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  1. Anybody else get another anti-Bailey flyer in the mail today? I wonder if this stuff is going statewide, or just downstate? I'm going to guess it's only going to folks that have voted in past Republican primaries.
  2. I got an Irvin campaign nastygram in the mail today, aimed at both Bailey and Sullivan. And taking a shot at the Democrats for sticking their noses in the Republican primary to boot. I don't ever recall this much interest in a Republican primary for governor. Hopefully it will lead to the best candidate (whichever one that is) winning.
  3. I don't pretend to know who would have a chance of beating JB. If the commercials airing (on cable, anyway) in the metro-east are any indication, I know who the Democrats are worried about. And that's Irvin.
  4. I find it humorous that the Democrats are accusing Irvin (in his former capacity as a defense attorney) of being soft on criminals.
  5. "...the courts will decide." IOW, they don't care if it's legal, or not. Just gonna do it.
  6. Nah. I'm sure this is all news to every last one of them. National and state level both.
  7. I don't pretend to know the process well, but might be a shame if the Democrats had to demonstrate this eloquence in a court of law.
  8. It'd be great if someone (say during a committee hearing) got them to clarify that on the record.
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