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  1. One can live in the 'safest' of neighborhoods/towns... Yet we have always known...anything...can happen...anywhere... Hence why we advocate CC.... Whether a handgun or an AR pistol....both are tools we can choose.
  2. So I checked out the vid last night... Yikes..you'd think some of these products were straight up water.... As I mentioned, I use hoppe's... But I've never used their 'CLP'... (I never believed in any 'all it one' product for pretty much anything much less a gun product...) Looks like the bore cleaner is gtg. The oil? Performs less than others I suppose. I've been using Hoppe's oil for 20+ years. Never had a reason to switch... Yet... Gives me a reason to 'make it point' to pick up some Mobil 1 synth oil. There is quite a bit of positive feedback 'out in the wild' about it... Have always wanted to give it a try... Plus... a bottle or two would last a lifetime...
  3. Thats easy enough... They can just 'sweep' funds from FOID/CCL coffers... Its not like they havent done it before...right? RIGHT?
  4. Can't wait to see collected brass from a range to be sprinkled at random crime scenes... Or just toss out handfuls onto the the expressways around chicago... Or any random street around chicago.... Or...anywhere.... Derp...derp...derp.... Look at me! I'm a 'law maker!!' Herp..derp..derp...
  5. New gov gun law Another gazillion dollars. No evidence to support it would actually 'work'. Every schmoe with a tool box...
  6. If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand -Milton Friedman Aaaand..there ya go...
  7. I have yet to watch the vid...but its always been Hoppes for me...
  8. ISP likely discovered a 'record' of you chewing gum in 2nd grade. Investigators were dispatched to track down all witnesses. The 19 months was due to the time investigators spend traveling to track and interview said witnesses down. Assigned officials had to suffer though staying in hovels such as the Fairmont, Grand Cyprus and Turtle Bay. So..its your own fault it took so long! Praise be to our ISP overlords!!
  9. Hoppes bore cleaner.. Hoppes oil... Clean,scrub if necessary.....bore snake. Oil contact points. Done... (Slaps can of that STANKY CLP thats still hangin' around that I used once....once...) For the glock? I just dip it in toilet water and hang on the shower curtain rod to dry... Then back in the holster after about 20 mins...good to go! On a side note... I launched my first detent/spring into orbit today! I was more concerned about losing the spring under the backplate when I rotated the buffer tube before I got my thumb on in....BOINK!! ...and thar she goes!!! Luckily...it bounced off the orbiting ISS, re-entered the atmosphere and landed a few feet away. Bonus: It looks like it got a higher quality heat treatment on the way back down....
  10. Such a professional response!! Using arrows and a real font!!! Were it me?
  11. I'm still having to refresh constantly due to blank pages when using the Uniform Dark theme. Are there plans on getting this fixed?
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