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  1. Not sure if this was posted but in case anyone is interested. Came across it while shopping for a mag for my ruger lcp max. https://gunzonedeals.com/blog/washington-court-rules-in-favor-of-gun-rightskind-of We of course aren’t affected but happy to see any victories.
  2. Or you could see the opposite. For example have you heard of this coalition of governors? https://ussanews.com/2022/04/21/states-launch-border-strike-force-to-challenge-biden-on-lack-of-enforcement/ There should be multiple things about it. So it sounds like governors in republican states are basically pooling resources to try to deal with the border. Essentially, you could effectively end up with North vs South again.
  3. Maybe so, but I don't have to support them. Makes sense why the ads from that campaign lately are bashing the other 2.
  4. Was talking to my wife tonight and she’s saying people are saying that supposedly Irvin is a registered democrat. Did a quick search and saw this site. https://democratirvin.com/ Definitely planning to vote for Bailey. Jesse Sullivan seems to make a good case but don’t know much about him.
  5. Don’t know if you’ve seen them but I keep seeing an ad attacking Irvin and I noticed at the end they say it’s paid for by association for democratic governors. Thinking the current occupant doesn’t like the optics of openly attacking someone who is African American.
  6. Bailey. Irvin talks a good game, but don't know enough about him and thought I've heard on here that he might be a bit of an anti 2A candidate.
  7. On the first maps I was going to say you may check Michigan and South Carolina. I signed up with USCCA, and according to their reciprocity map those should be ok for Illinois ccl holders.
  8. I saw that. Does that mean now that if all you have is an Illinois ccl that you'd be able to carry under that new law? Not that I plan to visit Georgia, I think the last time I was there I was maybe 7-8?
  9. There are areas you have to be careful. I didn’t realize this until 2020, but there was a blm protest in our town. Went down my street actually but was peaceful. A guy we know who used to be a marine told us if things would have gotten out of hand that there’s actually a militia around somewhere. I couldn’t tell you anything else, had not even realized or crossed my mind that was the case. I just have enough for home protection. i will say one of my funnest gun memories was when I was about 10 and a guy we went to church with in North Carolina was a captain in the marines, he took me to the base and got an m16 out of the armory. I got to shoot on the automatic 3 round burst which was pretty cool. Of course this was 30 something years ago before 9/11. Couldn’t do that now but I won’t forget how much fun that was.
  10. We are in the metro east, but very safe little town I think. A few areas in the metro east I won’t go to though.
  11. Agreed, in our home however it’s basically that you get into the living room and are just a few feet from our bedroom. So may not be much time for calling the cops until things have gone down. Pretty much the bedroom is about 15-20 ft from the front door. That said I hope I NEVER need to hurt or kill anyone. Just getting that out there. But we live in the southwest part of the state, very conservative area down here from what I can tell. However I’m a very peaceful person. But if someone attacks my wife it’s on. Disclaimer: Do not take this advice below. When I was a kid someone broke in our house while we were gone. Someone also put a rock through our front window. This was the 80s keep in mind. Dad said the detective told him if someone ever breaks into your house and you shoot them, to make sure you kill them. In fact, the detective even told him if you have to, shoot them outside, clean the blood up, then drag them inside. His reasoning was they couldn’t sue you. And that the cops didn’t have to deal with them. But that the family or the government would probably sue you, but that being alive and poor was better than being rich and dead. Again, you probably shouldn’t follow the advice above, if you do, don’t look at me. I’m just relaying what they told my father probably 35 years ago now.
  12. Well we have a relatively small home, with a small yorkie. Little 8lb yapper. At least with my house I’ve got storm doors that I keep locked, so to get in people are probably breaking glass and alerting Maximus (my wife named him, he thinks he’s as big as a Pitt though). Max is the type of yorkie that a boxer came in our yard once and he was ready to throw down. The boxer was afraid of him. When the boxer went by his turf, I watched the boxer actually get as low as he could to the ground and crawl by him. Max is a very sweet little dog but very territorial and a good watch dog. But by the time he starts going wild then I should be alerted, and they still have to get through the main door that is dead bolted. I remember seeing videos that actually talked about putting longer screws into the door frame because it made the door harder to kick in. Thinking I may need to do that. Any obstacles I can put up give me time. However the holster I spoke of I leave under the TV in the living room. So that’s one of the first things they’d see.
  13. I keep mine in a specific place until bed, then I remove it from the holster and in a drawer beside the bed (I don’t have kids or grandkids), but the empty holster should give anyone entering my home that someone is likely armed.
  14. As far as people locking guns in cars I’ve seen a few posts where people around here are saying they have stuff taken out of their cars. I always pull my ccl out of the car, and try to remember to lock. Either way even if people get into my car they aren’t getting money or a weapon because those things aren’t left out there.
  15. Rauner was actually doing good things had he had a legislature that was fair. Hopefully people can at least go center.
  16. Well I’ll settle for if pritzker gets voted out and maybe eventually undo the democrat majority in this state.
  17. Obviously take things you read with a grain of salt, but I saw the other day that a state senator in Arizona is being referred on criminal charges regarding the election, and I saw another one stating a judge in Wisconsin was holding the top person in their legislature in contempt over the election. It would have been the equivalent of Madigan being in trouble with state court. Sounds like a lot going on under the surface we don’t know about. I did see something today also that Arizona just passed a law that makes people verify citizenship before voting. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/huge-arizona-republicans-pass-hb2492-requiring-voters-provide-proof-citizenship-upon-registering-vote/ Definitely makes things interesting.
  18. Not so sure on Trump being indicted. Maybe you are right but they’ve been investigating him since 2015, so going on 7 years and they don’t seem to have found anything. If they had the media would be shouting it from the roof tops. However what’s liable to get really interesting is that recently the New York Times verified the Hunter Biden laptop according to Fox. Whereas before they all said the laptop was Russian misinformation. What you may see happen is the republicans get the majority in November and then turn the January 6 investigation on it’s head and begin investigating the democrats. What I’ve said before, and so far it would seem to be true, but Trump seems kind of like Teflon. They’ve hit him with everything from trying to look at his taxes, accused him of being involved with the Russians, and so far they’ve not been able to make anything stick. We’ll see if that continues but just observing the last few years.
  19. I think Trump could win in 24, but I’d certainly vote for a DeSantis ticket. Here’s a picture. Gaetz has said he’d nominate Trump to be speaker of the house in 22 if they win the majority in the house. A couple of possible scenarios I think. You could have a republican house and possibly senate, maybe Trump gets to be speaker, then Biden and Harris are immediately impeached. Or what if republicans get the house/senate and you have a DeSantis/Tim Scott ticket win the presidency, and maybe Trump stays speaker of the house. I mean he literally drives the other side wild now, imagine him as Nancy Pelosi but completely in reverse. In my opinion if the democrats lose congress this year, Virginia should have been the barometer for them to know what what happening. This time though, I think as republicans get in, they won’t be as much the old style republicans but more of Trump style republicans, as it appears republicans have been actively working to push out anyone they that they felt didn’t support Trump. So the new republicans may not want to go back to business as usual so quickly.
  20. I think they were on the track for 26, but I don't know that we are at the line yet. I saw DeSantis said he wanted constitutional carry passed in special session. USCCA says this. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/terminology/types-of-concealed-carry-licensurepermitting-policies/unrestricted/ I'm counting 24 if you include North Dokota which is only for their residents. But if Florida or Georgia signs on you are at the magic halfway mark.
  21. True story for me. We went to Disney world of all places, and I have a backpack that I had been using to take stuff to the gun range, but it seemed like a perfect carry on size. So I emptied everything out of it, packed it up with our phone chargers, snacks etc etc. Took it through security on the way out and on the way back. I get all the way home and am unpacking it, and I find spent shell casings in the bottom of the bag. So when I'd been at the range at one point, some of the casings must have fallen into it and gone into the bottom. There was no other gun related items in the bag, and I was a bit shocked they didn't flag it to be honest. But it was totally accidental. I'm just glad I didn't have to explain that. Maybe a good reason to keep using only brass shells:).
  22. To where people either hand in their guns or they can arrest the person and say they are justified because someone was dangerous and had illegal weapons? Don’t get me wrong, if laws make sense that’s one thing, but effectively criminalizing activities that were previously legal and treating people who abided fully by the previous law as though they are criminals just doesn’t seem effective. We’ve got so many gun laws on the books. How about we hire swarms of good cops and let them do their thing?
  23. Sounds like they effectively want a database of who has what. Isn’t it in 2024 that even to sell a gun private sale that they want you to go through an FFL in this state? Now they want you to register any unregistered guns? Sounds like what I’d do if I were getting ready to create a database. But then what is the next step? However criminals aren’t going to follow laws about sales or registering their guns, just saying. I mean really, if you were a bank robber and a bunch of guns would you register them? So what good are their laws going to actually do?
  24. I will say it’s been a few years since I’ve been to the galleria and the last time I was there I did not feel safe personally. There have been shootings etc there since I was last there, perhaps that’s the reason for the extra security.
  25. I suppose they could sniff for guns by trying to sniff for gunpowder? I know I can smell a difference at times when I've gone to the range and haven't cleaned my gun yet.
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