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  1. This state would not hesitate to crush anyone of us if we ran afoul of the maze they have established. Having applied and paid for a FOID renewal, allegedly unnecessary, is a small price to pay for a extra layer of documentation.
  2. So, November first Ill be walking around in the Illinois gun world with an expired FOID card. Just exactly what am I supposed to do when anyone I deal with asks for a valid FOID. CCL Does not carry the weight of the FOID, been there,tried that.
  3. I’ve had my FOID 50 years now. Expires 11/1 of this year. On my ISP dashboard both cards show Covid-19 expirations. CCL shows 12/11/23 expiration on card. What exactly happens this year, when will it allow me to renew and how will the process play out? Thank you all.
  4. After seeing fat ******* touting his accomplishments in a campaign ad my wife, for the first time, asked where could we move. Im thinking the Carolinas. Any suggestions.
  5. And now, 45 years later, both state and national organizations are in turmoil.
  6. Has anything changed procedure wise with purchasing or selling a firearm or purchasing ammunition in Illinois as of the first of the year? Anything specific related to this question we need to watch for coming up?
  7. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us. Happy New Year.
  8. I’ve borrowed from another to better explain my concern about the dangerous precedent set by conservative legislators in Texas. A glaring example of the problem of unintended consequences. Governor of California going to propose a law to go after guns in the same manner. This pitting citizens against one and other will be destructive to our society on many levels. “This is going to be a difficult discussion considering the emotions around the question of abortion, but lets try by focusing on the legal point instead of the abortion topic. The issue is as Judge Sotomayor said, this approach on the part of TX will open up any state to assault any right that a temporary majority of elected officials doesn't like simply by putting power into the hands of those who are not directly "harmed" in the legal sense. We will see if cynically throwing the rule of law out the window for mob rule grows as a cancer across the country as states empower activist vigilantes to attack individuals exercising a right while the state sits back and claims their hands are clean because they're not directly suppressing it.”
  9. So, what should we do to build a fire under them? Complain from outside the organization or try to force change by showing up at meetings and effecting change from within.
  10. Oak Park is lost. Have friends who are shutting down their business and moving out. They are not right wingers but are not at all on board with the Marxists running the town.
  11. If you want to know what’s up, show up. A number of folks did.
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