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  1. The person who did relocate the items to another State told me that they had a good, logical and practical reason for taking them off the registry........ which was good enough for me.
  2. Why yes, in fact I am aware of someone who did that this weekend with two previously registered firearms that have since been taken out of State. Their ISP account no longer shows them, but I can't speak to whether or not some sort of unlisted data trail remains.
  3. My sole knock on the new Girsan is that the slide cannot be removed to thoroughly clean the gun. Don't know why their designers chose that approach but it was a deal breaker for me.
  4. Trying to troubleshoot an issue I've experienced the past few days. Clicked on my favorites link to IC in my Edge browser and it kept timing out and could not connect. All other favs connected quickly no issues. Happened a few times again this morning as well but now obviously I'm connected just fine. Just wunderin'.
  5. "Just know if that ring snags on something and breaks the backplate, then your striker assembly is going to fly out and your gun is kaput. I think 10 years ago there was a backplate that had little wings on the side that stuck out kind of like on a HK VP9. People had issues with the wings contacting stuff and cracking the backplate. " One of the concerns I had with any of the polymer slide assists. Had a polymer assist ring on my Ruger Mark snap like a twig after brief usage, went with the all metal one afterwards, no issues. On the Glock there's not many edges on the round metal ring to snag on anything in normal use, but I plan to be cautious. FWIW the backplate portion of this assist appears to be as robust as the OEM one. Range time will tell. For now the 19 isn't in my carry rotation.
  6. I was thisclose to buying that very Girsan but discovering that the slide cannot be removed for cleaning was a deal breaker.
  7. I admit it was not a tough choice to either spend $500+ on an EZ or $12 on this slide assist ring.
  8. I'm 70+ and arthritis has limited my grip strength, it saddens me to admit. This device is SUPERB and makes racking my Glock 19 slide absolutely effortless. I almost can't believe it is all metal, very robust and is a scant $12. An exceptional deal IMHO. I 100% heartily recommend this rather than a plastic device for any Glock shooter. It replaces the slide backplate making for a very simple install. I have a similar Tandemcross Halo ring on my Ruger MK3 and my praise for it is the same, though it costs almost 4 times as much. As I frequently say - 'Getting old is easy, it's this being old that is a real challenge.' Slide racking assist
  9. No surprise that Cook and its collar counties have posted most of the high numbers. Considering their officials have pledged to enforce the unjust law. Still pretty paltry numbers have complied. Cook County has about 750,000 FOID card holders, only 6364 have registered 20,017 items.
  10. Did you not have luck with any of the ones that come up in a Google search? CCL Renewal Classes near Peoria
  11. Sounds like that to me - IANAL either. Can't use a law you say is illegal as the basis for a complaint about enforcement I would GUESS
  12. Well, I did just now type the following into Google - "ccl renewal class near peoria" - and got a bunch of hits. Worth a try.
  13. Is your neighbor able to go back to the ISP website and edit/delete firearms not involved?
  14. Agreed, but for our purposes I would suggest using FOID rather than 'survey' data. Again, in 12 hours it doesn't matter anymore.
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