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  1. 3 days for my last one. Usually instant for me.
  2. Under the federal 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, it's illegal for gun manufacturers to be held liable if their products are used in a crime. It’s a law President Joe Biden has expressed his support for repealing. Croke says the federal law doesn't apply to straw dealers, and it’s why the word “dealers” is broadly defined in the legislation as ”any person or entity that transfers a firearm to another person or entity.” "I consider a straw dealer someone who goes out and buys a gun legally from a gun shop, has that gun, then transfers it illegally," Croke said. This woman is a complete idiot. So, what she means by "dealers" or "straw dealers" are straw purchasers? She doesn't even understand the terminology. The other part of this, as others have said, is that in order to have standing to sue, you must have been damaged/have damages as a result of the defendant's conduct. The courts do not want to be flooded with, "Hey, I need a quick ten grand ... lemme see who I can sue to transfer some of that wealth over my way" lawsuits by disinterested people just looking to pick up a buck at someone else's expense. If word of that got out, there would be thousands upon thousands of suits filed in Crook County every year by people looking to supplement their public aid, Medicaid, Link card and Section 8 benefits so that they don't have to work like the rest of us. And if the Texas legislature did that with respect to abortion, shame on them, too! I don't believe in abortion, but who the heck am I to sue an abortion doctor for money that has nothing to do with me? I'm glad I looked at the darned article. This would be a disaster. They're trying to open the door to nuisance-suiting the gun industry out of business. Once you allow that, no one is safe. Cars kill people, I think I'll sue GM to fund that inground pool I've been wanting. Hey, people have died from side effects of medication ... I can get that new car I need if I sue Pfizer for screwing up people I don't even know! And pay extra careful attention to THIS part: Croke says the federal law doesn't apply to straw dealers, and it’s why the word “dealers” is broadly defined in the legislation as ”any person or entity that transfers a firearm to another person or entity.” That means you, me, or anyone else who has ever privately sold a gun to someone; who has ever given a gun to a family member; heck, even grandpa, who left you his old revolver in his will. Can some clown in Chicago sue his estate for being a "straw dealer?" There is nothing worse that an idiot with an agenda and the power to act upon it. Keep voting Democrat, geniuses!
  3. All I can imagine a dealer being liable for would be selling to a prohibited person or to a straw purchaser, which they'd be in deep doo-doo for, anyway. Just another scheme to try and run all the FFL's out of Illinois. And importers??? WTH is their theory on that one??? The ISRA had better step up and file suit ASAP, and slap an injunction on these morons. This will easily pass the new woke Illinois legislature; ever think you'd miss Madigan? **** A new bill (HB4156) filed in the Illinois House of Representatives on Tuesday would allow any Illinoisan to sue gun manufacturers, importers, or dealers whose guns cause injury or death within the state. As usual, they claim that guns commit crimes, while continuing to coddle and pass the buck for their protected class of violent criminals. Last I checked, guns aren't allowed in prison, so how else can you punish them for their dastardly deeds?
  4. The CDC ... that is how they will try to kill the Second Amendment; as a "public health" issue.
  5. I had the opportunity and pleasure to stop by recently, and their shop is absolutely amazing. First class facilities, great employees and ... INVENTORY!! They have tons of firearms across the spectrum, and ammo, as well. I'm really glad they posted here with their training offer. I've been to most gun shops in the south/southwest suburbs, and I can't believe that Kee Firearms slipped past my notice. This will be the first shop I go to in order to look for anything from here on out, it's just that good! (Kid in a candy store alert!!!)
  6. “This is not a solution,” Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) responded. “This is dog whistle politics from people who just like to round up poor people. They don’t know what they’re talking about.” Yes, the police will be undercover as grocery store cashiers. As soon as someone pulls out a link card, they will be rounded up with the other poor people on public assistance and charged with gun crimes. Yet another Democrat buffoon. How does a jackhat like that get elected to public office? (Ok, we know why ...) That being said, I disagree with mandatory minimum sentences. What we need are professional prosecutors and judges who are qualified, diligent and fair-minded. You know, like unicorns and the tooth fairy ... but that still doesn't make mandatory sentences fair.
  7. I don't know how his attorney can look at himself in the mirror. Was he defending himself for the seven minutes the man was lifeless? Scum all the way around.
  8. I wonder if the lawyer feels culturally enriched? Prosecutors said Nava admitted to hitting the man. Nava was convicted of shooting a man in 2015 but pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated battery by discharging a firearm in exchange for a four year sentence. On Friday, prosecutors charged him with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, simple assault, and failure to comply with gun offender registration requirements. His defense attorney said he expects to launch a self defense claim because the victim “approached his minor child while armed with a gun.” Judge Susana Ortiz set bail at $30,000. Nava must post 10% of that amount to go home on electronic monitoring. In all seriousness, this is what open borders and sanctuary cities get you. $3,000 bond for a savage tribal beating on an unconscious person??? Why in the heck is he still in this country after shooting someone six years ago??? He has disabled someone who likely earns a substantial living and contributes to our society. I'll put money down that he gets less than ten years for this attempted murder, gets released early and is protected from deportation. Keep voting Demonrat ...
  9. Priceless!!! (And his flunky with the shades on was carrying ...)
  10. Why do I envision militant lefties in Gomer Pyle masks pelting eggs?
  11. What the heck happened to Easterbrook??? Original Case: "Curiously, 18 U.S.C. § 925© does provide a similar mechanism for a federal felon to restore their Second Amendment rights through an application to the Attorney General, but Congress has chosen to not fund § 925© since the early 1900s." Easterbrook: "Hatfield, who has not tried to show that it is possible to say whether he, and others like him, are to a constitutionally dispositive degree less dangerous than other felons, must accept that the Supreme Court’s norm applies to him." The entire point is that there is it is unconstitutional because the Federal government provides no mechanism for him to do so, thereby unconstitutionally depriving him of his rights under the Second Amendment. And for pete's sake, does one really have to provide expert evidence to show that, as a class, people who are convicted of perjury and other process "crimes" are inherently less violent than murderers, rapists, armed robbers, muggers and burglars??? Jurists are still allowed to use their own common sense in analysing cases. Easterbrook appears to have lost his over the past several years.
  12. That would still take a lot of time, and also add another layer of profit margin onto the ammo, driving up the prices. Biden has stuck it to us again. Somebody needs to pour a few bottles of fiberglass itching powder into his depends!
  13. Don't worry, they'll be trying to kick in our doors to confiscate everything soon enough, seeing as how they're not letting go of this COVID lunacy until it gives them the pretext to steal the one more election they need to cement themselves into power for at least half a century. What will an ammo shortage matter then?
  14. Ammo is about to jump another 25-50% in price and become complete unobtainium. I saw an estimate that 40-45% of all ammo sales in the US is Russian manufacture. Remove that from the market, and what happens to cost and availability???
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