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  1. So what’s to prevent the forest preserve police from confiscating your fire arm?
  2. The beatings will continue until moral improves! We only get flogged twice a day, but those poor people get flogged 4 times a day!
  3. Worse post SCOTUS, now they want to curtail your 1A so you don’t say anything that Lord Hochul (Combination of Transitioned Howdy Doody, with a lil bit of Chucky thrown in) or her band of officers in the congress or the police would find offensive. Meanwhile the Highland Park POS slips through cracks.
  4. Time to let everyone know that UPS has decided to get woke and go _______!
  5. Here are some of the takeaways from NY State new laws, Guaranteed to get them in court. They should have to pay damages for doing the exact opposite of what is being called for. The citizens should actually see how much the legislature and the Governor actually cost the tax payers with this stunt and they should know better, or sue whatever attorneys told them this would be ok. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ny-governor-requires-3-years-social-media-history-obtain-concealed-carry-permit
  6. I was going to post that this was related to "stolen" firearms. HOWEVER, If they are recording the sales and running it against the list of stolen firearms it "Would not be inconsistent" with the law / rule making. So, whatcha gonna do about it?!
  7. Is this the case (this thread People V Brown) to start the court case on the FOID? Do we need to pitch in to get it done? Just curious, asking for some friends.
  8. Who's starting the suite, and where do we chip in an pass the hat to get it on already?
  9. Not a hint at self defense, plenty of “public” services. If she’s a progressive she would rather you be unarmed and dependent of .gov for your safety. I Guarantee it!
  10. We went for Hubbard as well, I think she hits all the qualifiers that Duck has , ethnic, female, vet, seems conservative. So far it looks like we ended up with a white female slip and fall lawyer…. Sigh
  11. So we got the EPA Ruling, not sure what AHA was. For the EPA, I am guessing congress has to explicitly give an agency the power and authority to do or enforce “X”, not some protect the air type of mandate? Does it mean congresses, state and federal, ACTUALLY have to do their job now?
  12. I have to agree with this, can't trust anything that comes out of CNN. From what I hear they got that message and are supposedly going to change, until I see actual unbiased news and reporting coming from CNN. CNN lines up there with the Daily Karen (Daily herald in illinois), always pointing out evil Republicans this and that, but hardly ever anything about Democrats unless it to spin and boast about some socialist policy. So that's bird cage liner or potty pads for your pets IMO. They do it to themselves.
  13. What would we be looking for more specifically? The rulings appear to have the theme of long standing traditions and history in the county, that is what I keep seeing in the rulings. I can tell you the Alphabet soup identifiers brief seemed more like an advertisement.
  14. How gracious they will allow the public to access a smaller subset of data, not all the data. so if you start data scraping now in a few years you will have access to more then what they offer now?
  15. Masters in urban planning, obviously couldn’t get a real job so had to take on the ankle biter to get paid! Just replace progressive with socialist. Is there a Republican, even if it’s a rino running against her?
  16. 1. Make sure the safe also has a Bio-metric lock as well as a combo, and it's only tied to you. 2. Either get an Attorney on retainer or get the concealed carry insurance, maybe both. 3. Record Audio and Visual during interactions at the home. 4. Leave NY, and quickly.
  17. That’s a good thing, maybe they will have lower turnout in November!
  18. I don’t know about that, Raja Krishnamoorthi is a west suburban Democrat, IL 8 Congressional district, he is also a self proclaimed “progressive” (progressives hate our country and constitution). If you can’t spot a progressive socialists/communists you need to re-evaluate a lot of things.
  19. Chicago CTA was complaining about the shootings on the busses, solution, allow citizens to carry and defend themselves. Was there a time when carrying on a bus or train was prohibited in our countries history prior to Illinois banning it?
  20. At what point does sending my name to IDPH constitute a “search” and when would a warrant be required? Does HIPPA come into play here at any time?
  21. I will say this. The Illinois Democrats did not give same sex couples “gay marriage”, or the right to “marry” each other. They created a thing called a “civil union”, not marriage, that is the law in Illinois. Why didn’t they just change the marriage law and allow it to include same sex couples, as an additional slap in the face, non-same sex couples can also get a civil union, so it’s not even specifically carved out for only same sex couples. Feel free to look it up. Democrats are just making it look like they care, so FU Light on Brains.
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