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  1. If anyone thinks the mainstream media cares about Biden's claims or his mental acuity, they are kidding themselves.
  2. Mauser...Mauser...Mauser...it's all a simple misunderstanding. He means us no harm, I'm sure. Of course, I am equally sure that the moon is made of green cheese.
  3. In other words, consistent with the supreme law of the land. Oh....the humanity!
  4. I don't believe 50 Democrats will vote for this. Jon Testor of Montana (Trump by 16%), and Joe Manchin of West Virginia (Trump by almost 39%) are (IMO) both doubtful.
  5. Salon calls Hogg a "survivor"? As I recall, he wasn't even in the building when this shooting occurred.
  6. If it gets that far, it won't get 60 votes for cloture in the Senate. Matter of fact, I don't think it would get 50. But I believe you are correct, it's about political theater.
  7. No doubt they are currently looking at saving purplish seats. The thing we need is long memories. Trust is earned.
  8. If the AWB was so great, why didn't the Democrats do something about re-instating it when they virtually controlled Washington in 2009 and '10? Somebody should ask President Biden, as he was in town back then.
  9. Per the map linked to below, they currently hold 5 seats from Bloomington/Peoria (the 46th District) south. https://www.zipdatamaps.com/politics/state-level/districts/map-of-illinois-state-senate-districts
  10. Remember, this would likely be decided in federal court. There are knowledgeable people on this forum that believe with the recent SCOTUS ruling against New York state, we would be well positioned to prevail against a statewide AWB. Might take a while, or maybe not.
  11. I don't have the expertise to give you a good answer. There haven't been (yet) any downstate Dem senators co-sponsor the Senate bill. And only one representative on the House bill. If the Republicans hang together and all vote "no", the Democrats still have the numbers to pass with a super majority. But it might cost them some of the few downstate seats they have. If they don't care, they can pass whatever they want to. If they do pass anything, I feel confident (as an interested observer) saying it'll be challenged in court.
  12. How many are from downstate? Unless you consider Peoria "downstate"....as of yesterday evening, only one. From St. Clair county. One of the two counties in the southern half of the state to vote Biden in 2020.
  13. I just spent a few minutes looking at the new co-sponsors for these bills. None of the senators, and only one representative, is from downstate (East St. Louis, which is a solid Democrat area).
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