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  1. Back almost 10 years ago I was asked how many states would recognize our IL carry license or states we would be legal to carry in. I guessed 24 states. Here we are almost 10 years later and look how far we have come!! 34 states plus Puerto Rico and with the way things are going for us in the courts, I think it will only get better.
  2. I agree with Fred. ISP is now requiring the renewal after 5 years. Fortunately they are just requiring the 3 hr renewal. Not to long ago, they're were requiring the whole 16 hr if a license expired. But this is just a short lived aggravation...I believe the Illinois conceal carry licensing law is going to eventually be struck down.
  3. This is the response to the questions I asked during the hearing - I received from ISP today.
  4. After expunging your record, You would submit a records challenge appeal along with documents showing the conviction was expunged. If you cannot get it expunged, you would need to petition for restoration of rights in the circuit court in the county where you live, and then submit those documents with a records challenge appeal.
  5. Interesting decision from Judge Gettleman. Freeman_Judge_Gettleman_ruling.pdf
  6. Looks like the firearm, "with an auto sear and Glock switch", was also a prohibited firearm in IL?
  7. The discussion of this case has moved to this link: https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/81534-caulkins-v-prizker-case-discussion/
  8. There doesn't seem to be a video available of the JCAR meeting concerning ISP emergency rules for implementing the PICA, but here is a transcript. 00:00 The committee joint committee and administrative rules will come to order staff, please take the roll Senator Castro, 00:12 Senator Cunningham, Senator DeWitt, Senator Fowler, Senator Lightford Senator Resin, representative Delgado, representative Haas, representative Reich, representative Spain, 00:24 representative Tarver, representative Vela 10 members are present and quorum is established okay, we have quorum It is J car policy to only allow representatives of state agencies to testify before the committee if members of the public wish to Express their views with respect to a proposed rulemaking they should submit written comments to the J car office at the following address joint committee on administrative rules 700 00:51 Straton office building Springfield, Illinois six two seven oh six We'll start as we always do with the approval of minutes senator DeWitt Moves and representative Delgado seconds at the minutes of the October 17th 2023 meeting be approved all those in favor say aye opposed nay and the opinion of the chair the ayes have it and the minutes are approved Now on to agency Responses the department of children and family 01:22 services tab 42 licensing standards for daycare centers staff Please read the committee's response staff will monitor now to review of agency rulemaking The Department of Health Care and Family Services tab 18 medical payment staff Please read the motion jaco with the concurrence of the Department of Health Care and Family Services extend the rulemaking titled medical Payment for an additional 45 days Representative Tarver moves 01:52 and seconded by senator Fowler that the motion just read be approved all those in favor say aye all those Opposed say nay in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it and the motion passes Next the Department of Health Care and Family Services I'm sorry Strike that we're going to go to the Department of State Police Tab 39 fire arm owners identification card act Act. 02:19 Can we have some representatives from the state police come forward to the witness table? We have some questions from committee members. Okay, 02:43 if you could please identify yourself for the record. My name is Suzanne Bond and I am the Acting Chief Legal Counsel for the Illinois State Police. Captain Jeffery Yenchko, 02:56 the Firearms Services Bureau Chief. Co -Chair Spain is recognized. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and thank you both for your attendance today on behalf of the Illinois State Police. 03:57 Yes, sir. The final hearing concluded yesterday. They were well attended by the public and various organizations. organizations. Those groups have committed to sending us their questions in writing to the extent possible. 04:10 If we had answers we did provide them. We pointed them to relevant FAQs on our website which have been updated. One of the things that came out of the hearing yesterday that we are currently working on is that we were asked if we could put forth like a roadmap of how the FAQs had been updated so that people will know what FAQs are new, 04:33 what FAQs have been amended and we are working to do that and hope to have that up maybe later this week definitely before the end of November. We are in the process so you can see I have a binder and within this binder are the emails that we had received prior to the deadline set for the hearings themselves. 04:58 We are in the process of organizing all of the emails that we have received even those that continue to come in after the deadline. We are dividing them up into people who just wanted to submit a comment, 05:10 people who had questions. We are now getting suggested language for our proposed rules so we are dividing that up into buckets if you will so that we can address questions either through the FAQs through the amendments to the proposed rules or both depending on what is most appropriate. 05:32 We received a letter from your staff with 32 questions I believe and we anticipate responding to that memo this week with answers to all of those questions and pointing out where we will be adding to FAQs, 05:48 where we have already added to FAQs and where we will be proposing amendments to our proposed rules to address the questions that your staff has raised. Thank you Ms. 05:59 Bond and you mentioned public comments. What is the deadline for additional comments to be offered up that will be considered for response from the state police? 06:11 I believe it is November 20th but I would defer to your executive director if that I'm pretty sure it's the 20th but if we're wrong about that will you know defer to your staff I think it'd be useful for for clarification if it's not November 20th I would just encourage any public who are listening I would encourage make your comments known in the next week and I appreciate some flexibility from from the state police 06:43 and your responsive your ability to respond and receive those comments but the period of public comment is is coming to a close sometime in the near future so now is the time to raise any further questions I know that some people attended these hearings with the expectation that they would be able to to testify or make some comments on the record but if they had missed the the deadline for doing so for that public 07:16 hearing they they may not have been able to participate at one of the three hearings you've held so the final recourse for submitting comments is to do so now I would advise in the next maybe weeks worth of time I would encourage anyone listening to do so what is the avenue through which those comments and questions should be made there's an email address set up it is set forth on our website I believe it is ISP 07:44 dot legal dot public comment at Illinois dot gov and again that is on the website and we did end every single public hearing with a reminder that the public comment period is still ongoing and that we would accept those until November 20th so that's the date we've given the public and we will honor that even if I messed it up great well thank you I appreciate that I know that I received some feedback that, 08:11 and I think this was specific to yesterday, but the room configuration may have been a little bit difficult to hear. I know that we had streaming coverage of these hearings. 08:25 Is there a way for the public to go back? Is there a recording available of the hearings, if anyone missed them, and they would like to listen to them again? Yes, there are recordings from WebEx from all three that will be, 08:38 there will be a link on the State Police website to all three of those hearings. Then I'm going to mess this up, but the blue room, maybe, also streamed the first two hearings, 08:50 and there are links to those on our website, or there will be links to those on our website as well. Okay. Thank you for that. Final question then, just sort of setting the stage for, 09:03 or setting our expectations together for when we will meet again as this committee in December. That meeting will take place at the Belandick Building in Chicago, 09:16 but do you anticipate the State Police will be prepared at that time to discuss changes from the emergency rules to now the proposed permanent rules that changes that have been contemplated and considered as a result of these three hearings? 09:38 Will you be able to tell us what has changed when we meet again in December? That is what we would prefer to do. We would like to give the public as much notice on changes as possible, 09:50 and so I believe if we don't make your December meeting, then they won't have an opportunity to see those changes. So, we're working with the JCAR staff to ensure that we are able to get on that agenda and provide you with at least as many proposed changes as we have before that November 20th deadline. 10:11 Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Any other questions from committee members? Senator Resin. Thank you, 10:22 Mr. Chairman. I received a few phone calls in the last hearing that you had regarding it was very difficult to hear because there wasn't a microphone set up. 10:49 We had a very difficult time locating a facility that could accommodate us in those other important portion of the state. Caseyville was very gracious and agreed to allow us to use their village hall. 11:02 I believe it was a miscommunication. There was a misunderstanding that we thought that there would be a speaker in PA. If we had realized that there was not, we would have brought one with us. I suppose hindsight is 2020, 11:16 we should have been prepared with our own. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Yes, ma 'am. Okay, see no further discussion. Thank you to the state police for testifying and thank you for the work you've been doing on this rulemaking.
  9. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I'm looking for a video link to the meeting. I saw a video clip of one of the legislators questioning ISP and thought there might be a link to video of that whole segment.
  10. Need help finding a link to the JCAR hearing held this week pertaining to these rules.
  11. Link to the hearing: https://illinois.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/illinois/recording/8f93ef045ee4103ca75f6a1f215fa8aa/playback
  12. Thank you for the kind words. It is a privilege and an honor to speak on behalf of the good folks here.
  13. https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/article_372bd552-7ce5-11ee-b110-bbc87c8c25d4.html?utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR0AJCOjH0fjOwFfWpb5sZ4P9Amy2JxDI4XJhI4tQpDZTxuPyaOyZUum6io
  14. Good turnout this morning. However, we see no microphones in the room. They say the laptop webex will be recording the hearing... will people in the room will be able to hear???
  15. https://www.theepochtimes.com/us/us-supreme-court-agrees-to-take-up-ban-on-gun-bump-stocks-5522628?src_src=News&src_cmp=rtbreaking-2023-11-03-1&est=Zx%2ByPGwYDudGTXBi5Is3EcZwPLVKt%2BehWXtK3caouPXDMSjReZXtvSuI0EM%3D US Supreme Court Agrees to Take up Ban on Gun 'Bump Stocks' The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up a case involving the Trump-era ban on "bump stocks" that was initiated in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting. The justices agreed to hear arguments early next year over the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) rule, which was implemented in 2017. The case pertains to whether the Department of Justice, which oversees the ATF, followed federal law in changing the regulation around bump stocks, which are able to increase the rate of fire in some semiautomatic weapons. . . A decision on the case is expected to be rendered by the top court in the early summer. . .
  16. https://capitolnewsillinois.com/NEWS/gun-rights-advocates-question-proposed-assault-weapons-registration-rules#new_tab There, he said it. No crazy 'endorsement affidavit' nonsense. Straight up registration.
  17. Do we know if the video recording will be available?
  18. Rep. Brad Holbrook, what is the punishment for hundreds of 1,000s of non-compliant gun owners? What are the penalties? What if the law is ruled unconstitutional and someone has already been punished? Those questions will not be up to ISP - it will be up to states attorneys/courts.
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