out of thin air, then create an age based ban via HB1465 Criminal Law – Tech. As if this isn't enough, the ISRA endorsed Senator Holmes. Not only did Ms. Holmes vote in favor of the FOID Modernization bill, she cosponsored an early version of the same bill, SB1165 Safety Tech. Senator Doris Turner, another yes vote for FOID Modernization, is endorsed by the ISRA. And former Senator Rachel Crowe, who also co-sponsored SB1165 Safety Tech despite pleas from her Madison County constituents to respect the Second Amendment, is an ISRA favorite to occupy that Senate seat again. In the House, Representative Ugaste enjoys an ISRA endorsement despite voting for FOID Modernization. IllinoisCarry does not endorse candidates, but we do question the ISRA's ability to protect our rights. How can a pro-gun organization actually side with legislators who work against those rights? How can they be taken seriously? They need new leadership. They need it now! Join us, IllinoisCarry, a group that reliably defends your right to keep and bear arms. A group that has stood by an originalist definition of the Second Amendment without needing an explanation. ###
  10. It may also be relevant that when Illinois' carry law passed, much was made of the fact that our training requirement was the highest in the nation. Being an extreme outlier could work against that requirement now.
  11. One of the Supreme Court justices intimated last year that red flag won't survive a constitutional challenge. Likely even more so, now.
  12. A training requirement was first established when SB369 of the 90th General Assembly became law.
  13. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1991-11-19-9104140966-story.html GUN-TOTING ALDERMEN HAVE LAW ON THEIR SIDE By Helaine Olen Chicago Tribune • Nov 19, 1991 at 12:00 am Although state law prevents ordinary citizens from carrying concealed handguns, pistol-packing politicans are another matter. So when Ald. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) allegedly drew a .38-caliber snub nosed revolver from her purse Wednesday night during a melee at a South Side community redistricting meeting, she may not have violated the law. According to state laws, a town`s aldermen are considered ''conservators of the peace.'' As such, they have the power to arrest and the power to carry firearms. Illinois law reqires all conservators of the peace to pass a training class in order to carry firearms. But because the city is a home-rule municipality with the power to pass its own legislation, Chicago aldermen are, by special mention, exempt from the certification process, said Andrea Swearingen, spokeswoman for the Chicago corporation counsel`s office. Ald. Edward Burke (14th) said a law search by his office revealed the same. ... I believe that was part of the municipal code. Conservators of the peace are still defined there.
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