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  1. The court did issue a mandate- it declared the law unconstitutional thus it is null and void! Court needs to hold these folks in contempt of court and lock them up
  2. That does not mean it is carved in stone and that their ruling can not be over turned by a higher court. We need to keep pushing it
  3. The real problem is that IF/WHEN it does get shut down buy the courts, NOTHING will be done to those who passed/signed/tried to enforce this constitutional right violation. They will just do it all again and again, and again
  4. So what I am hearing is that there is NO WAY this crap gets shut down or thrown out before they can start locking folks up in January for not following their unconstitutional mandates. They get to drag their feet and keep screwing us over while playing ring around the rosie with every court they can find (especially those they have bought and paid for). Yeah, gotta rant a little.
  5. They leave it intentionally vague and hard to understand because they don't want the folks who took the law into their own hands to look good and come out on top.
  6. I agree, well passed time that the SCOTUS starts slapping the lower courts up side the head for disregarding their rulings. The lower courts and states are basically giving the SCOTUS the single digit indicator and the SCOTUS just takes it
  7. Way passed time to start holding those who push these unconstitutional laws accountable and I mean including prison. To let them continue to pass these laws then tie them up for years in court knowing full well that they are wrong has to stop. I think there is such a thing as contempt of court that can get you locked up, USE IT!
  8. Why not ignore what they want? They are never held accountable for it and pay NO consequences for their actions. Until they FEAR the consequences that they WILL face for this action, they will continue to fling the single digit indicator at the law, constitution and the Supreme court. That is just human nature. Unless you fear , you do what ever you want.
  9. What happens when they cease to be LEO? Didn't they say anything bought after the date of the law was unregisterable , even with a TRO? SO that would mean those weapons they own would be illegal the moment they stop being LEO.
  10. jb the hutt has less than 0 chance of ever being anything but a visitor in the White House. His looks alone will get him the thumbs down.
  11. They KNOW it is unconstitutional but they DO NOT care! They want what they want.
  12. They ALL are pro 2nd Amendment, for themselves but not for anyone else. DO what I say not what I do.
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