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  1. No prints with my original application (very first day you could apply) because I didn’t think the cost was justified for a difference of 30 days. But, then again, that was back when we expected the ISP to abide by the timelines proscribed by law, and, to a great extent they did - my original app missed the deadline by 3 days or so. Were I to apply today I’d likely opt for no prints again because the cost doesn’t seem justified since it doesn’t really seem to make much difference as ISP now completely disregards the timelines proscribed by law…
  2. Technicality but online purchases are purchases inside of Illinois - they are purchases technically made from your place of residence…. But you are correct - online purchases all require FOID. Physically cross State lines and buy ammo and they don’t care about your FOID.
  3. At least for ammo this is a moot point. My experience is that FOID isn’t required for purchase outside of Illinois…. Never ever been asked for it.
  4. Tip


    Tapatalk’s format makes posts much much more readable. This isn’t saying to mobile format is necessarily bad, just that Tapstalk is much better.
  5. DW got her card three days after going active — so start to finish 9 days. Mine finally went active 8/12/2021 and card in hand 8/18/2021 So, what, 43 days on mine, Start to finish. Oh, and I mis-remembered - our CCL renewals went active the same day.
  6. I Had logged into the site on various platforms after the upgrade and never got an e-mail. Logged into the site via Tapatalk after the upgrade when y’all got it working and got ONE e-mail tagging a device using Foxfire with my correct location. Just logged into the site via Tapatalk using another device and immediately got FIVE e-mails tagging a device using Foxfire with my correct approximate location. Logged that device out and then back in (without closing Tapatalk) and got no further e-mails. Logged that device out and then back in (this time closing Tapatalk) and got TWO e-mails. Logged out and back in on a platform NOT using Tapatalk and got NO emails. Logged out and back in on a platform NOT using Tapatalk (clearing cache & cookies) and got NO emails. HTH ETA: Just got an email that was (based on device listed) from that last iteration — note the browser listed was Firefox but that wasn’t the browser being used….. PM me if you want details of devices or want me to do further testing….
  7. Tip


    Back in business here as well. Thanks Molly, and please pass along thanks to all who worked diligently to tame the beast. It IS appreciated!
  8. This is mentioned in a couple of threads. They are working on it but it’s not back yet. I have faith that, if it’s possible, they’ll get it back before long.
  9. Tip


    I unfollowed IllinoiCarry in Tapatalk to see if some odd bad remnants were hanging around. searched for it again, found it, however, when I try to follow it again I get this error:
  10. Tip


    Still getting login failed with the same error message.
  11. Tip


    Still not able to get in Molly BUT it has changed — instead of logon failure now getting a 404ish error…..
  12. Just quit playing games with renewals — they check every night to determine if existing FOID holders are still eligible. When a renewal comes in all they need do is check the latest run and issue/deny the renewal based upon it. The process should be damn near automatic. They’d have plenty of time to process new apps.
  13. WiFi is not the issueâ¦. Theyâd all have to had been signed onto the same WiFi net. The point is kid would have had to drop the pic to every recipient he could âseeâ. But thatâs not all â every recipient he dropped it to would have had to ACCEPT it. Sooo, the snowflakes that got upset had their settings such that EVERYBODY can see their phone and then they chose to ACCEPT a pic from an unknown source and then they got upset over the pictureâ¦.
  14. Those are receipt settings. I do not think you can “broadcast” air drops — don’t you have to actively select the recipients to send to? Granted he could just select all those folks that are wide open….
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