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  1. So you may be saying, any organization that’s wants to actually win, should go or file first?
  2. So are they going to ban sticks or partial branches? In this old military training video they describe washed up beach wood can be used as a “club”. So if your calling AR’s “weapons of war” then according to this historical video “clubs” or wooden branches are also weapons of war as well. So would technically a mini sword be a weapon of war, but we know from history that swords and daggers were also defensive weapons and people were allowed to have them, in the open, and in public even!
  3. Wouldn’t not having a full board in place be the same as when Chicago required “permits” or registration but when someone asked for the paperwork to fill out there wasn’t any?
  4. If I just pay $10 and get and get issued a useless novelty card, that can't even be used as a form of ID to get a "Real ID compliant with federal law" nor is it accepted as an ID card anywhere else, from the ISP I can posses arms and ammunition.
  5. So he is from Michigan and didn’t have a FOID, makes sense, as he has been living with relatives and is from out of state. Anti government, 1st amendment? Militia member, militia members are actually defined in Illinois, not illegal but MSN reporters probably don’t know that. Family member “said he said something”, relative recently passed, two words “family” & “will”, bet there is a dispute or some member wants to challenge the will. This should be an interest case, hearsay causes Man to get arrested for not actually doing anything illegal that we can tell the this time.
  6. I have in-laws in Indiana and it’s much cheaper there, they were shocked at a property tax of around $1600, thats built in the last 7 years, 3 bed, 3 bath, well over 1600 ft, finished basement, 3 car attached garage, on maybe an acre or two with well and septic. It’s out of town and you hear gun fire, people shooting in their backyards or woods, not the gang bangers. Compare that with Illinoisistan.
  7. Don’t forget what happened to the numbers as we all slept.
  8. Some IL judge and the appellate, and the supreme will find it unconstitutional, the only time they go with unconstitutional and not make everyone jump through impossible hoops first.
  9. Your rite! We should all just go home and sit around. 😔
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