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  1. Kinda like you got a pic of my license plate now prove I was driving…..
  2. Actually he’s managed to get in place the start of an extensive “anti voter fraud” movement. Unfortunately it’s lodged in only a handful of red states at present and all of his current efforts are centered on trying to destroy it…. Hopefully, following midterms, that’ll switch around and there will be a better push to expand the movement….
  3. Interesting enough - government mandates apparently don’t apply to government…. But in a statement sent to ABC7 News, Medicare says they only pay for tests done at testing sites. Their statement reads, in part: "We continue to explore the best ways to provide critical resources that will keep Medicare beneficiaries safe and healthy. While at this time original Medicare cannot pay for at-home tests, testing remains a critical tool to help mitigate the spread of COVID. That's why we have made lab-based PCR tests, rapid PCR tests, and rapid point-of-care antigen tests available through healthcare providers at over 20,000 free testing sites nationwide." https://abc7news.com/medicare-coverage-covid-tests-at-home-testing-insurance-test/11492824/
  4. I don’t disagree with the FBI numbers — just the assertion that nightly FOID checks are skewing them. It’s rather obvious that they are NOT doing nightly NICS checks on all FOID holders.
  5. the math doesn’t add up….. 2.2 million FOID holder x 360 checks a year (nightly, excluding some holidays) = 792 billion checks….. Or 8.4 million checks in a year / 2.2 million FOID holders = 3.8 checks per FOID holder per year.
  6. One would think that your FOID would auto renew upon expiration at no cost to you and this would likely trigger the issuance of a new card. But, then again, THINK, and Illinois seem to be pretty much mutually exclusive….
  7. AGREED that would definitely change the economics of the situation!
  8. We plan on remaining until such time as it makes more sense, financially, economically and politically, to move. That could be within your 1-2 year timeframe, but could also be well past that. Right now, while easily financially feasible it makes absolutely no sense economically to do so. Farmland prices, profit margins still well outweigh the less than desirable political climate. When the political climate down here starts to sour we’ll reconsider. Perhaps all you “northerners” can fix your political climate before that happens…..
  9. Oh, and to add one other thing to the above. Physical Address and Mailing Address do NOT have to be the same. My mailing addy is different than my physical addy. Cards show physical addy but get sent to mailing addy…. Sounds like OP’s mailing addy changed — did his physical addy?
  10. Unfortunately, the caveat here is the OP did NOT move “from the residence address named on his or her card”….. The law does not cover the re-assignment or changing of a physical address where the residence didn’t move, and the resident didn’t move. My guess is the old address is still, and will remain for a number of years, a valid, if not incorrect, USPS address.
  11. Anybody else notice that the first seven digits of the new “AL” number look suspiciously like a date? I guess we’ll have to wait till these appear in the wild to see what might be encoded there — random date, issuance, print, initial expiry, even DOB.??? Have been through the whole thing but what’s the stated purpose of this AL number??
  12. Nor do any of them pay any attention to expiration date. Illinois used to allow, and may still do, DL renewal by mail that did not reissue a card but simply a sticker for the back —- did that once, and never had anybody ever look at said sticker except a cop who said he didn’t care about it since his system told him what he needed to know….
  13. That’s exactly my point. The only “validity” vendors have been checking up to now is physical possession. Unless the law codifies something different nothing really has changed. They never checked the validity of a card with a date on it — what requires them to do something different for a card without a date on it?? In the past they basically relied on the buyer presenting them a card and attesting to its validity. Does Illinois contend that a date on a card that happens to be in the future really infers validity?
  14. I haven’t seen the new law. Have some questions though. Is the law codified to require expiration checks by vendors? Is it even codified to require validity checks by vendors? What, exactly, are the requirements placed upon vendors? Might a vendor require a “Valid FOID” with the caveat that by providing a copy of your FOID you attest that you possess a legal, valid, unexpired FOID. After all, they set the precedent by allowing CCL holders to present an expired CCL as valid by attesting that you have applied for renewal. Yep, this could get really ugly. Illinois is certainly not known for writing clear, concise, complete laws….
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