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  1. The Maine shooting should be a great opportunity for our side to be advocating for broader concealed carry. If there had only been a few people in that bowling alley carrying...
  2. Thanks again! It'll be nice to be able to carry.
  3. Any issues as to caliber, type, etc. for ccw?
  4. Son has a youth deer permit. Thinking about going out this afternoon. Remember it being an issue that was hopefully going to be addressed. Not sure if it was. Can I carry my CCW during youth season? Any restrictions on caliber or weapon type?
  5. I had someone who isn't even into guns ask me the other day about what it would take to purchase and bury some. I have no doubt that this gun control activity, lax prosecution / penalties for violent criminals, and overall madness will drive otherwise law abiding people to purchase & bury firearms & ammunition who wouldn't normally even purchase guns. Not only will it not reduce violent crime, it will create an even bigger black market.
  6. It will be interesting to see how well this holds up in federal court. I hope SCOTUS takes up one of these cases and bashes the states / state courts pretty seriously that push or upheld them.
  7. just hunting for a link. I followed a link on another site to a bearingarms cam edwards video with an attorney talking about the 9th circuit ruling in Hawaii or someplace upholding a law despite Bruen. I wanted to listen to it; but can't find it now. I think the url was something like bearingarmscamedwards09012023; but... Can someone post a link?
  8. DoYouFeelLucky: That is a great point. If the anti-gunners claim that the founders didn't foresee firearm advances, their minds are about to be blown with what is coming. I honestly don't think anyone could totally be protected if someone had the knowledge, resources, and resolve to go after them. I know I sure as heck wouldn't feel invincible. Back to OP point: I think I can quantify the number you are seeking. It is... A whole LOT.
  9. Thanks Euler! That makes sense and makes me feel better. Hopefully, we'll get a good SCOTUS ruling on this one and some others soon.
  10. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/risks-and-opportunities-as-scotus-takes-another-second-amendment-case-in-a-post-bruen-world/ It will certainly be interesting. What concerns me is their choice of cases to take. Not doing anything on this case would have upheld 2nd amendment rights. There are a lot of other cases where 2nd amendment rights are being ignored and I would have felt better with those being selected.
  11. https://onlygunsandmoney.com/2011/05/14/mary-shepard-victim-of-thug-and-chicago.html A lot of people - who've never heard of Mary, Otis, and the others who blazed the path to legal carry - owe them a debt of gratitude. I certainly do.
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