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  1. Hopefully this will be debunked later today. At least, I would think there would be some follow up to this. Fingers crossed.
  2. They are nothing but a FUDD organization devoted to duck hunters and skeet shooters. They've always been about "compromising" with grabbers as they chip away at our Second Amendment rights piece by piece. I stopped donating what amounts to lunch money for Wayne LaPierre, and certainly wouldn't spit on a stamp for the ISRA; they've been spitting in our faces for years.
  3. They are now caught red handed (ab)using the FOID check system as a blatant, unlawful firearms registry. I would say that now is the time. Start it off with a suit for an injunction.
  4. They want to see if you're pro-Trump. If you are, then you are "an insurrectionist," and they will deny you. I went through the Chicago Police application process in 1985. That was pretty much the process to become a police officer in a city of 3M people, minus the social media history, of course. It will take at least 5 years to get this shot down by the SCOTUS, assuming of course a case makes it that far, or that the composition of it is such at that time that it matters. They just give the SCOTUS the middle finger and do whatever they want to.
  5. Agreed. I haven't heard of any change in the law which actually even "requires" the checking the validity of a FOID, but simply giving civil immunity from anything that might happen with the gun down the road, should one do so. I think what's going on here is the sneaky reason they started issuing FOIDS and CCL's without expiration dates; they snuck the gun registry in, in an attempt to trick people into feeding their info into an unlawful registry. Until I see a statute REQUIRING one to fill that out in order to conduct a private sale in Illinois, I will do the ammo sale FOID check when selling a firearm.
  6. I would note that in light of the recent SCOTUS EPA ruling, such a rule by the AFT is prohibited as neither Brandon, Judy Garland nor the acting AFT director is authorized to legislate via the promulgation of "rules."
  7. Talk about a massive overreach! The ISP just legislated a registry, and if there isn't another section, don't even provide access to any stolen gun list. Didn't SCOTUS just clarify this in the EPA case?
  8. Not to mention that the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution inn 1791. If Section 8, defining the powers of Congress, was the only and final word on the subject, then what, pray tell, would be the purpose of the Second Amendment?
  9. Federal subject manner, meaning, a violation of the U.S. Constitution.
  10. It's gone from being a resource to check the current validity of a Buyer's FOID card to a gun registry. What does the Seller's info and gun info have to do with that purpose?
  11. Looks fine to me. Nothing to snag the trigger on when drawing from an otherwise empty pocket.
  12. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I occasionally carry (on hot days) a Sig P365 in my front pocket, in an Alabama Pocket Holster. I personally don't care for safeties on carry guns. If I'm carrying a 9mm polymer pistol, it will never have a manual safety on it. When I carry a .45acp, it's a 1911, so I do have to have the safety engaged as I carry it "cocked and locked." As long as your holster is high quality and protects the trigger, you shouldn't need to worry about a safety on a striker fired, double action pistol.
  13. No offense, but I'd hate to see someone carrying but get killed or maimed due to the method. Pocket carry is fine if you can reach and draw the gun out readily, but it is still slower than drawing from the body. Now, you've added the extra step of racking the slide to chamber a round before you can present and aim the gun at the threat. If you are being charged by a weapon-wielding assailant from 20-25 feet away, there is no way you will be able to accomplish that before you have a knife in your neck, or a tire iron embedded in your skull. I think pretty much every credible, recognized authority would advise against such a method of carry. Not trying to get into your business, just concerned. For car carry, your idea about loaded and in the console is much better.
  14. It's not mandatory to check a FOID, only see the FOID. By checking with the ISP, you get immunity from liability from what happens with the firearm after the sale. That being said, this has got to be unconstitutional in light of recent SCOTUS decisions. I think this might just pile on the added infringements attributed to the FOID enough to get a slam dunk case filed to eliminate this garbage infringement once and for all. I'd love to see GOA jump on this, as I'm sure the ISRA won't. And speaking of, wouldn't they know about this by now? The fact that they've apparently said and done nothing is telling.
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