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  1. If you want to know what’s up, show up. A number of folks did.
  2. There is a ISRA local monthly meeting at the Golden Corral in Elgin, Illinois tonight 7-8 pm for anyone interested.
  3. When and where is the one in Algonquin? Info please. For the record, I called the ISRA when this all blew up, they put me right through to him. Want to hear what he has to say, give him a call.
  4. That’s a regional meeting, they’ll come closer over time. Up until COVID I was going to local meetings in the NW suburbs several times a year.
  5. The date of issuance is 8/12/2021 four days before it arrived in the mail. Good for 10 years. I was also concerned they’d date it from the time it originally expired 14 months ago. Something positive.
  6. Sooooo, if you have a gun in your home already and you don’t have a FOID it’s unconstitutional to require it. BUT its not unconstitutional to need one to buy a gun. So this would only protect those that never got a FOID to cover their already owned guns?
  7. You gotta give it to our keepers. Once they get it they know how to stay in control.
  8. This is where I sent an inquiry, it was over 5 weeks ago. ISP.AskFOIDandCCL@illinois.gov
  9. Son finally got his renewal today, 1 week into his 18th month.
  10. My son renewed 3/5/2020, got his card today 8/16/2021. Sent an inquiry 4 weeks ago. Have no idea if it shook it loose or it just takes 17 months now.
  11. So there could be 100s of thousands of invalid FOIDs by the time this is over?
  12. So where are we now. When does the 18 month post emergency FOID window start? Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued his 19th disaster proclamation July 23, again extending his emergency powers over Illinois’ government despite fully reopening the state nearly two months ago.
  13. Will those waiting for a renewal a year and a half ever get their cards? And if not when should one apply for a new card? eventually the clock will run out and many of us will be in possession of a gun illegally. This state won’t give a s—t about that either, until we get caught with it.
  14. The state received billions in bail out money. This is no longer a they stole 30 million and the system collapsed.fraud story. This is an attempt at gun control by other means.
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