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  1. Call to Action 1/23/2022! Witness Slips Needed! Today's alert focuses on a single bill, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Last year, during the Spring '21 Session, HB2769 proposed to fund the purchase of “miscrostamp ready” firearms for Illinois law enforcement. On the surface it sounds almost innocent. Why not buy guns for law enforcement, even if they aren't the kind we would buy for ourselves? As with many things in the world of gun control, the proposal is far more sinister than it appears. The bill speaks of low arrest rates for homicides and assaults committed with firearms. While the statistics cited may be true, it is not true that the desire to solve those crimes has anything to do with the firearms law enforcement purchases. Law enforcement is not the source of the violence plaguing our cities. Nor can it be true that the bill speaks of the criminals who commit the violence. Those criminals will ignore microstamp laws just as they ignore all law. That is, by definition, the nature of being a criminal. No, the bill seeks to create a market for microstamping when no such market can naturally exist. It uses tax money, our money, to promote the creation of firearms no one wants. Microstamp capable firearms would already exist if law enforcement wanted them. They would already exist if consumers wanted them. They would already exist if anyone wanted them, yet they do not exist in the market place. It isn't hard to see the underlying purpose, the sinister ulterior motive at work. One needs only read the words of Representative Ford, one the co-sponsors: “The legislation would use tax dollars to create the funding for the distribution of the micro-stamped firearms to law enforcement officers, but Ford said if everything goes smoothly, lawmakers could see it expand to other gun owners.” "”We use microstamping to trace shootings, and if we get it approved through law enforcement, then maybe we should expand it to other gun owners," Ford said.” Those “other gun owners”, of course, are you and me. They are the very folks who are not committing crimes. They are the folks proven to be law abiding by not just the FOID Act, but by the FOID Modernization Act sponsored by Representative Hoffman and Senator Koehler, the act that now requires de facto background checks for ammo purchases and that creates a private sale gun registration. What they will not admit is that other states which have tried ballistic fingerprinting schemes have abandoned them as costly experiments that solved not a single crime. Maryland, in particular, learned a $15 Million lesson in how not to solve crime. What they will not tell their colleagues is that a 2012 Iowa State University study shows that differences in primer hardness adversely affects the reliability of marking that part of a round. What they will not tell their colleagues is that the same study states, “... it is clear that the use of lacquer has significantly degraded the ability to achieve total identifier transfer.” Lacquer is a common sealant used by some ammunition manufacturers and hand loaders, to prevent the entry of water and humidity into the round. What they will not explain is that hand loaders often use previously fired brass picked up at firing ranges or purchased online. They will not explain that purchased brass is commonly sourced from police department ranges so that, even if the primer imprinting problems are avoided by imprinting the brass case instead, the previous user of that brass can now be implicated in crimes because of multiple identifiers appearing on that brass. They will not explain, perhaps they don't know, that their reliance on marked casings left all over a crime scene can be defeated by simply using a revolver. This legislation is poised to move quickly through the House if the votes are available. Join us in stopping Amendment 4 it in its tracks. Illinois wastes plenty of money already, even without this microstamping nonsense. File Witness Slips Now! Detailed Witness Slip Instructions Log On to the ILGA Dashboard In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip. HB2769 HFA 4 Microstamp Funding Program Act OPPONENT! Read More About This Bill File an OPPONENT Witness Slip Track the Witness Slips Join us, IllinoisCarry, a group that reliably defends your right to keep and bear arms. A group that still understands the meaning of “shall not be infringed”. A group that will stand by that principle without capitulation. ###
  2. Guys, it isn't worth their time to track down the driver for a rolling stop on red. They're happy to have someone pay the fine even if it isn't the driver. That won't be the case with shell casings. It will be up to the firearm owner to prove it wasn't they they left them there.
  3. The statement of legislative findings in SB2769 makes clear their intention to make this a broader mandate. This is confirmed by Representative Ford's statements quoted above. 7 Section 5. Legislative findings. The General Assembly 8 finds that: 9 Law enforcement makes an arrest in only 35% of firearm 10 homicides and 21% of firearm assaults when the victim was 11 Black or Hispanic. Microstamping is a powerful crime-solving 12 tool that can help law enforcement quickly solve gun crimes. 13 Microstamping is a reliable ballistics identification tool, 14 and can greatly enhance traditional ballistics analysis and 15 the current National Integrated Ballistics Information Network 16 (NIBIN) system by providing a direct link between a spent 10200HB2769ham004 - 2 - LRB102 13208 RLC 32263 a 1 cartridge case and a firearm. 2 The leads generated from fired cartridge cases, bearing 3 microstamps found at crime scenes, have the potential to help 4 law enforcement solve gun-related crimes while limiting 5 negative interactions with law enforcement, especially in 6 minority communities. While this crime-solving technology 7 exists, firearm manufacturers have not yet produced 8 microstamp-ready firearms. 9 It behooves the State to install a program in partnership 10 with law enforcement to bring microstamp-ready firearms into 11 use in Illinois. The purpose of this bill is to create a market for “microstamp ready” firearms where no such market would exist on it's own. It is to provide a financial incentive to develop a product, get that product into law enforcement use even to a small degree, then argue that if law enforcement uses it there's no reason to not require it of regular gun owners.
  4. Wheeler's bill got held up and the bill morphed into SB2343 SFA1, in the 100th General Assembly. The ISRA witness slip was originally in support, then changed to neutral. There's discussion about it here. There are some stylistic changes between the two bills, with the biggest substantive differences being when the bill would take effect and the inclusion of “trigger crank” as a separately prohibited item in the Senate bill. At the time, Ed Sullivan was quoted as saying about SB2343: Thank you for the email. The Executive Director for ISRA, who is added to this email, along with other gun rights groups have all decided that a clean ban is much more favorable to one that would criminalize someone changing out a trigger and getting caught up in unintended consequences. We also know that an alternate amendment is planned that would take away preemption for long guns and hand regulation back to the municipalities. In the end we, with the help of the governor, have beat back every attempt to strip you of your 2A rights. This is not the sword to fall on As a point of fact, IllinoisCarry was not among those groups who made the decision he claimed was made by more than the group he represents. We fought all versions of the ban like heck. We won that fight without the dire consequences he predicted.
  5. Or if you reload brass picked up at the range. Brass stamped with multiple identifiers can't be very useful.
  6. They changed their support witness slip to neutral after irate gun owners started calling them. Of course, "neutral" still meant "support", same as it did with HB562 and now with HB3144. Coincidentally, Barb Wheeler is Al Salvi's sister. Speaking in favor of gun rights while supporting gun control seems to run in their family.
  7. https://www.advantagenews.com/news/local/granite-city-news/bill-to-fund-micro-stamped-firearms-for-police-advancing-at-illinois-statehouse/article_c39b5b72-793e-11ec-b88d-774d9e87fdea.html Bill to fund micro-stamped firearms for police advancing at Illinois statehouse By Andrew Hensel - Illinois Radio Network A bill filed last year that would create grants for microstamping law enforcement firearms has been scheduled for a second reading in the Illinois House. ... "Microstamping for guns is so that law enforcement can trace a gun that was used in a shooting," Ford said. "So every gun will have a fingerprint so to speak,". The legislation would use tax dollars to create the funding for the distribution of the micro-stamped firearms to law enforcement officers, but Ford said if everything goes smoothly, lawmakers could see it expand to other gun owners. "We use microstamping to trace shootings, and if we get it approved through law enforcement, then maybe we should expand it to other gun owners," Ford said. ... (emphasis added)
  8. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. If you look at all the bills ISRA is "neutral" on, they've filed neutral witness slips on very few. There's just no need to slip in as neutral in most cases. In my opinion when it's done, it's a signal. It could be that a former opponent's objections were addressed and they need to change their position (slips can't be deleted) or, in the case of HB3144, it signals that they're OK with it. They won't get in the way. They see no problem with the bill or actually kind of like it, but they can't say that out loud.
  9. The law enforcement reporting requirement is to local authorities immediately, and to ISP "...in a form, manner and frequency as prescribed by the Illinois State Police". The bill charges ISP with providing a statistical compilation to the State Board of Education without any obvious expectation that they would provide a police response to the incident.
  10. The language in the bill specifies that the report would be required "Upon receipt of any written, electronic, or verbal report from any school personnel regarding a verified incident, ...". I suspect that a verified incident would normally be reported now and this is simply codifying that practice. If anything, their use of the term "incident" seems a little loose. They'll probably have to define that better, which is part of the reason we're keeping an eye on this.
  11. SB3630 Sch Cd – Weapon – Violence Report has been added to our neutral list. Synopsis As Introduced Amends the School Code. Provides that whether weapons were found on school grounds and whether staff were involved in an altercation or violent incident are to be included on the school report card. Provides that all incidents on school grounds shall be reported to the Illinois State Police. Provides that the State Board of Education shall compile this information by school district and make it available to the public. Effective immediately.
  12. A quick update on the House Police & Fire Committee and House Mental Health & Addiction Committee that had been scheduled to meet this morning, 1/20/2022. Both have been cancelled.
  13. I'd take that a step further and recall that they supported a bump stock ban a few years ago, before they changed their public position to neutral. They are doing the work of the anti's in some cases.
  14. It's time for plain speaking, to call things the way they are. This will evolve over time. As new bills are posted to committee hearings, as witness slips are filed, some of those slips will be included here as a means to shed some light on the problem we have in this state. Take for example HB3144 Lost & Stolen Firearm – Penalty, a bill to cast victims of gun theft as the victim of the state legislature as well. Sponsored at this writing by well known anti-gun Representatives Mayfield and Stoneback, IllinoisCarry firmly opposes it. We've including it and similar bills from General Assemblies of the past in many Calls to Action. Yet we see a neutral witness slip filed by a group that claims to defend our rights: We oppose it. They, unfortunately, do not.
  15. Well, the ISRA didn't waste any time throwing gun owners under the bus. Ed Sullivan is one of their lobbyists.
  16. It isn't ripe for action yet but they have the "ghost gun" bill, SB2956, in their monitor list. They don't even know that they should oppose this bill.
  17. Following the optimism that has become rather formulaic at the start of a new Jud - Criminal Committee, the committee stands adjourned.
  18. Sponsors should expect a subject matter hearing on their bills, followed by a presentation in a substantive hearing.
  19. Special attention will be given to crime and violence, including all the factors that go into crime and violence. They will collaborate with other committees that address all the social determinants that go into crime and violence, including education, housing, labor, etc.
  20. He speaks of collaboration, of making the effort to work together. He may have missed his party forcing bills though the process with no input form the minority party, and very little input from members of his own party who were not included in writing several thousand page bills in the wee hours of the night.
  21. Their plan is to avoid rush. They "plan to slow down, to speed up", whatever that means.
  22. He speaks of a "mass incarceration crisis" without acknowledging that it is the laws they make, including anti-gun laws, that have caused that crisis.
  23. He continues by stating that the subject matter they intend to take up is the most divisive both locally and nationally. He did not notice that gun owners have not changed. His party's view of gun ownership has changed.
  24. The Committee will not be voting on any bills today. The Chair wishes the members a Happy New Year, thanks staff for their past year of work, an explains procedures going forward.
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