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  1. This was to be expected. It is clear they are in contempt of the court. To bad the supreme court will not send the US marshals to arrest them for it!
  2. I figured the cheat is on to keep her worthless rear in office, just wanted to know who to support to try to beat her. Both our so called senators make we wanna puke everytime I see them
  3. There are several running on the republican side for senate. I know nothing about any of them. Who can beat her?
  4. I understand your hesitancy. Smart to be that way! Best advice I have seen is to check your records and see what is there, then consult a lawyer who knows about such things. I am sure Molly could help you find one in the state.
  5. She should be arrested for contempt of court or something! Pushing a law that has already been ruled as against the constitution!!! That is just pure pissing on the judges desk and saying it is raining
  6. I would not move to this crappy state if at all possible. It is terrible place and it will not get better any time soon. You didn't say where you were moving too , and that can help some. The further south is better. As mentioned before, you will just have to move here, and at the proper time apply and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck.
  7. What they want to do is get it passed into law so they can implement it quickly and when challenged in court, drag it out for as long as they can while screwing over the people
  8. As usual, the devil will be in the details. All they put out are broad statements and talking points. Until we see the exact language in the bill and exactly what is being done, we know NOTHING! Still looks like nothing more than lousy political theater. AND expect fancy nancy to bring back her comment "we first must pass the bill so we can know what is in it". Hopefully it will die in the senate like it should and those so called republican senators pay a price for their stabbing us in the back
  9. You seem to have forgotten that the left DOES NOT CARE about the constitution unless they can use it against you
  10. The "red flag" crap scares me more than anything they are trying. It is ripe for fraud and abuse! Just think of the protective orders on steroids
  11. The left has to push as much through using what ever means they can as soon as they can since they know 1 the midterms will not be kind to them. 2 the supreme court looks like is about to rule for gun owners again. They have to try to get something on the book so they can tie it up in court for years.
  12. This is a transfer of a firearm. How can they do it without a background check and FOID check etc???????? (being sarcastic)
  13. Yet fake news will cover for him (or his puppet masters who put that on his teleprompter )
  14. The economy of the state must be booming because of all the mailings I get EVERY DAY from EVERY candidate! IF they use in state printing houses and supply chain, and ACTUALLY pay for it, then business must be good.
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