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  1. I could probably live with that . . . if they actually did it.
  2. "nothing more than argument advanced by a political slogan" That about sums up most of politics, sadly.
  3. Is that how the Democratic Party was run by Mr. Mike?
  4. Just a simple: 'Shall not infringe' would do me. (And strict: text, history, and tradition). That would make for a good New Year!
  5. IMHO: Common defense and tranquility are a long way from a carjacking. AND it's a good point -- if you aren't drinking, why should it affect your rights? 'Cause it makes 'them' feel unsafe -- 'mkay
  6. Does the 'State' have a duty to protect its citizens??? Police (big NO, South vs Maryland)! OSHA? Congress (LOL)? 2nd amendment is for self-protection -- and to keep the govment (sic) in line (which is self protection also), right?
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