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  1. I did it when I was 20 and applied on my birthday, had no issues. Many places will be willing to rent you a handgun for the class.
  2. Great to see so many there, ran into at least one other person I know is on the forum.
  3. A 22lr that ships with a 1rd magazine. and they still want to ban it. My father pounded Firearm safety into my head from a pretty young age and it was the best thing he ever did. More kids should be taught to handle guns safely and responsibly by parents to prevent injury's.
  4. I was there in person to see it. The irony of JB talking about wanting to ban "high capacity" magazines while there are 2 armed guards at the end of every aisle there to protect him, with those same "high capacity" magazines. That's in addition to the police officers with guns everywhere too.
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