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  1. Despite the belief that the northeastern corner of the state constitutes the “whole state”, it doesn’t. CDNN policy doesn’t restrict shipping standard cap mags (over 10 rounds) to southern, and other parts of, Illinois….
  2. The Supreme Court won’t do that because THEY HAVE NO POWER to do so! SCOTUS has no power to enforce their rulings, they must rely on the Legislative and Executive branches to do that.
  3. Perhaps they are using the same justifications others on here are using for the Governor’s race — picking the candidates they “think” have the “best chance” without much thought to what their actual stances on thing are…..
  4. Keep in mind, SCOTUS does not, and really can not enforce their decisions. Any enforcement actions would need originate from the DOJ. How do you think that’s going to go? The only other option for regular folks is to, once again, turn to the courts and it’s long drawn out process…
  5. If you go to U-Haul or a moving company you might be able to get wardrobe boxes as well. Instead of misc appliances sitting around it just looks like you’ve started packing….
  6. Basically they punted. Kicked the can down the road. We don’t like the question, nor the way you asked it, so we’re sending it back for you to try again.
  7. Problems with one card/two cards/e-cards, expiration date/no expiration date, printing problems, …. ad nauseam….. Here’s a novel idea that solves ALL those problems — go without them all! Permitless Constitutional Carry, you know, like half the States in the Union!
  8. Hmmm, and here though it was actually a mailer pointing out his strong points and urging us to vote for him. LOL
  9. I think the last time I was asked that I answered “Because I can” and “Because I want it” and they apparently were fine with that.
  10. How does this fit with the requirement to be in possession of your CCL while carrying? Are they now going to start accepting electronic facsimiles? So are they changing the law or just choosing to “interpret” it differently?
  11. Or, perhaps, you are arguing a point by making the claim that the economy of an oppressed and suppressed people will remain the same when that oppression and suppression is lifted. Maybe the correct question is, do you believe past performance under oppression is indicative of future performance under freedom?
  12. To choose not to vote for a candidate because you don’t think they are “electable” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They won’t be “electable” because you didn’t vote for them. Maybe the biggest thing Trump should have taught us in 2016 is that there really are no “unelectable” candidates, something perhaps Biden reinforced in 2020. Select candidates based upon who most accurately represents your positions and beliefs and then VOTE FOR THAT CANDIDATE!
  13. And THAT ^^^^ right there sums up why and how this state is/got so fricking screwed up…….
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