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  1. So if you don’t have a valid FOID then the law doesn’t apply? Am I reading this correctly?
  2. My understanding was that the firing pin has the stamp, so the primers would have the stamp on them. Which brigs up the next question, how long will a stamp so small last on a piece of metal hitting other metal? For hammers that swing downward it leaves more of a streak than an straight impact, making this pretty much useless. And don’t be so happy with them imposing this on the police, they want it applied to YOU eventually.
  3. The person charged had 3 criminal cases pending, and was presented as a career criminal who was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm, so there is that twist to the article.
  4. Cause the DOJ turned it down and left it to the locals? Similar to possession of Canibus, federally illegal but if they don’t wanna deal with it, *shrug*.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, what happened in 1977? I was a little young to remember.
  6. And just like that an idea and plan was formed on how to change things. 🤔
  7. Then you replace the fudds one at a time, they didn’t get to this mess overnight, and it won’t be an overnight fix.
  8. If you want to change ISRA, that’s how you do it. I’m too far north.
  9. Don’t they have anything better to do, or maybe they should just go home and when something breaks the citizens can just take care of it themselves.
  10. The carjackers took their guns off of them, meaning they weren’t pointing them at the couple, then her husband FIRED AT the carjackers, from the article, and we don’t know when he fired, guessing it wasn’t cowboy style while the jackers had their guns out already, that would probably be suicidal. https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/12/23/22851976/kimberly-lightford-carjacking-husband-fired-shots-gun-concealed-carry-permit-broadview She is an elected official in the Demonrat party, the officer was not an elected official in the Democrat party. We don’t know if the jackers were fleeing or if they were pedestrians in the area when he fired, so it very well could have been the same situation.
  11. Didn’t a female Chicago police officer get arrested for the same thing? Firing at the perps that stole her vehicle? OH! She wasn’t part of the Demonrat party, so she goes down.
  12. I thought they settled this already? so which judge will recuse themselves so it can be a split decision and we get no real result?
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