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  1. We see this several times a week when completing applications for students. After 4 days everything should be fine.
  2. Waited 17 months for FOID renewal. Received my renewal last week.
  3. The upcoming Townhall meetings should be interesting.
  4. They are now allowing Instructors to renew their Instructors credentials on line. We used to have to fly to Utah for a renewal class.
  5. We have the same thing happen in each of our classes. Never heard of anyone having a problem.
  6. If you allow your FOID card to expire, your CCL will be revoked.
  7. One of my students answered "Yes" to all of the questions on the application where he should have responded "No". It took him 6 months to straighten things out.
  8. Applied 1/7 approved 3/7 instructor Received orland park 3/10 Postmarked 3/7
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