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  1. Added: Minnesota U.S. District Court - Worth v. Harrington struck down a state restriction limiting handgun carry permits to those over age 21
  2. Republican Senators Curran and Rezin voted yes. Dewitte was a NV.
  3. There hasn't really been a way to contact the CCL Review Board via phone or email to have a conversation with anyone.
  4. If you were there, please post your photos/videos. https://pantagraph.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/illinois-gun-advocates-hold-most-important-lobby-day-at-state-capitol/article_ec189f68-ce53-11ed-8ea1-770854958dbb.html#tracking-source=home-top-story https://www.sj-r.com/story/news/politics/2023/03/29/isra-hosts-first-lobby-day-since-assault-style-weapons-ban/70053796007/ beginning: some state senator is already speaking 4:00 ISRA President Doug Mayhall 7:45: ISRA Ex. Dir. Richard Pearson is announced 19:30 ISRA lobbyist Ed Sullivan 30:00 Emcee and ISRA board member Dave Lombardo 30:30 State Rep and House Minority Leader Tony Macombie 36:00 Mr. Huber 42:20 ISRA lobbyist Bill Potts 54:20 NAAGA president Courtney Redmond 59:00 Dave Lombardo introduces Tom Shchafer leader of parade for 20 years 63:00 Dave Lombardo 75:00 Richard Pearson mentions meeting at the rotunda.
  5. Unfortunately, the ccl review board does not have a frame it has to meet. It seems to be taking 2-6 months? Please keep us posted on your progress.
  6. So this was a federal district judge denying a motion for preliminary injunction, correct? I believe this will be appealed.
  7. With Todd's expert declaration on the banned items and Ashley Hlebinsky's expert declaration on history, both prepared for the FFL of IL case, and the foundation of knowledge they put down, we should get a good ruling based on their info alone! If you haven't read either of these declarations, you should. We met Ashley at the Gun Rights Policy Conference last fall and then later talked with her about this case and the possibility of using her input.
  8. Received your donation! It will go out in first class mail tomorrow!
  9. No, I do not believe it is. Try calling this number for the Review Board 708.227.1510 and leave a message with your full legal name, FOID number, date of birth and your contact number. Tell them what happened when you tried to upload and ask for confirmation that someone received your message and ask what you should do.
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