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  1. In other words, even though you can (a handgun is a handgun is a handgun), is it a prudent thing to do? There are a couple of places in the state where an AR-15 handgun and its magazine could cause a problem, even if there's no shooting.
  2. Please tell the court why you chose this ( insert any anti-gunner term for any AR-15 ) as your carry firearm.
  3. Overall, try to envision the long term consequences of this. Remember hearing about car theft, and how easy it was to steal a car in the past? And over several decades we now have cars that are hard to steal without the key. Because of surveillance cameras and tracking devices, one reason to steal a car is to be able to commit crimes without a trace back to the criminal. And now car theft has gone from a crime against unattended property to a crime against people. And the license plates, VIN, hidden serial numbers, OnStar, etc, only tie the car to whom it was stolen from. Now think about microstamping...
  4. Typically, it's coming from two places: the bolt face and the business end of the firing pin.
  5. Not sure why criminals would even bother with the microstamping one way or another? Think the markings would implicate anyone but the first legal purchaser?
  6. HB2541: Don't confuse ISRA intent with the inability to click on the right stuff. Neither Donald J Davis nor Jim Viviano represent ISRA in any capacity other than possibly being members. People from both sides make this mistake. HB3144: There you go. Is it the worst bill in the world? No. Is there a burning reason to not oppose it? fpppppppf.
  7. I would not be surprised if the USPS databases know which addresses have apts.
  8. There's clones of the original for those that don't want the differences/improvements.
  9. I'm trying to remember if the ISP ever put THAT in a pamphlet. I do remember that Oleg Volk put together a great meme for the people of Illinois regarding this. I found this version that was used in a pamphlet, but not from ISP!
  10. "I'd like to see that gun in the case, yes, that one right there." "Do you have a FOID card?" "Yes" "Wait over there, please, behind those other people."
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