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  1. I wonder if the time to move to TN was more like 20 years ago. Several people I know and know of, who considered TN ultimately bought somewhere else. Big money investors seem to like slurping up homes in certain communities there and renting them out. That inflates prices everywhere, and can make a “nice affordable block” become quite transient.
  2. Anyone with an organ transplant takes immunity suppressing medication. That persons family may continue to wear a mask for a long time. Same for parents of kids with compromised immune systems. Those of you throwing shade maybe take a moment and count your blessings if you don’t have to think about those things.
  3. How exactly would Biden expand the Supreme Court? He doesn’t have the votes in the senate. Manchin won’t go along, that sinks it right there.
  4. Looks like you are fine with that. Pretty good price too. Hi Point gets talked down but not sure if that is still the case for them.
  5. I feel for the dude yet if we take away consequences then what are the deterrents?
  6. Look at the make up of the Democratic majority during the first two years of the Obama administration. Here’s some things that stand out to me. - at most 58 democratic senators. It fluctuates because of deaths, etc. – two Democratic senators from Montana. Three from the Dakotas. Two in Arkansas and one in Alaska. Jim Webb in VA. Bernie Sanders at that time had a gun voting record the NRA would be jealous of. Do you think they were all going to blanket vote for gun control? Olympia Snow and Susan Collins might have been more likely to vote for gun control as Republicans than some of those senators. It was also the biggest economic contraction since the great depression, and the number one priority was Obamacare. As noted, the Democrats shot their load on health care. So...Explain this “hmmm” mystery to me because it is clear as day this wouldn’t happen even without an economic crisis and health care debate happening.
  7. The first media mention of AR15 that I saw was this morning from a British tabloid. And it was very carefully worded. I didn’t see that in NYT, WAPO, or ChiTrib. Where did you see that?
  8. FWIW mine was approved in under 60 days, might have been closer to 45 days even, I applied mid-March 2020. Seems I got lucky. Should have bought a lottery ticket that day. Why does it take so much longer for some than others?
  9. ...and better make sure your story lines up with the video evidence now that cameras are everywhere.
  10. Perhaps he’s cleaning up his estate to lessen the fighting amongst his heirs should that be a concern.
  11. Lots of good options for 22 pistols. In addition to the TX22 there’s also the S&W Victory and M&P22, and the Browning Buckmark series. All are well regarded and can be had for under $400 if you stick with the more basic models. The TX22 has a 16 round magazine vs 10 rounds for most others, but is no longer discounted in price like before the ‘rona. I think it makes sense to have a 22 in addition to your main caliber just because the ammo is so much cheaper, and some days when 9 isn’t even available you might find 22 on the shelf. No sense in paying for 30-60 minutes of range time and leaving after 10 minutes because you don’t have enough 9mm to shoot.
  12. I own an M&P 9mm. I am very happy with it. Most would consider it too large for waistband concealment but I was more concerned with having the right pistol for home defense.
  13. Mine have always been immediate, but anecdotally someone with a common name like John Smith might not be.
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