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  1. Also..... maybe REALLY check your carry-ons BEFORE you get to the airport and attempt to carry them on? Another great tip? If someone steals your heroin or crystal meth stash? Don't file a Police report, especially in person at the station.
  2. Every day we can all rejoice in the prescience of Mrs Gump - "Stupid is as stupid does."
  3. The moral I draw from the tale is don't step in the middle of a 'domestic' dispute. I hear tell the 'domestic' is one of the most dangerous scenes to which a police officer is frequently called.
  4. "I agree with the OP. Unfortunately traffic is down and so is the quality of the content." As to traffic/quality... believe it or not there are members who've only orignated 6 or fewer posts since mid-2020. We all need to step up our game I reckon?
  5. "I am not and have never been a user of adult use/recreational marijuana, but have picked some up for a family member." Sounds like a straw purchaser to me - lol
  6. If you are a qualified customer - The CMP ships to Chicago, just received some ammo for a Garand. I didn't see them listed on the 1st page list, so apologies if this is repeat info? Civilian Marksmanship Program eStore (thecmp.org)
  7. I should also note another positive item, my new Glock 19 Gen 5 came with not one, not two, but three OEM magazines. I know it's not earth-shaking or anything, but it was a very nice surprise and is appreciated.
  8. IMHO in the HIGHLY unlikely event of my ever needing to draw and fire my handgun in a self-defense scenario, any kind of hollow point ammo will serve me just fine and dandy. My carry choice is factory made stuff - normally whatever was on sale at my LGS that I then function proved at the range in my chosen handgun. I remain of the opinion that shot placement ALWAYS trumps choice of specific ammo type/make or caliber.
  9. As a wonderful 'geezer arthitic hands' item I just received in a neato inexpensive tool to assist takedown - works great by the way. And comforts ME that I'm not the only one who has an issue. Slide Removal Tool | Best Glock Accessories | GlockStore.com They provide a short video showing it being used at that link too. p.s. The "Golden Years" are actually just rust and urine, don't let them kid ya'.
  10. Brief after range session report - I picked up the G19 Gen5 yesterday, did a quick lube and then went to the LGS range and put about 70 rounds through it, 50 store bought, the rest my reloads (plated bullets). Worked as I expected with NO issues, I'm still too new to the Glock to rate it, but it shot well, was very accurate and once I figured out how to use the Glock supplied mag loader - a definite downgrade from using my Uplula (which I forgot to bring) it was a simple process to load the THREE factory supplied 15rd mags - a nice touch says I. Once home I did add the smaller of the supplied grip backstraps (no beavertail) and expect even better results on paper at my next range session. Glock provides two beavertail straps and two plain straps with the pistol. I recognize that I need more time with the Glock trigger to be 'comfy' with it, but no complaints after my brief outing. What can I say? It's a Glock and like all of them. Glocks mostly just work and go bang every time, and the G17 and G19's are well proven polymer pistols serving their owners well since the late 80's early 90's. I have NO regrets making the purchase and adding this piece to my accumulation of firearms. It's a keeper. 'Nuff said.
  11. This thread sent me to my LGS yesterday - I'll be picking up my new G19 Gen 5 on Monday. Why, cuz I knew my 5+ decades' accumulation of handguns deserved to include at least one Glock, and the 19 was a good compromise amongst their many different models and it fit my hand comfortably. The Gen 3's finger grooves were not a good match to MY fingers.
  12. I think this tale of woe DOES indicate a potential problem if your companion ODs on coke while having an unsecured firearm and cocaine in yer car? So.... word to the wise - LOL
  13. Most would suggest starting with either a single stage or a manual turret (I luv my Lee Classic turret). There's a whole lot going on at the same time with a true progressive for a beginner to safely navigate IMHO. It also depends what your realistic ammo needs are. Right now is a rough time for finding reloading components, especially primers and some powders. I typically can churn out about 150-175 rounds per hour on my turret at a relaxed pace which MORE than meets my humble ammo needs. Some expensive progressives can do 350-450 per hour if that amount better suits your needs. Like many things you trade $$$ for speed and features on reloading gear..
  14. If they were mine? I'd just shoot 'em. That said, you 'could' always take a pic of the manufacturing codes on the box and send that and your ammo pic in an e-mail to Winchester for their input? Or even just call them? Winchester Ammunition ContactYou may also call our Customer Service number at (800) 945-5237 or (801) 876-3440
  15. The real question is ... why not ? IMHO long guns are a bit awkward to use when seated in a car? And AR pistols are still rather bulky things. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention how flippin' L.O.U.D. my AR pistol is outdoors, let alone inside a vehicle. But yes, I agree a person has the 'right' to carry whatever they want that is still classed as a pistol, but many jurisdictions are not AR friendly.
  16. I am NOT 'faulting' the civilian who chose to involve himself with an active shooter, nor can I fault the LEO for shooting the person holding an AR when responding to a call about an active shooter. Sometimes shyte just happens and bad things happen to good people. I will leave the armchair quarterbacking to those with the advantage of crystal clear hindsight and loads of free time to consider their options.
  17. +100 IF you as a law-abiding concealed carrier CHOOSE to involve yourself in an ongoing armed confrontation with a criminal, do all you can to not be a statistic. It is sad and tragic that in this case the 'good guy' was seemingly legitimately mistaken for one of the unknown 'bad guys' by the responding LEO. Deepest sympathies to all the good guys involved in this incident and their families.
  18. Just MY personal and honest opinion - IF it makes you 'feel better', carry +P or +P+ or ++PP++ or just any hollow point, in truth any ammo that reliably goes 'bang' will serve you quite well in the EXTREMELY remote possibility that you would ever need to use your carry handgun in an actual self-defense scenario. Also just MY personal opinion - shot placement FAR outweighs any ammo choice, including the power or caliber of said ammo. A well placed .22LR bullet creates a much greater terminal effect than a miss from a 50 BMG. YOU only gotta keep YOU happy. What I choose to use keeps ME happy, and that suffices.
  19. Illinois WILL pass it.... but it will take 3 years of paperwork delays to prove you're a citizen first.
  20. In general terms - the 'least expensive' target shooting caliber which WILL ably teach safe handgun use, trigger control, sight picture etc is the .22LR. IMHO everyone should own at least one and plink with it regularly. After that the 9mm is the most common centerfire caliber and therefore will be the 'least expensive' to use at the range and is still plenty powerful enough for self defense. There really isn't "one" gun that fits all anymore than there is one make of gloves or shoes that fits all. Especially of late guns are quite pricey and even hard to find in stock so smart money says "Rent a bunch till you find one you REALLY like and shoot well". Then shop for that one and buy it. It may well NOT be the same choice for you and your partner, and that's fine too.
  21. RandyP

    Colt Sold to CZ

    I reckon if Jaguar auto is now owned by Tata in Mumbai, India and I STILL would love to be able to own one, Colt being owned CZ in Uhersky Brod isn't much of a big deal? And I DO still really like my CZ75 SP-01 Tactical. Best shooting 9mm I own.
  22. "Prosecutors charged him with reckless discharge of a firearm. " Probably he was charged with that rather than for being a universally recognized dummass? I could be mistaken.
  23. I used to work in Bridgeview, the area is fine. This shop is just South of the huge entertainment/sports venue (formerly Toyota Park) on Harlem.
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