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  1. Do MSRs need to be advertised in such a way? We recoil at the term used to reference these firearms “Assault Weapons”Why do they need to be marketed suggesting the connection to military use. That is what the victims are latching onto when filing their legal actions. The folks in their marketing departments are gonna need to get smarter if this type of civil action takes hold. I’ve been worried about this for a long time.
  2. That’s correct, go to your FSB dashboard and the dates there. My new combined card is not dated. What is the 18 digit AL: xxxxxxxxxxxx number for?
  3. Thanks Euler, do I have to wait to renew, watch dashboard for notice? Congrats on the move, send us a card when you reach freedom.
  4. That's great news, congratulations. I have a nephew we use to clay shoot with as a family. Felony drug charge, guns gone for life. Sad he can't hang with us ever, unless Jaba issues a pardon. That's Never.
  5. I totally, unexpectedly got my combined card today. FOID expired 11/01/22, CCL expiration date was 12/11/23. Just checked my FSB dash board and the dates are both 12/11/23. The change came after I checked the site the first of the month. I never got a letter. How does the renewal work next December?
  6. There is a name for the condition. Stockholm syndrome is a theorized condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity. ‘Illinois is lost, if you’re young move out while you can. If only for your children.
  7. Thats the least of my worries at my age. I shoot often at my out door club and will have new eyes buy the end of November. I will be ready if I decide to renew. Thanks
  8. Is that where we want to be in America. Sounds like an Escape from New York scenario. Turning public gatherings into free fire zones is a terrifying thought. I don’t know what the answer is, but the thought of possible shoot outs all over the place is chilling. it’s a picture the antis love to paint.
  9. I have a FOID and CCL. For the first time in 50 years my FOID will show expired as of 11/1/22. Have not decided if I will renew CCL a year from now. ‘Don’t want hassle trying to renew FOID at that time.
  10. Im a lifer, but no longer send money during the year. i haven’t resigned because I want to keep up on what they are doing/not doing on our behalf. iC get my donations now.
  11. About to enter the ISP twilight zone. FOID will expire 11/1/22. What has been anyones experience having this happen? When asked for the card for any reason what has been the reaction to the expired card. Anyone been able to do an online purchase of a gun or ammunition with the expired but still active FOID card?
  12. What do the lined up bullets by our pictures mean? 1,2 or three in a row.
  13. Anyone go to this event, the website doesn’t say much about the gentleman running it.
  14. We’re screwed, this is a one party state. Its what the majority of voters want.
  15. So, what happens to the many guns in retail inventory the day their status changes? Does every LGS suddenly become an NFA licensed dealer?
  16. Its better to win and flex real political power. Sorry, living the lie of the noble runner up means nothing,
  17. My daughter is a dentist in DeKalb county. She has a Republican state senator patient who believes Jaba is a good governor whos easy to work with on Issues facing our state. There is no hope, just keep voting Republican to make you feel better. It’s the only reason to do so.
  18. Bailey hasn’t got a chance. We vote for him just to protest against Jaba, nothing more.
  19. Thanks Captdan. If I may ask, how do you get through to someone at ISP on such a regular basis? Has any one ever visited an ISP kiosk, what has been anyones experience using one of them? Closest one to me is an hour drive.
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