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  1. Priceless!!! (And his flunky with the shades on was carrying ...)
  2. Why do I envision militant lefties in Gomer Pyle masks pelting eggs?
  3. What the heck happened to Easterbrook??? Original Case: "Curiously, 18 U.S.C. § 925© does provide a similar mechanism for a federal felon to restore their Second Amendment rights through an application to the Attorney General, but Congress has chosen to not fund § 925© since the early 1900s." Easterbrook: "Hatfield, who has not tried to show that it is possible to say whether he, and others like him, are to a constitutionally dispositive degree less dangerous than other felons, must accept that the Supreme Court’s norm applies to him." The entire point is that there is it is unconstitutional because the Federal government provides no mechanism for him to do so, thereby unconstitutionally depriving him of his rights under the Second Amendment. And for pete's sake, does one really have to provide expert evidence to show that, as a class, people who are convicted of perjury and other process "crimes" are inherently less violent than murderers, rapists, armed robbers, muggers and burglars??? Jurists are still allowed to use their own common sense in analysing cases. Easterbrook appears to have lost his over the past several years.
  4. That would still take a lot of time, and also add another layer of profit margin onto the ammo, driving up the prices. Biden has stuck it to us again. Somebody needs to pour a few bottles of fiberglass itching powder into his depends!
  5. Don't worry, they'll be trying to kick in our doors to confiscate everything soon enough, seeing as how they're not letting go of this COVID lunacy until it gives them the pretext to steal the one more election they need to cement themselves into power for at least half a century. What will an ammo shortage matter then?
  6. Ammo is about to jump another 25-50% in price and become complete unobtainium. I saw an estimate that 40-45% of all ammo sales in the US is Russian manufacture. Remove that from the market, and what happens to cost and availability???
  7. Maybe by their twisted "logic," but using FMJ is irresponsible due to the potential danger to bystanders from a pass-through. Besides, I don't think there's any question people carry because of self-defense concerns. Using law enforcement ammo allows you a counter-argument to their crazed "vigilante" allegations. What are you going to say about the FMJ, you were concealing in case an impromptu target competition broke out?
  8. Any kind of gimmicky ammo not only exposes you to potential prosecution as an "assassin," but also to overpenetration, failure to bring down your intended target, etc. Nobody has yet managed to beat the all around performance (and acceptance) of hollow point ammunition. I stick to Federal HST or Ranger T in 45acp and in shorter barreled 9mm's, and Remington Black Belt in service barreled 9mm's. Also, bear in mind that all the advertising showing the alleged "effectiveness" of gimmick ammo is done in bare get. That's fine if you are afraid of getting attacked at a streaker convention or nudist colony, but not much anywhere else. If a naked dude is running at you, it's best to just run away ... 🤣
  9. The only rational excuse for the FOID would be if it took the place of background checks for individual gun purchases. It does not. It is gun owner registration, and a surcharged PERMIT to exercise a constitutional right, which is NOT a privilege! VOID THE FOID!
  10. We should all get together and file a class action as American taxpayers against the government of Mexico for being forced to pay for their citizens' education, health care, food and other expenses. Add in a count for driving our wage scales down so low that we have to support our kids because they can't afford to live on their own. True, Trump couldn't have had the case dismissed, but he could have put so many retaliatory economic penalties on Mexico that they'd cry.
  11. First time ever non-instant approval late this afternoon. Walked out empty-handed with no idea as to when I might be approved. Who the heck are these people that they can deny us our constitutional rights??? I am sick to living f'ing hades of this state!!!!
  12. They just got me. Dozens and dozens of checks over the years, all instant. Went home empty handed. F Illinois!!!
  13. Anyone still doubt that this is now a totalitarian police state??? The Constitution means nothing to these people; they intend to destroy it.
  14. Why would I not doubt that they were encouraged to do so by the 4th Obummer ... er ... Biden Administration?
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