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  1. Current law states that a lost/stolen CCL license is not valid. Hopefully ISP will update the FAQ’s soon to address many of the questions regarding the e-card.
  2. They need to update the FAQ’s on the ISP website to include the e-card.
  3. The CCL was issued in 2022. Obviously this was a mistake by ISP. His cards are now active. Thank you Molly B.
  4. Over the weekend a student called me, his FOID did not Auto Renew. FOID expired June 1st. Now his CCL is Suspended, which expires in 4 1/2 years.
  5. I have heard each of the candidates speak in person (Except Irvin). So far, Bailey seems to be the biggest supporter of the 2A community.
  6. The students were given 60 days to submit training certificates from a new Instructor.
  7. The upcoming Townhall meetings should be interesting.
  8. We have the same thing happen in each of our classes. Never heard of anyone having a problem.
  9. If you allow your FOID card to expire, your CCL will be revoked.
  10. One of my students answered "Yes" to all of the questions on the application where he should have responded "No". It took him 6 months to straighten things out.
  11. Applied 1/7 approved 3/7 instructor Received orland park 3/10 Postmarked 3/7
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