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  1. The microstamping subject matter hearing having concluded, the committee moved to HB2635 Correctional Officer Firearms.
  2. Rep Stoneback attempts to take over the hearing from the Chair. The Chair was having none of it.
  3. In response to Rep Swanson's questions, Mr Sullivan point out that out of state manufacturers will need to comply with this Illinois law, but that they have no interest in this and they will not comply. He says that law enforcement that depends on their firearm for their safety will now have limited options.
  4. The Chair, Representative Hurley, questions the emergency rule language. The sponsor says it's to make sure there's plenty of time to implement the bill. She also wonders if there is any company ready to provide this technology. Mr. Horwitz says there is one. Ms. Stonback thinks they may have met with that company.
  5. Mr. Sullivan says their estimate is about $150 per firearm.
  6. Ms. Stoneback says "there's really no downside to adopting this technology", except for that trampling on our rights thing.
  7. Rep Ugaste says he also has an issue with supporting an industry with an unproven product. He asks if any law enforcement agencies are approaching manufacturers to get this product. He says law enforcement is, at best, neutral.
  8. Rep Stoneback admits that her bill is a step toward a mandate.
  9. Representative Marron asks if it's good precedents to subsidized development of this product.
  10. Mr. Sullivan points out that New York and Maryland repealed their programs because they were unworkable.
  11. Rep Swanson identifies this as a subject matter hearing. He says he received over 1,000 emails opposing this.
  12. Representative Swanson asks how many crime guns are traced back to the original owner. Mr. Lindley's answer is that he doesn't have those numbers. Rep Swanson asks where the microstamped firearms are registered. Mr. Horwitz says if done at the manufacturer level it would work exactly way we trace firearms now, meaning there is no need to add microstamping.
  13. He points out the the markings can change with degradation of the firing pin over time. He says that can be seen in the slide provided earlier.
  14. He asks if the legislature should be providing corporate welfare to prove their as yet unproven technology.
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