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  1. I'd suggest that if you are living in an area where you feel the need to carry an AR? Maybe it's time to contact a good real estate agent? lol
  2. As far as I know, there is no specific handgun requirement in the law? Also IMHO just about any kind of handgun is technically 'concealable'.
  3. I would quickly act and switch banks IF my curent bank gave me shoddy customer service, screwed up my bank accounts, or was near impossible to deal with over the phone, in person or online. I used to bank with TCF but had ZERO interest in what their corporate "politics" might be. They have since been merged with/bought out by Huntington Bank (they used to finance an SUV I owned). Again I have no knowledge and frankly zero interest in what this new organization's corporate "politics" might be. To date they have provided GREAT customer service, prompt and accurate account notifications and convenient handling of paying my scheduled bills. But that's just ME and how I choose to invest MY energy and emotions. How anyone else opts to make such choices is really none of MY business.
  4. I seem to recall an internet posting - I could be mistaken - of someone who despite the immense odds against it was actually noticed and challenged whilst carrying in a shoppe. It is rumored they said - "Oh.... there was a small sign on that door????? I'm terribly sorry, but I honestly didn't see it, I was stupidly occupied on my cell phone - I will gladly leave the premises immediately." And they then did peacefully leave without causing a commotion. Again, perhaps my memory is faulty, and I am NOT a lawyer (I'm poor folk - lol) so live your life accordingly.
  5. Nothing quite like getting mugged to turn a liberal into a conservative.
  6. Almost reads like a commercial for a painball gun....don't it? lol And if I pretend it's not a commercial? You whip out a pistol of ANY color and point it at someone? Expect a possibly VERY loud and potentially lethal response.
  7. A picture of Browning to hint at a John Garand rifle adopted in 1936? I kinda doubt it. But yes, the Hi Power was based on a Browning design, finshed in '35, long after his death in '26.
  8. Also..... maybe REALLY check your carry-ons BEFORE you get to the airport and attempt to carry them on? Another great tip? If someone steals your heroin or crystal meth stash? Don't file a Police report, especially in person at the station.
  9. Every day we can all rejoice in the prescience of Mrs Gump - "Stupid is as stupid does."
  10. The moral I draw from the tale is don't step in the middle of a 'domestic' dispute. I hear tell the 'domestic' is one of the most dangerous scenes to which a police officer is frequently called.
  11. "I agree with the OP. Unfortunately traffic is down and so is the quality of the content." As to traffic/quality... believe it or not there are members who've only orignated 6 or fewer posts since mid-2020. We all need to step up our game I reckon?
  12. "I am not and have never been a user of adult use/recreational marijuana, but have picked some up for a family member." Sounds like a straw purchaser to me - lol
  13. If you are a qualified customer - The CMP ships to Chicago, just received some ammo for a Garand. I didn't see them listed on the 1st page list, so apologies if this is repeat info? Civilian Marksmanship Program eStore (thecmp.org)
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