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  1. Are you saying there are too many pinned topics at the top of the forum you were in, or was something was wrong in a thread?
  2. The support option requires that we set up departments to which support requests can be automatically routed. That's a new option for us with the upgrade to v4.5, so there were no existing departments that migrated to the new software, and we haven't had a chance to discuss the need for this level of automation, let alone set it up. We're small enough that the old methods of posting questions in Site Support or dropping a moderator a PM has worked pretty well so far. Is there something I can help you with?
  3. The GCA makes it illegal to purchase a handgun out of state. Long guns can be purchased from an FFL by an out of state resident if neither the FFL's nor buyer's state makes it illegal. The GCA does require the FLL to follow the laws of the buyer's state when doing the transfer. The FOID Modernization Act requires that "Any person within this State who receives any firearm, ... shall provide a record of the transfer within 10 days of the transfer to a federally licensed firearm dealer ...", but it doesn't specify where that licensed dealer must be located. Since the transfer was necessarily done through an FFL because it was an out of state purchase it seems that this provision was met. An inheritance, of course, would not necessarily follow those same procedures and the reporting requirement would be incumbent upon the person receiving the firearm, if an Illinois resident bringing the firearm back to Illinois.
  4. Are you a desktop/laptop device, or a mobile device? What browser are you using?
  5. Do the words IllinoisCarry that you see look like this? The Activity link is right below them.
  6. See if this helps: Click Activity (under the IllinoisCarry logo) Click My Activity Streams Click View New Content Click Stream Options (to the far right) Click Set as your default stream
  7. Many explanations will depend on the particular configuration, which will differ from one forum to the next. I suppose that's why they leave it to each forum's staff to help their own members.
  8. I haven't found one. There's a lot of admin oriented documentation but I don't see anything for users. If you have specific questions let us know and we'll do our best to figure things out.
  9. Welcome to the newest of the IllinoisCarry forums, a place focused on discussing issues related to applying for and renewing Firearm Owner Identification Cards, delays, appeals, and relation conversation. While not a new topic for us these issues deserve a home of their own, independent of Concealed Carry Licensing discussion. Please be patient as we move existing topics to their new location.
  10. The 2021 Fall Veto Session House Bills and 2021 Fall Veto Session Senate Bills lists are posted, still in their infancy.
  11. https://chicago.suntimes.com/city-hall/2021/9/10/22667143/lightfoot-street-gangs-lawsuits-seize-gang-assets Lightfoot says city will sue gang members to ‘take their assets’ Similar strategies have been used in suburban counties with mixed results. The ACLU says it won’t work. Police Supt. David Brown calls it ‘a very strategic move that the city is taking to take their stuff.’ By Frank Main and Fran Spielman Sep 10, 2021, 3:14pm CDT Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Friday the city of Chicago will start suing gang members to “take their assets” — a strategy that’s been used in the suburbs for more than 20 years with mixed results. In suburban counties, state’s attorneys have used the Illinois Street Gang Prevention Act to sue gang members, seeking monetary damages and court orders barring gang members from associating with each other and possessing guns. Lightfoot said she’ll propose an ordinance Monday to allow the city’s lawyers to file such lawsuits. She said her proposed anti-gang ordinance isn’t her way of bypassing Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. The mayor has publicly disagreed with Foxx’s handling of gun cases, carjackings and other crimes. “We can’t wait for anybody else,” Lightfoot said. “We have an opportunity to bring these violent street gangs into civil court, out of the shadows, expose them for what they are — and, if we’re successful, and I think we will be, take their assets and the profit motive for killing our babies. “We have to put a marker down that we are using every tool in our toolkit to push back against these violent gangs that are leaving a trail of blood and death and misery in their wake.” John Mauck, an attorney who successfully defended four men against such a lawsuit in Kane County, said Lightfoot’s announcement is “98% political and 2% reality.” “It’s a toothless charade,” Mauck said. “They can get dozens of court orders, but it will not stop crime.” ...
  12. https://www.beloitdailynews.com/news/illinois-news/chicago-may-start-suing-gang-members-for-damages/article_8d5f8dc0-99e4-56c2-a21a-ee90d051c8e9.html Chicago may start suing gang members for damages Chicago is poised to embark on a new strategy to attack the gangs that are responsible for much of the gun violence in the city: Sue them to take their belongings Chicago Sun-Times CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago is poised to embark on a new strategy to attack the gangs that are responsible for much of the gun violence in the city: Sue them to take their belongings. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she'll introduce on Monday an ordinance that would allow the city to file lawsuits to go after gang members' assets, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Prosecutors in suburban counties have for years been doing something similar by employing the Illinois Street Gang Prevention Act to sue gang members for monetary damages. But attorney John Mauck, who successfully defended four men against in such a lawsuit in Kane County, says that most of the hundreds of such lawsuits over the years have failed to collect any monetary damages from gang members. But as the number of shootings and homicides in Chicago continues to surge, Lightfoot says the city must do everything it can to battle the gangs that have killed and wounded so many. “We have an opportunity to bring these violent street gangs into civil court, out of the shadows, expose them for what they are," she said. “And if we’re successful, and I think we will be, take their assets and the profit motive for killing our babies.”
  13. A maintenance update was released yesterday that we think will fix some of our known issues, like post counts. We haven't scheduled it yet but it makes sense to get that installed before we start tweaking things on our own.
  14. Back in the day, way back when there was less violence in America, people could easily buy guns from other states but were held accountable if they committed an act of violence with them. Something changed ....
  15. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/01/state-dept-official-biden-arms-trade-treaty-international-gun-control/ State Dept. Official Assures World: Biden Admin Wants to Bring Back Arms Trade Treaty (International Gun Control) by AWR Hawkins 1 Sep 2021 State Department official William Malzahn spoke August 31, 2021, at the Seventh Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty and made clear the Biden Administration is committed to international gun control. Malzahn is the Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction at the U.S. Department of State. An NRA-ILA transcript of Malzahn’s speech, obtained by Breitbart News, shows an emphatic emphasis on international gun control and specific, repeated mention, of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Malzahn’s opening comments: He spoke about the Conventional Arms Transfer Policy (CAT), the current guiding policy for “arms transfers,” noting that the Biden Administration has been working to strengthen CAT. He stressed that the changes in CAT were guided by “respect for international law and human rights and U.S. national security interests in arms transfers.” Malzahn also pointed out that the revised CAT policy will provide a “framework to review specific arms transfer issues, including determining the proper relationship of the United States to the Arms Trade Treaty.” In mid-December 2016, Breitbart News reported then-President Barack Obama’s efforts to secure ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty. The 2016 push came after Obama’s failure to secure ratification in 2013 garnered a lot of attention. Breitbart News reported the treaty was signed by Secretary of State John Kerry on September 25, 2013, but it was not binding because Republican Senators shot down ratification efforts. ...
  16. It's dropped off some, but that's typical between legislative sessions and especially toward the end of summer.
  17. You're all set now. If you receive an invoice please ignore it. I created that to get you into the new billing system, then marked it paid.
  18. Hey, thank you! You're the first member of Supporting Team IV. Four years from now hopefully none of us will have to remember to do anything. The system should handle it from here.
  19. Yes, but I think of you do that the 4 years will begin when you start the subscription instead of adding those years to the end of your current subscription.** I'll send you an invoice with a notation of your current expiration date. ** Edited to add that will only be the case this first time you renew in the new system. Once you're in the the new automated part of subscriptions, renewal invoices will be handled by that system and you should be able to renew at any point after the invoice is sent, without losing any subscription time.
  20. September '21 renewal invoices were emailed over the weekend, so check your inboxes! Make sure you're logged into the forum before clicking the View Order or Pay Now buttons. All of these invoices were for a 1 year renewal, but we do offer 2, 3, and 4 year options now. If you want to upgrade let Molly B or me know so we can send you a new invoice.
  21. The Tapatalk plugin was uninstalled on 8/23/2021 because it was causing issues with an upgrade we were trying install. It hasn't been re-installed. Between that conflict and the security issues we observed when Tapatalk was installed, I think things will have to change significantly on their end before we'd consider trying it again. Give one our new Themes a try and see if they work for you.
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