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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/democrats-introducing-bill-regulating-mechanisms-of-rapid-firing-weapons/ar-AA1kNwGH?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=DCTS&cvid=8aaae1c89345454db15a5aa8573dfa89&ei=12 It's never gonna stop. Hope we can flip some more control next November.
  2. Could one destroy a unit buy cutting it up? Some one remarked elsewhere that a unit rendered permanently inoperable by definition is no longer an assault weapon, according to the law.
  3. MM Do you think there is a chance the Supremes will rule on any this session? All the lower courts seem to be punting. Speaking their minds, also feeling this SCOTUS will do something.
  4. Visiting LGSs and Cabelas is an education. I don’t think they fully understand what’s coming down the line.
  5. It’s upsetting, Ive about given up on the courts riding to our rescue. I remember Justice John Paul Stevens saying Scalia was wrong in his opinion on the second amendment. Now a justice says were all dangerous. Its depressing how negative we’re seen in the power settings of our society now.
  6. If we could organize all the folks affected by these laws we would control the state. Light sabres and airsoft guns, It’s maddening.
  7. What was the meeting about, did not seem to get into specifics. Nothing changes for us?
  8. This should not surprise anyone. Judges can do what they feel is correct. What we “think” doesn’t mean a thing. I will not be surprised is SCOTUS punts and tells them to do it again to get it right. I won't live long enough to see this come to an end I fear.
  9. We keep hoping, but that light is fading. So far the governor is beating his own odds.
  10. No audio. CC sorta working. mauserme are your questions being answered?
  11. You have no idea whats going to happen. Letting your imagination run wild here offers nothing. We will deal with facts as they are provide here and react accordingly.
  12. The line of thought is to get states to overwhelm the courts with laws. They pass a law quickly, the courts take months or years to rule and a new law will be introduced. Around it goes, we are crushed.
  13. More Chinese crap. Should just steal the design frt a USA manufacturer.
  14. “The next gun rights case before the Supreme Court, United States v. Rahimi, involves an individual that no sensible society would allow to have a gun.”VOX We all keep hoping the courts will ride to the rescue and drive a stake in the heart of the law we’re dealing with. This issue relates to the second amendment rights of domestic abusers. This will be real stretch for the justices, not sure how this one got there before all the bans in the lower courts. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t have a good feel for how we will do IF ours gets to the supremes.
  15. If anyone buys ammunition in the near term let us know if they just look at the FOiD card or run it. I suppose a rifle can be chambered for any of the 50 caliber pistol cartridges available now. Imagine having to register a 25 grand 500 NE double rifle.
  16. Thank you. this was one of my main concerns. A felon is protected against self incrimination if he has an illegal gun. For those who have a legal gun, they can only keep it by giving up their right and lie on a government form. What honest lawyer would find that acceptable.
  17. Thank you. Is that just 50 BMG ? if yes, its banned so there should be no ammo tracking.
  18. https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/article_c71958ea-687e-11ee-822e-b779458a9ffe.html?a?utm_source=thecentersquare.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Flists%2Ft2%2Fillinois%2F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline 🤞
  19. Who is your expert?? Folks come here for factual information. Don't bet the farm on what a LGS tells you. Alot of misinformation being thrown around. Enough BS to fill a rail car. Sky is falling rants don't help either. We have some legal minds here that are being very cautious in what they offer up, that says volumes. If you can't provide referenced information on this then keep it to yourself. Has anyone visited an ISP Kiosk? Not sure if they are available to answer any and all questions or are just FOID information centers.
  20. This is the nightmare scenario I was warned about when I got my FOID in 1971. Whats the system for I asked. So they know where to start when they want to come get them was the answer.
  21. Are we seeing a pattern forming in gun control. Legislatures passing all sorts of restrictions hoping to overload courts?They ram through their controls and hope the months and years of future litigation work in their favor.
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