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  1. I was there in person to see it. The irony of JB talking about wanting to ban "high capacity" magazines while there are 2 armed guards at the end of every aisle there to protect him, with those same "high capacity" magazines. That's in addition to the police officers with guns everywhere too.
  2. AR's and similar firearms are grandfathered in, this really wont change much, no serial on your upper, no serial on your slide. mainly attacking 80 percenters. likely the end of Polymer80.
  3. Main reason I don't like going to public ranges anymore, I'm spoiled with my access to multiple private ranges. I can count on one hand how many times I've been to a public range in my lifetime.
  4. bosshogg

    30 Super Carry

    I've had a theory that we will eventually come full circle and start carrying 32's again lol. With Smith and Wesson onboard that's at least one major manufacture and with the popularity of micro compacts I can see it catching on a bit better than 32 fed mag, but I'm still doubtful that it'll ever be as mainstream as something like 380.
  5. bosshogg

    30 Super Carry

    Appears to be a new round introduced by federal, 9mm necked down to .30 for more capacity in a subcompact. interesting concept but have a feeling it might be the new 357 sig and never catch on.
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