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  1. It appears I was wrong as to the competitiveness of that new district (i.e. with new maps). Whichever republican wins the primary in that new district will likely win the general. Still don't approve of the intra party stuff. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/redistricting-2022-maps/illinois/
  2. Frankly, the Republicans should have a great chance to take back the House and Senate in 2022. As a hard Republican and Trump supporter, I can sincerely say that Republicans are truly gifted in their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Stupid intra-party stuff like the following is a great way to do it. https://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/2022/1/1/22862647/mary-miller-trump-rodney-davis-endorsement-illinois-congress I suspect that Davis would have a good chance to win that district and that Miller has a good chance to lose it. I don't know why national parties don't focus hard on soliciting, vetting, and endorsing candidates who have a very strong chance to win. The absolute bestest candidate isn't the bestest candidate if they don't win. Those more in tune with that district, which of the two do you think has the best chance of winning the general election?
  3. "The board members are appointed by the director, except for 1 seat that's open to membership election. Then the board elects the director. It's the same model the NRA uses." I didn't realize that. It helps explain why the NRA and ISRA both got in the condition they're in. If I'm the Director and can appoint all except for one of my bosses, I can pretty much do whatever I want. Probably need to change the bylaws for both organizations to change that. Wonder what changing the bylaws involves...
  4. Many people take wrong turns in life. It appears that he took quite a few and did some bad things in the process. A sad outcome for someone who apparently started off with a lot of potential for good. Condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Just think about what could have been (if we had sat back and not voted for Trump because he wasn't perfect in 2016)... https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/hillary-clinton-cries-reading-2016-victory-speech
  6. I think our best chance is with SCOTUS. I'm not as confident with SCOTUS as I'd like to be; but I'm not sure how realistic the chances are that we'll get a pro 2nd amendment Governor and legislature are during my lifetime. I think we can likely get a pro 2nd amendment Governor if we have the right candidate and organization. I'm not sure who that is yet; but fairly certain it will have to be someone who is very well spoken, pretty well connected, and extremely wealthy in order to compete. Best guess so far might be Gary Rabine. Darren Bailey is solidly pro 2nd amendment and wealthy by most of our standards; but not like it will likely take to get the seat. Remember that Pritzker donated somewhere around $176 million for his last campaign. He's probably more vulnerable now; but his opponent will need the financial resources to not only compete for Governor; but also help support pro 2nd amendment candidates so he can actually accomplish something if he gets elected.
  7. Folks... I know this isn't popular; but I've been involved in a lot of legislative discussions over a lot of years and there are definitely times you have to choose how to use what political capital you have - especially when your perspective is not in the clear majority. There have been times, in my discussions, where the groups I participate in have remained neutral on legislation we were very opposed to. Usually, there is either a consideration on something else of higher priority to us or we know in advance that there is simply no way to kill it and public opposition will hurt us with support on other issues. To assume that ISRA's statement isn't accurate may be a bit naïve. When there is a supermajority of gun rights supporters and the governor is a staunch ally of the 2nd amendment cause, we can dictate the terms. Unfortunately, we have the opposite and sometimes have to negotiate for the least, worst legislation we can get. Elections are important and we need to try to get a pro second amendment Governor elected who would veto such bills instead of applying pressure to ensure they pass.
  8. I had hoped the disparity pro/con of witness slips might make some moderates think twice about supporting. Unfortunately, I think the ISRA being neutral probably provided them some cover and the antis had some heavy hitters on their side who may contribute or withhold significant campaign contributions based upon their votes. It doesn't bode well for future interactions in Illinois. As I've said for a long time, I think our best chance still lies with SCOTUS rulings. Cross your fingers on those...
  9. Patrick https://www.theillinoize.com/website sent an email saying the following.. "FOID VOTE WEDNESDAY Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea) confirmed to me last night he’s going to call the Senate version of the “Fix the FOID” bill Wednesday. The Senate and the House passed separate Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) bills before adjournment. The House version was seen as more restrictive, as it would have required anyone who wants a permit to own a gun to get fingerprinted. (Which, by the way, isn’t even required to get a concealed carry license.) The Senate bill makes it optional to get fingerprinted, but it would make the approval process faster. The Illinois State Rifle Association is neutral on the bill, so gun owners aren’t freaking out about it. In fact, State ISRA President Richard Pearson told me last week there are some things in the bill he thinks will speed up approval of the long-delayed cards. Our lovely friend Amanda Vinicky from WTTW has more here. The House bill only got exactly 60 votes at the end of May, but would require 71 to pass now. The less restrictive language may keep some downstate Democrats on board, but may peel off some more progressive Democrats from Chicago and the suburbs. I asked Hoffman if he thinks he has the votes and he wrote back simply “I don’t predict roll calls.”
  10. I have absolutely no insight into what happened here; but a little insight into what sometimes happens with legislative deals. My guess is that the democrats had the votes to pass a Fix the FOID; but it would have put some moderate democrats in hot water with enough of their constituents they weren't really comfortable doing it so a deal was probably reached where ISRA would not take a position on some legislation to prevent other legislation from moving forward.
  11. "Should have said 6-3". :-) Good grief. Saw 6-4 & thought the court packing had already began while i was away from the internet! ;-)
  12. Illinois has a long history of fund sweeps. That fee you pay every time you get new tires that was passed with the pledge for it to fund vector related issues (used tires are major breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry West Nile). Swept. Lots of special funds routinely get swept. Is it right? Absolutely not. Is it legal? According to the courts so far. Until the courts stop them, they'll continue to do it.
  13. I logged in today. It shows my CCL went active July 25th (applied in April). After seeing that it was now active (even though haven't received yet), I went ahead and applied for FOID renewal. Had a disruption and website timed out as uploading picture. Went back in and it had purged years resided at previous locations. Did best guess on only prior one needed (been at current location almost 10 years), deleted previous ones, and completed application. Pretty doubtful it will match previous answer exactly. Hope that doesn't mess things up. Also, noted the link / notice to the FOID card overcharge class action lawsuit on the ISP site too... http://www.foidcard.info/home.html
  14. Applied for renewal of CCL in April. Still "Under Review" at ISP. FOID expires October 1, 2019. FOID card has old address. Any recommendations if I should go ahead and apply for FOID renewal now or give it another month?
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