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  1. It is because he never faces negative consequences for his actions. Hold him accountable like the wants to do us, and see how he likes it.
  2. I agree that would be a good thing- keep crazy folks away from guns. Problem is those powers that wanna be definition of "mentally ill " and "a danger". Just because you want to own a gun makes you nutts. Just because you don't want their version freedom makes you a danger. Just because you KNOW which bathroom to use and why makes you some kind of pervert. The idea sounds good, it is the details that kill you
  3. The reason they keep doing it is because even when they lose in court, nothing is done to hold them accountable for violating our constitutional rights. Anyone else on any other rights (such as using the wrong pronoun- not in the constitution by the way) would be drawn and quartered and boiled in organic vegetable oil. AND the courts need the same accountability
  4. What needs to be done is to do more than just rule it unconstitutional. Hold them accountable for violating everyone rights! Lock them up like the liberal socialist commies want to do anyone they say does it
  5. Again, it is the chicago way and not the voters who kept the democraps in power as always. What galled me more than anything is when lard head made the comment on how the state had fair and above board elections. How could one lie like that and not throw up!
  6. Went about 0830. Very small precinct. First time I had to wait!
  7. Remember IF they get beat on election day (and I pray they do) expect them to go ballistic during the lame duck time and try to pass all kinds of socialist commie crap and senile joe will have the executive order machine in over drive 24/7!
  8. That has been the trend for the past few elections! I think ANY advertisement for ANY election should have the persons party affiliation clearly announced. It is telling when the person does not want their party known
  9. The foid should have been done away with years ago! Then the expensive conceal carry
  10. IF we get rid of all the stupid unconstitutional gun laws in this state, the one barring open carry will also be gone
  11. Or they know it will cost someone a bunch of money to get lawyers and courts to throw it all out and they hope to bankrupt folks so they can't afford the lawyers
  12. What pisses me off is that the Supreme Court has already ruled against this crap but yet they keep pushing the unconstitutional lie. The problem is there are no negative consequences for going against the ruling. Just gets over turned and the anti's go back and do it all over again. Time to hold them accountable for violations of the Constitution and make it hurt
  13. Now that you have mentioned it, I haven't seen any commercials for either side!
  14. Oh, I will vote like it matters everytime the polls are open. I just a realist and know how the left liberal socialist commies do!
  15. Does it really matter since this is Illinois and the cheat is always on
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