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  1. Another GREAT win for Liberty and Justice from being usurped by government agencies!
  2. An appeal to circuit court after a CCLRB denial must be filed within 45 days of the denial, therefore, you cannot appeal in circuit court. So I suggest you email the request to reset your CCL status so that you may reapply. Molly B.
  3. Does this mean the oral arguments will be Sept 16 or he will decide the date on that day?
  4. Oral arguments will be livestreamed at 9 a.m., Tuesday, May 21st at this link: https://www.blueroomstream.com/live/illinois-press-supreme-court
  5. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/66755267/barnett-v-raoul/?page=2 The expert testimony reports for the state are now available online. Hundreds and hundreds of pages.
  6. You might also check your status in the FOID portal for updates on when your FOID status changes to active.
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