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  1. One hand washes the other, and you never get any of them (or their ilk) out. It's a horrible model that keeps members from having any real control over an organization.
  2. That just says bunches about how much they care about protecting the rights of their constituents, doesn't it?
  3. I agree. However, even though they did something they technically were not authorized to do, they are still covered by immunity from personal liability.
  4. Class actions in most cases really only financially benefits the lawyers, unless it's REALLY high-dollar litigation like tobacco, prescription drugs, etc. It helps keep defendants honest to some degree, though. In this case, the envelope, postage and cost of the check will probably cost more than most class members receive.
  5. Even if you're stupid enough and chicken-hearted enough to turn it in, does anyone seriously believe that they would actually pay you fair value for a $2k-$3k firearm??? Wanna buy some nice farmland on the coast of Louisiana?
  6. I've been reading horror stories about FOID holders who get their "180 day" notice AFTER their FOIDS have already expired! I smell a big, fat, blue rat!
  7. Of course not. How else will they be able to keep you from buying ammo online?
  8. They are trying to confuse us out of our guns it seems. Luckily, they are making it right by forcing Illinois schools to rewrite our history to honor the Muslim contributions to the building of America, and (no lie!) make Mohammed Ali's birthday a school holiday.
  9. She wouldn't be the Dem Senate Majority Leader if she didn't vote for every gun control measure that ever came her way. Do you think this experience will change her gun control agenda in the future? Has she experienced an epiphany? Will she now empathize with the rest of Illinoisans who are in constant danger of criminal attack due to the policies of her party? Of course not. They would remove her as Leader if she did She will hypocritically continue taking BloomieBucks and vote the way Bloomie wants. She will continue to browbeat every Dem in the State Senate to support extreme gun control measures. She is a typical Dem piece of human filth.
  10. I agree with the above for something like a Sig (I personally stopped using grease years ago ... it congeals), but I'd be concerned about using grease on a pistol with an open top slide like a B-92. If you get dirt and dust in there (and grease will attract it), you've just created a stropping compound. I'd follow the oiling advice above, and for the rails, just a tiny bit of gun butter.
  11. Illinois Kommie Senate President's hubby firing at fleeing carjackers??? And they think WE shouldn't own firearms??? This is wrong on so many levels. How many rounds were in his weapon of war??? If this was you or me ... https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/12/23/22851976/kimberly-lightford-carjacking-husband-fired-shots-gun-concealed-carry-permit-broadview
  12. If Foxx's office declined to charge the citizen who held that savage while carrying on a CTA platform holding only a FOID card, call me cynical, but I'm guessing it wasn't some 50 year old White guy from the suburbs. Then, he wouldn't be a "good samaritan," and the perp wouldn't be a "robbery offender." Instead, it would be a White nationalist racist vigilante terrorizing a young man who was just turning his life around. And they would have dug 15 years into his grammar school yearbook archive for his 8th grade graduation picture in place of the mug shot.
  13. This doesn't make much sense to me. Why not just jack the price up $400 (still $200-$400 less than people are paying for them) and finish the damned job??? That MSRP is just stupid low, even for SA with their $849 Ronin, and for anyone to expect more out of it than they would from a similarly-priced Filipino 1911 is just wishful thinking. The company that I'd never buy a new gun from just made it that much easier for me.
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