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    Ear protection

    Low-cost hi db rated non-electric muffs and low-cost hi db rated plugs...... always. Unbeatable hearing protection at a super-affordable price.
  2. I'm satisfied with my three 'low tech' Amazon Blink cameras. Front and rear doors of the house and across the yard at the garage entry door. Battery life is quite good and options for free or pay subscriptions.
  3. And THAT is why that Ice Cream franchise sells all those different flavors. IMHO we are living in the 'Golden Age' of handguns. I'm 74, been shooting for over 60 years, and marvel at the plethora of 'good' choices for reliable, safe firearms there are at ALL budget levels. I reckon we can thank the era of the "polymer wonders" as the genesis of this Golden Age. I well remember when low cost/affordable meant Saturday Night Special crapola, Not anymore....IMHO.
  4. Thanks for the info. I thought it was something different, but still kudos to Sig for the offer. I would have no issue owning one.
  5. IMHO Sig resolved the issue with the recall. The BEST safety for EVERY firearm lies between the ears of the shooter. I have a few different handguns in my carry rotation, all with one in the chamber, most with no external safety. Cuz when the feces hits the rotary ventilator I may well need it to fire now, not after I do some manipulation I could fumble. Caveat, I am NOT in the Israeli armed forces, nor do I train at the high level they do. I'm a geezer with arthritis and will never carry in any condition other than one in the pipe.
  6. The ATF notice simply puts 'recreational' users on notice. I'm personally more Libertarian than anything else and have a Hoosier brother -(Constitutional Carry State) who chuckles every time I mention the 3-day waiting period, permit classes and renewals, FOID cards and other 'nonsense' gun laws in Illinois. I further would have NO problem were the US a "Constitutional Stoner" country. This whole Rights depend on your Geography situation is a mess.
  7. I 'think' that what I wrote is that anyone who SMOKES pot is an unlawful user as defined by Federal law. I could of course be mistaken. I don't see where I included your choice of scenario? My comment would therefore suggest regular/frequent users of the stuff.... at least that was my intent. Again, what anyone else does is of NO concern or interest to me. If I was an occasional user of the stuff I couldn't sign the 4473 stating I didn't.
  8. Based on FEDERAL law, and the 4473 IS a Federal form afterall, anyone who smokes pot IS an "unlawful user of". Doesn't say anything about 'Am I high right now'. To be clear I have no horse in this race, merely expressing my interpretation of the forms intent. Life is a series of choices and consequences.
  9. Until such time - if ever - that wacky weed becomes Federally legal? I think I'll continue to stick to the occasional beer and not have any concerns over perjury on a Federal 4473 form. Ask anyone, I'm goofy enough as it is without adding any strange chemicals to my chubby bod.😉
  10. On topic, I suggest carrying the number of rounds that give you comfort. I have a few handguns in my carry rotation with varying capacity. I don't feel uncomfortable with any of them. An extra mag or revolver strip- loader is always an option. "Statistically" I will never be involved in a self-defense scenario. As a practical matter I don't carry a derringer.
  11. Willie Wilson, Chuy Garcia and Paul Valas are the contenders for my vote this election. Haven't opened my mail-in ballot as yet so...... "undecided".
  12. Same SMS message received here about a half hour ago. My FOID is now good till 2033. I turned 74 a short while ago, so I'm not really 'optimistic' that MY expiration date will be that far down the old road.
  13. Donation to GOA sent. Note - non-members can donate too direct from the GOA website. GOA Join or Contribute
  14. Kinda related - just picked up a couple 15 round MagBlocks for my CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical. With USPS shipping = $17.25. The only handgun I own with over 15 round capacity. I've spent a whole lot more for a whole lot less in my time - LOL - so even when this latest idiotic infringement gets thrown out, it's not like I'm out any big bucks or had to give up a pistol.
  15. You always have the option of selling it to an out-of-State FFL, transferring it to them through your local FFL? Or would your local FFL buy your handgun if you offered it with only a 10 round mag? I'm 'presuming' you are looking to sell off your pistol soon rather than keeping it under the new "bans"?
  16. I wonder out loud how someone who, hypothetically, owns a few assembled AR15 lower receivers - the 'legal' firearm - with as yet no stocks or matching complete uppers for them would fill in an honest answer to the question of "caliber". The possible options for caliber and even rifle or pistol are pretty numerous.
  17. "I argue that serial numbers have no beneficial effect for society. They serve no law enforcement purpose. Crimes are not detected, cleared, or prevented by having serial numbers. The only purpose is to identify what person owns what gun." If someone breaks into my home and steals a serialized firearm, I report the theft and the Police find said criminal with MY firearm? By matching the serial number it does confirm the criminal's possession of MY stolen firearm does it not? I submit that could be considered a law enforcement purpose. Same would apply to the matching VIN of a stolen vehicle or any other serial numbered item.
  18. For the record I also have NO problem with the several pro 2A groups, to include this forum, I financially support battling against past, current and future infringements on our 2A RIGHTS. I remain a proud law-abiding gun owner in this sorry state of Illinois which by definition requires me to heed the existing laws. Until it hopefully gets ruled unconstitiutional and rescinded, that must include the idiotic 'ghost gun' ban. I do not own any firearms that lack a manufacturer's serial number, but if I did I would now choose to purchase a 'factory' serialized component for it while said law is in effect. In the case of say a kit-built AR, that would mean buying a cheaper-than-engraving-cost new factory lower and retrofitting it. And again, that's just MY choice for compliance with all current applicable rights-infringing legislation. I admit that I do not view my compliance with existing law as a 'compromise'. I salute those in the forefront of the fight who choose to refuse to comply and are willing to accept any consequences of that refusal.
  19. I am aware of a 'lower cost' alternative to getting one's 80% lower build serialized and made legal for about $100 from one of the very few establishments that do that kind of work. The Range at 355's online store sells a nice FMH polymer lower for just under $40. Simple enough to swap the parts around. They also offer a metal one for about $90. IMHO many folks built an 80% lower or two simply for the fun and the DIY challenge. The "ghost gun" issue was not a consideration. Personally I have no problem with a requirement to only own 'serialized' firearms. But that's just me. I'm also a survivor of the idiotic Chicago Gun Registry from a few decades ago with which I was in full compliance.
  20. I am uncertain of what a future ammo sale will look like - in the past would a store acept an expired FOID? I'm pretty sure they would not. With the new card they quickest way to know if it is expired would be to call it in? Like I said, I dunno.
  21. A gun shop clerk with whom I recently spoke about it was convinced it's a way for 'government thems' to be able to track ammo sales since they'll have to be called in to check FOID status.
  22. Done,,,,,, but does anyone think our opposition affects the outcome?
  23. RandyP

    CUP to PSI

    I too have been lead to believe there is no direct correlation between CUP and PSI. When I began reloading some 14 years ago I was promised there would be no Math - lol - so I've always simply chosen to load to the MID range of powder for each caliber. I enjoy the slight benefit of the safety margin that can offer.
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