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  1. In your inquiry, did you include the names of dr/facilities who would be sending documents? These types of appeals seem to be taking about 6-8 months.
  2. There really is not a telephone number to speak with someone about appeals. You can try sending an email inquiry to this email address: ISP.FOID.Appeals@illinois.gov Please keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Making sure our signs were in Phleger's background was hilarious!! Telling the police officer that we were going to cross the street to march around city hall was unforgettable!! He said, "not without a permit you're not" and we whipped out the permit - the look on his face was priceless! MikeW applied for the permit and some brave soul in city hall granted that permit -
  4. The question of being placed on the no man's land of the Chicago gang database with no way to challenge or be removed . . . very interesting.
  5. Back then, there really weren't any gun groups in Chicago so we were outsiders bringing in our own outsiders to rally. Chicago legislators don't care what outsiders have to say. Now that there are more Chicago gun owners and Chicago gun groups, they might hold more sway. Back then, Chicago residents feared being identified as a firearm owner. I'm not sure if that will still be an issue or not. We should consider supporting this group and helping spread the word about their event. p.s. the flier has an April date and Oct date.
  6. An interview with Brett Grayson at Tactical Pay. Great guys there! Good discussion! https://www.tacticalpay.com/076-illinois-carry/
  7. This? Analysis for August, 2021 Compared to August, 2020 New Aps / Trans Received Processed Notes: Current Month Current Yr. Current Month Prior Yr. % Change Current Month Current Yr. Current Month Prior Yr. % Change FOID New Applications 9,514 30,719 (69.0) 29,530 17,701 66.8 FOID Renewal Applications 10,540 13,596 (22.5) 76,812 3,137 2348.6 CCL New Applications 2,632 7,501 (64.9) 11,132 3,488 219.2 CCL Renewal Applications - - - - - - Not reported by ISP FTIPS Transactions 35,364 44,142 (19.9) 35,364 44,142 (19.9) Portfolio 58,050 95,958 (39.5) 152,838 68,468 123.2
  8. Court Ruling on the Solomon Vs. Cook County Forest Preserves case banning carrying in the forest preserves... Court finds the firearms regulations at issue to be unconstitutionally overbroad. Nevertheless, the Court temporarily stays enforcement of its ruling for six months i.e., until March 15, 2022 to provide the General Assembly an opportunity to act definitively on this matter if it chooses to do so. Emailed notice(cdh,) https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/7430047/solomon-v-madigan/ gov.uscourts.ilnd.343440.123.0.pdf
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