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  1. In the VERY unlikely event that I ever have to use my handgun in self-defense, and I am the one left from the confrontation to speak with law enforcement (which IS my plan) I will consider their taking my gun for a while to be an investment well worth the price. I have a few handguns in my carry rotation to take up the slack of a lost one.
  2. FWIW - THIS forum is NOT the same as talking to a lawyer. Nor can anyone here offer anything but a personal opinion on YOUR situation. Frankly no one can be 'definitive' or claim to be 100% certain of the outcome of your potential application or future hypotheticals. The BEST advice I would give a personal friend of MINE who said they wanted to move to Illinois would be..... Don't. Only you can decide what's best for you. Definitely NOT total strangers on the internet. -lol
  3. My legal answer is "I'm not a lawyer". So neither I nor most of us KNOW if you will be denied by the "wonderful" State of Illinois, The State of Confusion, The State of Disorder, The State of Corruption and the State of Insanity in Power. About all you 'can' do is apply, get a hunch, bet a bunch and see what happens. IF you end up being denied, there remains an appeal process that could take an eternity, but there is a process nonetheless.
  4. Ideally the final legislation will be sufficient to slightly displease both sides while still providing ample opportunity for making sound-bites about it to run in pre-election commercials to their constituents. Which does seem to me to be the goal for most things our lawmakers create to continue their rule over us.
  5. Wait a sec - I'm a lifelong Chicagoan.... are you trying to say that there are REPUBLICANS in Illinois?????? *I are flabbergasted!
  6. RandyP

    Sig Sauer P322

    22plinkster has a very complimentary vid on the pistol on the old YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UtgKCBqMFU
  7. I am uneducated in this form of legal carry - can my Hoosier relative (who has an Indiana lifetime permit) use constitutional carry to carry in other States?
  8. What????? No K-Cup hot beverage maker????? Ya slacker.
  9. Just MY opinion, but you did ask-lol. Unless you have a specialized mission for your AR like say long-range or other type competition shooting etc., go with anything Mil Spec new manufacture with a 5.56 chamber in the color of your choice within your budget and have fun plinking away with what many consider the Lego version of a rifle. After you enjoy the basic budget system for a while you will find about a gazzillion aftermarket bells and whistles to personalize your rifle to your liking and hang as much crapola off the thing as you can afford and can lift without giving yerself a hernia. lol For fun plinking IMHO the low costs ones fit the mission perfectly.
  10. RandyP

    30 Super Carry

    And IMHO the answer to a question no one asked. I think we'd all prefer they instead added manufacturing capability to the always-out-of-stock calibers they currently produce? .410, 22WMR, 22LR and 9mm come to mine - lol.
  11. Hi Gavin, thanks for setting the record straight. I take it that the 10 hr classroom session on one day followed by a 6 hour range day is due to the large number of students in each class who need to qualify? It raises the question in my mind, If a student is in the first group at the range, what do they do for the remaining 5-1/2+ hours while there and so on?
  12. Most I see are about $250? which is 'almost' free, considering class time, instructor time, range time etc. Then of course the costs for the CCL itself. I am not aware of anyone donating their time, talent and range use?
  13. I'd suggest that if you are living in an area where you feel the need to carry an AR? Maybe it's time to contact a good real estate agent? lol
  14. As far as I know, there is no specific handgun requirement in the law? Also IMHO just about any kind of handgun is technically 'concealable'.
  15. I would quickly act and switch banks IF my curent bank gave me shoddy customer service, screwed up my bank accounts, or was near impossible to deal with over the phone, in person or online. I used to bank with TCF but had ZERO interest in what their corporate "politics" might be. They have since been merged with/bought out by Huntington Bank (they used to finance an SUV I owned). Again I have no knowledge and frankly zero interest in what this new organization's corporate "politics" might be. To date they have provided GREAT customer service, prompt and accurate account notifications and convenient handling of paying my scheduled bills. But that's just ME and how I choose to invest MY energy and emotions. How anyone else opts to make such choices is really none of MY business.
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