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  1. Shooting in Highland Park. Another angry anglo? Thats how they get even with life. I don’t have an answer. They usually give signs that nobody picks up on.
  2. Illinois is lost and a majority of voters are on board with the direction of the state. My daughter has a patient in Sycamore who is a Republican state rep. who thinks the governor had done alot of good for the state and is easy to work with. Stockholm Syndrome at its most obvious. Ive almost reached the point of not voting. It means nothing in this state. We are discussing moving and my wife is not totally negative anymore. This morning after seeing Jaba on MSNBC she left saying what country would be any better. Never heard or suggested that before.
  3. If 10% of the 2+ million FOID owners were members and involved we would own this state. 100,000 at IGOLD would change the direction of this state.
  4. I’m a lifer, and I called Pearson during the work up to passing the Modernization act. He told me they wanted to be in on the negotiation and being totally opposed would have left them out in the cold. He said we’re not enough bodies in an antigun state so we try to remain relevant and involved at some level. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. and I no longer send financial support and only stay a member to get their communications, you need to remain aware of the damage they do.
  5. My sister is a school nurse in Dupage county. She called me some years back when her school was first posted a no gun zone. I told her that it prevents me from entering armed but also, first and for most, it announces that a nut with an AR and a beef will meet no resistance when he enters and lights the place up. I have to go through a metal detector when I pay my property taxes, but schools, our babies, are defenseless. WTH is wrong with this picture.
  6. We in Illinois have been dealing with most of this for years. The rest of the country is fighting hard to prevent in from coming to a town near them. None of this keeps me up at night, except for the thought of “ turn them in”. The second amendment, the courts and the fact that it’s believed that millions will say try to take them prevents that line from being crossed. A very dear family member who retired from law enforcement several years ago told me once. America made the political decision along time ago that the general populous has the right to be armed to the teeth without the need to understand anything about what that responsibility entails. He then said he hoped he was long retired when some fool politicians order him to send his men and women officers to round them up. Im old, been up to my eyes in the firearms fraternity for 50 years, Ive never seen so much political hostility about everything especially gun. Can’t imagine the mind set of acconfused and angry teenager shooting little kids as the run around screaming in a school room. This will bring an end to the free wheeling gun culture for sure. When millions of mothers fear their children are not safe at school, we will at least be dealing Illinois regulation on a national basis.
  7. When they come for your guns, they’ll find you and take them. The state form just makes it a bit easier. or so I’m told.
  8. For years I have had to fill out a one page form from the state when purchasing a gun from an FFL. My info, the gun purchased and the reason why. Would someone please direct me to the state law that requires it and explain its rationale.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-supreme-court-justice-e2-80-99s-solution-to-gun-violence-repeal-second-amendment/ar-AAXPhQV So, even JPS acknowledges that the right exists. It’s just bad constitutional law now and should be neutered. I saw a highly agitated woman state that if she doesn’t have a right to scrap her unborn child, gun owners need to turn in their guns. We really are, politically speaking at least, a blood thirsty bunch.
  10. Believe me, there are bigger things coming at us we should really worry about. The NRA convention is causing a firestorms. relax, but keep your powder dry.
  11. We b****, but they did it and don’t give a rats a** what we think or is it’s legal. They could do this with anything.
  12. I will let others test that water. I voted for Trump twice because he was not the other gal/guy. I was under no illusion he was an A+ gun advocate. They didn’t ban bump stocks under Obama.
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