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  1. It is against the law to have a federal firearms registry, but private companies can do what they wish with the info they collect. They might even join the club by doing "unofficial" work on behalf of agencies that are not supposed to. Twitter and Facebook squelched voices that did not toe the line during the covid lockdowns, or asked questions about hunter Bidens laptop. What would be a first amendment violation if done directly by government was "okay" because "private companies".
  2. Is it possible (without too much hassle) to add a like or thumbs up button?
  3. What about Bill Ruger wanting capacity limits on civilian owned magazines, Or Gaston Glock paling around with Antisemite friends? People say and do stupid things and trust the wrong people all of the time.
  4. I had a cooper S JCW. That was one of the most fun cars I have ever driven. Also, quite appropriate for your Avitar.
  5. Remember when no one could win against Hillary Clinton? Did that change because people did not vote? Remember last week when no one could beat Richard Irvin?
  6. Ken Griffin Is taking his hedge fund and moving to Florida. That shows how much confidence he has in his paid for candidate.
  7. It is sad that New York and California have better and more active 2A civil rights organizations than we do at this point. Hunting and shooting sports are a wonderful side benefit of 2a protected civil rights. They are certainly not the intent. We need a state organization that is dedicated to protecting the individual God given right, hunting and sporting will benefit as well.
  8. Check out 32 degrees clothing. 32 Degrees | All Day Comfort. I where this a lot. It is not magic (hot and humid is still uncomfortable) but it helps.
  9. Actually, Florida is becoming more red. The RINOS were imbedded a long time ago. (I'm Looking at you Charlie Crist)
  10. We Live in California with crappy weather. That is why we can't have nice things.
  11. I was at a live theater event last evening. I spent over an hour looking for security policy and found none. I left my POM spray in the car thinking they would be looking for such things. The only check to gain entry was your ticket. The walk to and from the parking garage would be the most likely to be problematic. It was a fun event and luckily nothing but calm and peaceful. I was a bit annoyed at myself for leaving the spray in the car unnecessarily.
  12. Has anyone in the forum been denied access to an event due to having pepper spray?
  13. There is a recently announced PAC supporting Darren Bailey. As of now he is the best candidate running.
  14. The folks in congress (both Illinois and US) are the only people I am happy to pay to stay home from work!
  15. It may be a strange position, but I can tolerate the no Berettas sign more than funding anti 2A folks. The no Berettas sign may come from a place of ignorance. Actively funding the anti-gun (mostly left) is not anything but intentional and comes from a place of arrogance. (Notice, I say left not liberal)
  16. ideally I would like to find level 3 or 4. I am looking at consumers credit union by I can't find info related to 2A.
  17. At least that is a starting point. I am finding perfect is not likely as long we are still on earth.
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