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    CUP to PSI

    I too have been lead to believe there is no direct correlation between CUP and PSI. When I began reloading some 14 years ago I was promised there would be no Math - lol - so I've always simply chosen to load to the MID range of powder for each caliber. I enjoy the slight benefit of the safety margin that can offer.
  2. Just now saw they are offering returns and irregulars for $32.50 rather than the $65 for new. Sounds like a good deal for those interested in such a product.
  3. Good onya mate. May your new life of freedom be all that you hope it will be.
  4. More and more with each passing year it is reinforced to me that the reason it is called a Gubernatorial election is that we keep electing goobers.
  5. the current price is $100 per with about a week and a half leadtime.
  6. While I am NOT being an advocate for compliance, it does raise a question for anyone wishing to comply. Are there any qualifying "nearby" FFL resources to take one's boo-ghostie gun and have it serial numbered while one waited or near enough to make two trips? If there aren't any resources a law-abiding gun owner could use then compliance would seem to be de facto impossible?
  7. Hey buddy, I'm Polish and I don't try to dissuade anyone from anything. But if you wanna talk about them stupid political polls, I'm all in. 😉
  8. Coincidentally I just received my renewed C&R FFL in the mail today. I don't own an SBR or want a brace, but the C&R was super-simple to obtain and for 3 years=$30 pretty affordable. Handy to have at out-of-State gun shows too.
  9. I'm more familiar with bulletin boards that provide something like this, without needing to add a separate post. "These users thanked the author "X" for the post (total 4): notFritzArgelander, GCoyote, Makuser, gregl
  10. I 100% LIKE this idea. Beats having to use up bandwidth to copy and repost just to agree with something or LIKE a meme.
  11. Thanks for sharing - it's good to know that there are still companies that understand what customer 'service' means.
  12. Springfield Armory sells good products at a reasonable price. Yes many are imported and some are fabricated in Geneseo, IL. I believe in supporting every firearm purveyor I can, they 'could' quickly become a vanishing breed without our support to the entire industry. I have NO idea, nor do I really much care, about the specific politics or actual personal and personnel actions of the manufacturers of the commodities I purchase. I pretty much base all my buying decisions on whether or not it represents to ME to be a good product at a fair price. When it comes to firearms I own a variety from a variety of manufacturers, Springfield Armory included. I would not hesitate for a split second to buy firearms made in Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Germany, the USA etc.etc,etc. IF they are good quality and are offered at a price that fits my budget. At 73 I reckon I've fiddled around in the shooting sports for over 6 decades now and sometimes sit back and marvel at the wonderful plethora of choices there are in good guns at all price ranges to suit every budget. 'Saturday Night Specials' are hardly ever even discussed. The 'about' $300 market is simply amazing IMHO.
  13. In the VERY unlikely event that I ever have to use my handgun in self-defense, and I am the one left from the confrontation to speak with law enforcement (which IS my plan) I will consider their taking my gun for a while to be an investment well worth the price. I have a few handguns in my carry rotation to take up the slack of a lost one.
  14. FWIW - THIS forum is NOT the same as talking to a lawyer. Nor can anyone here offer anything but a personal opinion on YOUR situation. Frankly no one can be 'definitive' or claim to be 100% certain of the outcome of your potential application or future hypotheticals. The BEST advice I would give a personal friend of MINE who said they wanted to move to Illinois would be..... Don't. Only you can decide what's best for you. Definitely NOT total strangers on the internet. -lol
  15. My legal answer is "I'm not a lawyer". So neither I nor most of us KNOW if you will be denied by the "wonderful" State of Illinois, The State of Confusion, The State of Disorder, The State of Corruption and the State of Insanity in Power. About all you 'can' do is apply, get a hunch, bet a bunch and see what happens. IF you end up being denied, there remains an appeal process that could take an eternity, but there is a process nonetheless.
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