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  1. Only the Cook Co Forest Preserve was under the ban. That ban is no longer enforcable.
  2. And I believe it's possible to verify a foid card by selecting the ammo option where all that is needed is the just the foid number and date of birth like before, seems like a good choice to me. Meets the letter of the law to verify a foid.
  3. Filed this past June 29, 2022: Plaintiff's Motion for Entry of Summary Judgment - FILED (002).pdf
  4. Amici filed on behalf of the respondents: ALCU Amici for Responsdents.pdf AIUSA Amicus Brief Final.pdf AMA, AAP, AACAP, Medical Society of New York Amicus Brief.pdf Americans Against Gun Violence Amicus Curiae Brief.pdf 20210921125521825_BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE SOCIAL SCIENTISTS AND PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCHERS IN SUPPORT OF RESPONDENTS.pdf ABA Amicus Brief.pdf Amicus Brief of NAACP LDF EFILE COPY.pdf amicus brief of Neal Goldfarb corrected.pdf Amicus brief SWD 7.19.2021 2300.pdf Brady Amicus Brief.pdf Brief for Resps.pdf Brief in Opposition.pdf brief of second amendment law.pdf Citizens Crime Comm of NYC amici.pdf City of Chicago et al amici.pdf CityOfNewYork.pdf Corpus Linguistics Professors and Experts Amicus Brief.pdf Ed Fund and 35 Other Organizations and Individuals Updated PDFA.pdf ELSON Amicus AS FILED.pdf Episcopal, Luthern, Presbyterian et al.pdf Everytown Amicus Brief.pdf Former National Securit Officials amici.pdf FormerMajorCityPoliceChiefs.pdf Giffords Final.pdf LGBTQ Orgs Amicus Brief.pdf Luttig, Keisler, Phillips, Gerson Amici Brief.pdf LWV Amicus - Brief.pdf March for Our Lives Amicus Brief.pdf Members of Business Community amici.pdf National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.pdf NYCLA Amicus.pdf PAGV Amicus Brief with Appendices.pdf Partnership for New York City as Amicus Curiae in Support of Respondents - PDFA.pdf Patrick Charles History of Firearm Laws br.pdf ProfessorsOfHistoryAndLaw.pdf Schumer Amicus Brief.pdf States of California et al as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondents FINAL FOR FILING PDF A.pdf TheNationalLeagueOfCities.pdf UnitedStates.pdf Violence Policy Center Amicus Brief for efiling.pdf Virginia Letter change of opinion under new administration re No. 20-843 NYSRPA v. Bruen.pdf
  5. Amici filed in the NYSRPA v Bruen on behalf of the plaintiffs. NFGR.pdf NRACRDF Amicus NYSRPA v Bruen.pdf National Shooting Sports Amicus FINAL.pdf New Jersey Rifle and Pistol clubs Amicus Brief NYSRPAvBruen.pdf GOA amicus brief final.pdf Goldwater Institute Amicus Brief_in Support of Petitioners.pdf Governor Abbott Amicus Brief.pdf Henry, Davenport, Fusco AMICI CURIAE.pdf Italo-American Jurists Brief.pdf Korte Enterprises Amicus Brief.pdf Law Professors-Amicus Brief.pdf League of sportsmen amicus.FINAL.pdf Liberal Gun Club.pdf Madison Society Sensitive Places Brief final PDFA.pdf Missouri plus 21 other states Amici Brief States.pdf Mountain States Amici NYSRPA v. Bruen.pdf National African American Gun Association Inc.pdf FPC-Amicus Brief.pdf FPC AVF-Amicus Brief-without MSF-PDFA.pdf Firearm Policy CoalitionAmici Curiae Brief.pdf CGF amicus NYSRPA-Final PDFA.pdf DC Project Amici.pdf Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.pdf Cato Institute Amici.pdf CCRKBA Amici.pdf Calilfornia Rifle and Pistol Assoc Amici Brief.pdf Buckeye Institute.pdf Bruen ACLL Amicus Brief pdf-a.pdf Buckeye Firearms Amici Brief.pdf Brief of LE and firearms rights groups FINAL.pdf Arizona Missouri et al.pdf Black Attorneys Amici.pdf APAGOA Amicus Final Version.pdf Amicus Independent Institute.pdf Amicus Brief of Law Enforcement Groups et al_.pdf Amicus Brief of William English et al..PDF Amicus Brief of J. Joel Alicea.pdf AMICI BRIEF OF US SENATORS.pdf Amicus Brief of Constitutional Rights Union.pdf American Center for Law and Justice Amicus Brief.pdf _Amici_Brief_of_Black_Guns_Matter_No._20-843.pdf Representative Claudia Tenney et al Amici.pdf Rutherford.amicus.brief.pdf Second Amendment Foundation et al..pdf TSAC CCJ.pdf Weapons Collectors Amicus Brief .pdf WLC Amicus Brief.pdf Young Main doc.pdf
  6. Yep. It's all wishful thinking and whistling past the graveyard for the anti-rights crowd. Their goals of disarming us are toast.
  7. I don't think I've gone through the process with anyone yet under the new process and with 2 year order but we can find out for you when the time comes.
  8. A peril now is that their rulings will be overturned, it goes on their record of how many of their cases get overturned - this could effect getting reelected to the bench or elected or appointed to a higher bench.
  9. I believe this ruling opens the door to challenge these IL prohibited places. In BOLD should be the focus. 3) Buildings under the control of an officer of the executive or legislative branch of government 5) Local government buildings 7) Public or private hospitals or hospital affiliates, mental health facilities, or nursing homes. 8] Mass transportation (bus, train) and any building or real property. 9) Restaurants that serve alcohol if more than 50% of revenue is from alcohol sales. Restaurants must post. 10) Public gatherings or special events open to the public that requires a permit from the unit of local government, shall not apply to a licensee who must walk through a public gathering in order to access his or her residence, place of business, or vehicle. 11) Special Events while a Retailer's license to sell alcohol is in effect. 12) Public playgrounds. 13) Municipal public parks, athletic areas, or athletic facilities. Does not include a trail or bikeway where only a portion of the trail or bikeway includes a public park. 14) Cook County Forest Preserve District. (Solomon v Cook Co. FPD, federal court ruled overbroad March 15, 2022 deadline to amend statute) 15) Public or private community college, college, or university 16) Casinos and inter-track wagering locations. 17) Stadiums, arenas, or any collegiate or professional sporting event. 18) Public libraries. 19) Airports. 20) Amusement parks. 21) Zoos or museums.
  10. This ruling seems to open the door to challenge the high fees, long waits, restrictive non-resident licensing, and the conceal carry review board here in IL.
  11. Holey-moley! In 6-3 ruling, court strikes down New York’s concealed-carry law!! Court rules that the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual's right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home! The two step process is a step too far! https://www.scotusblog.com/
  12. Here's a pretty good article on the topic: https://www.theepochtimes.com/4-key-proposals-in-senates-gun-control-bill_4548643.html?est=ea7EPpLkG339sqvax%2BAA3WiVh42SUMbJnsFxEJY6yz8V%2FHsrNh1ch%2BZ0gS0%3D
  13. Have you tried filing an appeal and submitted documents signed off by the court showing you completed all requirements? Did you surrender your CCL? Just trying to think of anything left undone. If you have done all this, I would suggest filing a request for a hearing on the original appeal. When a CCL application is denied, according to the statute, the applicant may request a hearing with the Director of the State Police. (430 ILCS 66/87) Sec. 87. Administrative and judicial review. (a) Whenever an application for a concealed carry license is denied, whenever the Department fails to act on an application within 90 days of its receipt, or whenever a license is revoked or suspended as provided in this Act, the aggrieved party may appeal to the Director for a hearing upon the denial, revocation, suspension, or failure to act on the application, unless the denial was made by the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, in which case the aggrieved party may petition the circuit court in writing in the county of his or her residence for a hearing upon the denial. You will need to send a letter to the director and request a hearing on the appeal you filed on _____________ and give the date or approximate date you submitted your appeal the first time. In the letter, give your full legal name, date of birth, CCL number. Include a copy of all court records showing you completed all court orders and signed off on by the court. Usually after reviewing the case and seeing all is in order, the director will forego the hearing and the CCL will be issued. If you are granted a hearing, which is usually a meeting with an administrative judge appointed by the ISP, you may be able to do that as a teleconference or may need to travel to Springfield. You can have an attorney with you, if you think you need one. Send this all via a mail service that will provide you with a signed receipt of delivery to: Director Brendan Kelly Illinois State Police 801 S. 7th Street Springfield, IL 62703 Please keep me posted on your progress.
  14. Willing to discuss a court challenge to the “ghost” gun ban with any interested parties. If you know anyone who might be interested in being a plaintiff, please send them my way.
  15. General info, it doesn't take winning Chicago to beat Pritzker, it only takes about 22% of Chicago . . .
  16. https://jessesullivan.com/ He's trailing quite a bit in the polls though.
  17. No, he didn't he didn't endorse Obama. He's been a life long conservative Republican.
  18. Justice Michael Burke wrote the dissenting opinion - this is the second dissenting opinion he has written that involves the Second Amendment. He is running in the primary election June 28th to remain on the bench.
  19. They really want this to go through the appellate court process before they consider the issue. It seems to read the lower court has the option to dismiss the case. If they do that, can't the lower court then dismiss all cases of possession of a firearm without a FOID card? Is that what the Supreme Court wants the lower court to do?
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