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  1. I never lived in DuPage I just figured every republican elected in the Chicago metro area in that time was a moderate.
  2. Wouldn’t they be RINOs in todays world? Would they even place in a primary today?
  3. Eons ago I was In Miami for New Year’s Eve. Right after midnight people went to their yards and fired guns into the ground. I don’t know if that is still a custom there, or if there were any laws then or now about doing this.
  4. I only saw the last minute or so. Bailey looked very good for that part and Pritzker sounded like a politician.
  5. GOP is perfecting minority rule. Those who steal for you will eventually steal from you. I don’t believe for a minute that the major money donors (on either side) give a damn about any of us. Rioting, looting, seizing government or private property has no place in our society. Most conservatives seem supportive and apologetic towards the Jan 6 rioters and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers however. We can argue the scale of one vs another but none were ok. We now have a 10 year old girl… a girl… almost forced to carry a child to term. Were LEO or the courts interested in how she got raped or by whom? We are just learning about that now… but the conservative voices seemed more interested in denying the story than investigating the culprit. Conservatives have done a great job holding their party accountable for many moral issues. At some point healthcare, clean air, clean water, etc. also become moral issues. So does food supply. We hear a lot about Bill Gates buying farmland and nothing about the oil companies in Texas doing the same, except the Texas oil companies are shutting down agriculture on the land they acquire. Maybe instead of going after Facebook and Twitter, focus on companies that really do impact our survival? I feel conservatives are doing a great job protecting my gun rights but are perfectly happy to let me be screwed in so many other ways I just don’t see the advantage.
  6. I wonder if the time to move to TN was more like 20 years ago. Several people I know and know of, who considered TN ultimately bought somewhere else. Big money investors seem to like slurping up homes in certain communities there and renting them out. That inflates prices everywhere, and can make a “nice affordable block” become quite transient.
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