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  1. I believe there has always been a well-founded history/tradition of self-build re. even copyright/patent.
  2. Just occurred -- they keep better 'tabs' on FOIDs than ankles . . . just saying.
  3. I miss Life. (Also Newsweek, and People, and , , , 7 others),
  4. Dems gotta do what dems do. Does seem a tad petulant to be so . . . unaccepting -- unrealistically so. But, with no personal liability, why wouldn't they.
  5. Well said. (I also love the picture [other post] of the 'lock.' Well done Sir!)
  6. Political parties have a way of shooting themselves in the foot -- thier's to lose -- and they do. Thankfully sometimes.
  7. You do realize that they MUST empty the jails to hold all the LACs that they are about to make felons, right?
  8. And if the decision by SCOTUS (tomorrow?) is dramatic -- how will it impact this?
  9. I could probably live with that . . . if they actually did it.
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