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  1. It may be a strange position, but I can tolerate the no Berettas sign more than funding anti 2A folks. The no Berettas sign may come from a place of ignorance. Actively funding the anti-gun (mostly left) is not anything but intentional and comes from a place of arrogance. (Notice, I say left not liberal)
  2. ideally I would like to find level 3 or 4. I am looking at consumers credit union by I can't find info related to 2A.
  3. At least that is a starting point. I am finding perfect is not likely as long we are still on earth.
  4. I am looking for a place to do banking business in the burbs around Hoffman Estates. I have an account at Chase Bank. I know that as a corporation they are actively anti 2A. I wish to no longer give them my business. Does anyone know of a bank or credit union that some respect for constitutionally protected civil rights?
  5. If you have time to unpack and load a firearm you might have better options. Certainly, the media would have a field day and Kim Foxx would suddenly find the desire to lock someone up with no bail for carrying a firearm.
  6. Not lookin forward to this at all. That said , thank you for being the sentry.
  7. Thank you ! I will give it a try.
  8. Sorry ! I did not notice that you specified outdoor range. Both of my suggestions are indoor ranges.
  9. I am getting a notification that says "this page isn't working right now " Each time I try to open a topic. I am able to open any of them if I do a right click and open in a new tab. This started today. Is this an issue with the site? It may be my PC but I have not made any (intentional ) changes. Just checking.😕
  10. Fox Valley Shooting Range will allow holster work after training . (Elgin) Pine Tree Pistol Club has active competitions and will allow holster work after training as well (Rockford)
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