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  1. I will let others test that water. I voted for Trump twice because he was not the other gal/guy. I was under no illusion he was an A+ gun advocate. They didn’t ban bump stocks under Obama.
  2. What is the status of this ban now? Can it be twisted to go after any of our factory finished firearms?
  3. So if your FOID shows expired until new combo is issued, one is just outa luck in ordering guns/ammo outside of Illinois brick and mortar retailers.
  4. Pardon my entrance here. Looking for info on this topic and found this post. I just checked mine first time this year. My FOID card has 11/1/22 expiration on it, my CCL has 12/11/23 printed on it. My ISP dashboard shows 12/11/23 for both. That is an update since last I looked in 2021. Does this mean my FOID is valid even though it will show expired this year and is there anyway I can get an updated FOID early so I can use it on line. Vendors don’t care what the website shows, only what's on the FOID.
  5. They got the power we got the vote. The problem is not enough of us vote to totally oust the anti group. I had the discussion with friends and relatives about things as bump stocks and such. The problem is when nongunners see video of such devices all they see a machine gun. Its a problem we’ve created by accepting these devices. Same with shouldering a braced pistol. Looks like a SBR to the uninitiated. We can’t get them on board so we’re paddling up steam on some of these issues.
  6. Yes it is. ATF/ISP they both know who I am. I’ve talk to ATF several time, CLEO also. Both easy to work with. ISPFSB never answered phone when I called, so I’ve never interacted with them. Any one else ever been to a FFl meeting like this?
  7. Received this email from the ATF. Anyone here ever attended a local meeting. What are they about? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Illinois State Police are holding an FFL seminar at Naperville City Hall (400 S Eagle Street, Naperville, IL) on March 17, 2022 from 12pm-4pm. E-mail your RSVP to mark.kavanagh@atf.gov by March 9th. Contact the Downers Grove Field Office at 630-725-5290 with any questions. In your response, please include: The name on your ATF license and How many persons will be in attendance. We look forward to seeing you soon!
  8. This is the reason I never went for bump stocks or the “pistols” referenced. Their obvious NFA work around attempt led me to believe we would end up down this road.
  9. Not to some, asked about it a few times. That's why I carry both.
  10. Thanks Molly, will travel to Lockport when the time comes. I know my carry license can be substituted for my FOID by statute, but that doesn't mean it'll be excepted. Already asked ammo dealers and a few FFLs. No go in more than one instance. That's why I carry both.
  11. Where are these kiosk i see mentioned in reference to ISP issues? With all my activity around guns and the shooting sports carrying an expired FOID is about the last thing I look forward to doing. Are yo able to move things along with a face to face contact?
  12. This state would not hesitate to crush anyone of us if we ran afoul of the maze they have established. Having applied and paid for a FOID renewal, allegedly unnecessary, is a small price to pay for a extra layer of documentation.
  13. So, November first Ill be walking around in the Illinois gun world with an expired FOID card. Just exactly what am I supposed to do when anyone I deal with asks for a valid FOID. CCL Does not carry the weight of the FOID, been there,tried that.
  14. I’ve had my FOID 50 years now. Expires 11/1 of this year. On my ISP dashboard both cards show Covid-19 expirations. CCL shows 12/11/23 expiration on card. What exactly happens this year, when will it allow me to renew and how will the process play out? Thank you all.
  15. After seeing fat ******* touting his accomplishments in a campaign ad my wife, for the first time, asked where could we move. Im thinking the Carolinas. Any suggestions.
  16. And now, 45 years later, both state and national organizations are in turmoil.
  17. Has anything changed procedure wise with purchasing or selling a firearm or purchasing ammunition in Illinois as of the first of the year? Anything specific related to this question we need to watch for coming up?
  18. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us. Happy New Year.
  19. I’ve borrowed from another to better explain my concern about the dangerous precedent set by conservative legislators in Texas. A glaring example of the problem of unintended consequences. Governor of California going to propose a law to go after guns in the same manner. This pitting citizens against one and other will be destructive to our society on many levels. “This is going to be a difficult discussion considering the emotions around the question of abortion, but lets try by focusing on the legal point instead of the abortion topic. The issue is as Judge Sotomayor said, this approach on the part of TX will open up any state to assault any right that a temporary majority of elected officials doesn't like simply by putting power into the hands of those who are not directly "harmed" in the legal sense. We will see if cynically throwing the rule of law out the window for mob rule grows as a cancer across the country as states empower activist vigilantes to attack individuals exercising a right while the state sits back and claims their hands are clean because they're not directly suppressing it.”
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