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  1. 2A4Cook has an excellent point. Bailey would need numbers not percentages. That northeast corner of the state that Bailey called a ****hole has a whole lot of numbers. https://www.cochranshow.com/podcast/the-nominee-the-chancellor-and-the-ceo With a very low turnout in heavily democrat areas (possibly due to far fewer real races on the democrat side and to democrats switching in the primary to vote for Bailey to ensure he is the candidate), almost as many people voted for JB as voted for all the Republican candidates combined. Although Bailey / DeVore both have pretty widespread support among republicans, I think they are going to get absolutely creamed in the general. Who has and is willing to spend the money to support either that Pritzker has / will spend on his own behalf? Griffen showed what he thought when he announced that Citadel was moving from Chicago to Miami. Of perhaps more concern... I noticed that the bets (odds) related to republicans taking control of the US House and US Senate each dropped pretty significantly (although still favorable) on a betting site from when I looked at it right before the primary. I haven't paid attention to primary races or anything anywhere else. Don't know if that is related to primary race winners, SCOTUS rulings, the Jan 6th coverage, or what. I still think the odds are good unless the Republicans blow it; but am also sure that the Republican party can blow it as I've seen it over and over. If it happens, I think Trump bashing Desantis / intraparty fighting will play a role in it. Think I'll stop reading / visiting political sites for a while to minimize frustration for a while. My wife stopped watching the news after the last Presidential election (she was / is very disappointed with results) and it has probably helped her avoid some frustration.
  2. I think political strategists will study the Illinois Governor and Attorney General races and try to emulate the Democrat's strategy for years. It was masterful. Get your opponents to select the candidates with the least chance of beating you. It worked. I bet they already have the hit pieces against Bailey and DeVore already polished up and ready for distribution when the timing is optimal. They were easy enough to find and craft. I saw on one betting sight this morning that JB's odds are now at 94% up from 85%.
  3. I thought so too; but have heard they could never be certain of outcome until Amy was appointed so better to delay and defer rather than risk bad ruling.
  4. Results like I'm seeing tonight are what makes me worry about Republicans messing up and blowing a great opportunity in the general for control of the US House & Senate.
  5. Looking at early republican primary results, it looks like a great night for Pritzker.
  6. So... What is required in those states like New York where they claim it changes nothing? Does a private citizen now need to sue in court for damages, get another ruling, or what, if anything, is needed to get those actions prohibited by this ruling nullified? Also, can a citizen who was prosecuted in those states based upon an unconstitutional restriction now appeal to get their record expunged, reimbursement of attorney fees, and damages?
  7. Sounds like it is a very positive step in the right direction; but that we'll need additional rulings and / or congressional action to get us where we need to be. Constitional carry nationwide and no regulations fees on noise reduction devices.
  8. I imagine this will happen in reverse in Illinois where democrats will vote for Bailey in the primary so Pritzker will win more easily in the general. We'll see. https://dnyuz.com/2022/06/22/in-boeberts-district-as-elsewhere-democrats-surge-into-g-o-p-primary/
  9. SCOTUSblog @SCOTUSblog NEW: The Supreme Court will issue more opinions next TUESDAY and THURSDAY. Eighteen cases remain to be decided, including cases on abortion, guns, climate change, and religion in schools. 12:32 PM · Jun 16, 2022·Twitter Web App
  10. No offense; but I wouldn't trust Tom Devore. Do some searches and learn more about him before you vote. Ultimately, it won't matter as he won't have a chance in the general if he wins the primary anyway. I know several very strong conservatives and pro 2nd amendment folks who would either not vote or vote for the dem vs. voting for devore if it comes to that.
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