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  1. Voting always matters. Just in certain blue counties in certain blue states (or all of them) some votes just don't affect the outcome, mostly.
  2. I believe there has always been a well-founded history/tradition of self-build re. even copyright/patent.
  3. Just occurred -- they keep better 'tabs' on FOIDs than ankles . . . just saying.
  4. I miss Life. (Also Newsweek, and People, and , , , 7 others),
  5. Dems gotta do what dems do. Does seem a tad petulant to be so . . . unaccepting -- unrealistically so. But, with no personal liability, why wouldn't they.
  6. Well said. (I also love the picture [other post] of the 'lock.' Well done Sir!)
  7. Political parties have a way of shooting themselves in the foot -- thier's to lose -- and they do. Thankfully sometimes.
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