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  1. A student from my old high school was recently stabbed to death in a fight by a kid from Elgin. Kim Foxx's office claimed Mutual combat between the two, and all of the kids that I went to high school with were OUTRAGED on social media that the perpetrator wasn't charged with murder. These are the same people that ran down the ballot voting DEM last year and probably voted for her without even knowing. I went to the polls to vote exclusively against her. but every time I see a post of the sorts I cant help but think YOU IDIOTS ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT VOTED HER INTO OFFICE. These people will never learn.
  2. When people ask why I "need an AR-15". Its because of that quote right there.
  3. Completely agree that training is extremely important, however I think that the shutdown and backlog of permits over the past year have showed how problematic a permit system could be. a lot of first time applicants waiting for the better part of a year just goes to show that.
  4. They always talk about common sense gun reform, here's dome common sense for you... guns are loud, legalize silencers
  5. How many times did they keep repeating he's a gun owner...like that matters! They always preface it by saying that. in a desperate attempt to show that they "care" about the 2nd amendment.
  6. As far as the background check system is concerned, I had a friend who was denied due to an issue with his address. he was a law abiding citizen that just had an issue with his ID but was still denied until he got it fixed. he's probably not the only one.
  7. The media play a big part in that, think about how fat the Colorado shooting was dropped by the media after it came out that is wasn't a white guy. that the last you heard of that story in the media.
  8. Exactly right, Really nothing he said means anything. Just a gun control wish list is all that was.
  9. Im glad to hear that he will be heading the AFT, still curious to who will be running the ATF
  10. they have to figure out what line they want to cross......if they make an 80% lower or 11 round magazines a felony then what's it matter. Put on the fun switch and homebrew suppressors too. My 79% receiver business is about to take off.
  11. Lied so much that even CNN couldn't cover him. I believe politifact ran an article and rated his speech as "mostly false". I was surprised to see that one coming from politifact. I guess it goes to show that the entire gun control argument is built almost entirely on lies.
  12. 2nd time he got arrested in 4 days?? Maybe if we stopped letting criminals out of jail we'd have lass crime. Just a thought.
  13. I don't know about you guys, but personably I don't know too may people who CC a pistol with a brace on it... Almost as if it has nothing to do with being concealable... Just a thought.
  14. The other case regards the Cook County ammo tax. Interested to see where both cases go, I don't have much hope for either unfortunately.
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