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  1. What a scummy move. The attorneys know darned well that they will be consolidated, but apparently are trying to increase the work and legal costs for S&W to have to multiply everything x12 until they get this accomplished. Scumbaggery with a capital "D." Same goes for having them filed in Lake County ... c'mon already. If Democrats can't illegalize gun ownership, they'll go after the manufacturers. If they can't legislate them out of existence, they'll try to sue them out of existence. Immunity acts be damned. The fact that the product worked as intended be damned. Much easier than trying to correct the societal, mental health and criminal problems that their idiotic policies have caused over the past 50-60 years. If they're looking for someone to blame, they need only look in the mirror. On a related note ... where's the attention/outrage/lawsuits over Waukesha??? 68 freaking people killed or maimed, but it doesn't fit any of their multiple political/societal agendas. There should be 68 separate lawsuits filed against the DNC in Waukesha County, WI. And those would actually be directed against the proper cause ...
  2. They don't care. Flip the SCOTUS the bird because they don't control it anymore, stomp on our rights, unlawfully prosecute us when we resist, tax us to defend the lawsuits brought against them for violating our rights, do this for years and wait for SCOTUS while they continue prosecuting gun owners as criminals when they, themselves, are the criminals. And stupid sheep just cheer them on.
  3. SCOTUS rulings only apply to Democrats when they have a majority of their libby activists in robes.
  4. There are guys on this board with a lot more guns than that "arsenal." Hundreds of rounds of ammo ... SLACKER! Seriously, the bond is ridiculous for someone being grabbed out of his car based solely on a phone call from a family member in an estate dispute with him. If only he wore a black hoodie and torched a couple of police cars, he'd have been out on an I-Bond in an hour or two.
  5. Knock on wood ... but judges sometimes play devil's advocate during oral argument and decide the opposite of where they appeared to be going. Not saying it's the case here, just suggesting that a win for the P shouldn't be taken for granted just yet.
  6. Mark Fairchild, IIRC (that was my first election after hitting voting age). They made sure Lyndon LaRouche could never threaten their system again by locking him up on credit card fraud charges. They threatened Ross Perot's daughter by sending him photos of dead bodies with his daughter's head superimposed on them, then tried to claim he was crazy and it never happened when he went public with it. For the love of God, they just won't leave Trump alone until he's no longer deemed a threat. Some freakin' "democracy."
  7. Face it: You could take a roadkill opossum, put a "D" on its picture, and Democrats will vote for it. I give you, John Fetterman.
  8. These criminals need to be held accountable for flipping the bird at the Constitution and the SCOTUS and illegally stomping on our rights.
  9. If you can't even get the "rational" people to vote, do you seriously believe they're going to do anything risky and strenuous???
  10. Can't go to AZ now, freakin' LA transplants who fled CA because the Democrats made the state unlivable have decided to destroy AZ, too. What's left? Arkansas?
  11. The majority of the people in this state are complete idiots. I need to find a way out of here. Even Pekau lost to a clown whose platform was climate change, abortion and gun control. Yet, the morons will have the gall to cry when they pay for gas, pay for food, pay for utilities and get taxed out of their homes. What do you do with people who enjoy getting repeatedly kicked in the nads?
  12. Their including single family or multi-family "structures" implies dwellings. A shed is a shed and a garage is a garage. Agreed, it's poorly written and ambiguous -- and probably by intent. If you have proper berms, walls or whatever, it's not likely to endanger anyone. "Likely," though, is a subjective term. The more I think about it, yes, I agree it is probably aimed at people who have private ranges on their property. That being the case, the dingalings should just pass an ordinance with safety requirements for private ranges. That's reasonable, if done in good faith. (Do Democrats ever act in good faith?)
  13. I just read the ordinance. It specifically states it's not intended to limit private ranges or hunting in areas zoned for same, and specifies single or multifamily residential structures. First, it appears to me that refers to dwellings. To be sure, you would need to check their zoning ordinance for those definitions. A shed or garage is not a "residential structure," IMO. Then, one needs to check on whether there are any existing target/skeet ranges or hunting areas, and whether any areas in the county are actually "zoned" for such activities (meaning that those are either permitted uses or permitted special uses). Lastly, it states that it would be unlawful to discharge a firearm where same "is likely to subject residents or passersby to risk of injury." If a range has proper bullet containment like berms, etc., it shouldn't apply. The scary thing is 300 yards of at least (what I ASSUME to be) 3 residential DWELLINGS; that's over a sixth of a mile. The ordinance is poorly written, ambiguous and can be subjectively enforced. This will definitely make hunting on private land in the county "iffy."
  14. RINOs. Actually Dems, putting an R by their names in order to get elected. Like our friend the so-called "Republican" minority leader ...
  15. The FOID is both a PERMIT to purchase and/or possess a firearm and/or ammunition, AND a registry of all lawful gun owners in the state. Absolutely unconstitutional, but it's been in place for over half a century because our system allows abuses like this to be perpetrated upon the people. The hurdles to remove the state's boot from our necks are nearly insurmountable, and the totalitarian Democrats know it.
  16. Hi, I'm JB Prickster. I support stomping on the U.S. Constitution and all rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States with which I disagree. I promise to give SCOTUS the bird and wipe my ample rear end with the Constitution. I promise that you will have no "rights" other than those I decide to allow you to have, and for so long as I allow you to have them. I promise to use your tax dollars to fight lawsuits brought by Illinois residents whose rights I have stomped on, and to make you return to SCOTUS to force me to stop ignoring their rulings. I will then ignore those rulings and directives. I promise to ignore the rights, beliefs and concerns of 99% of Illinois residents, and focus solely on the demands of Alphabet People like my brother/sister, and their right to pretend to be teachers and groom your children in their lifestyle and political beliefs in your public schools. ORANGE MAN BAD! WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE! JUMP OFF CLIFF, LEMMING!
  17. What you just said is, indeed, a big part of the problem we face. Over the past half century or so, we have developed an American version of the old English class system. We now have a kind of "neo-nobility" in the form of an heredity/appointed political class, accountable only to their peers in that class. As voters, we get to pick between who the Dems and the Repubs have appointed or otherwise arranged to be our "choices." As the 2020 POTUS election illustrated, bucking this system is damned-near impossible. It took a billionaire to do it, and they still refused to allow him to do what he was elected to do, then worked tirelessly, in concert, to ensure he wouldn't win a second term. They have institutional knowledge and support, organization and tons of money that virtually disqualifies the average American from winning political office and representing the interests of his/her peers (the People), as opposed to the interest of the political class and its allies: the MSM, Big Tech, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Swamp (entrenched bureaucratic class). They have hijacked our constitutional republic to form an oligarchy for their own benefit and to maintain their own power, and the average American (let alone the average Illinoisan, Kommiefornianian or New Yorker, who is the humanoid equivalent of a lemming) is either too brainwashed, too lazy or too disinterested to even recognize it, let alone work to change it. As King Richard I of Chitcago famously said, "We don't want anyone nobody sent."
  18. I like to see a state & federal Duckworthless ban.
  19. Wishfully, RINOs are as endangered here as in Africa, but this particular RINO just won't go away. He's nothing but a more fiscally-conservative Democrat.
  20. IF this goes through, you would need to notify BATF of your taking it out of state (something like 2 weeks lead time?). You're not an Illinois resident, so I don't think the C&R would apply to you. In any event, not worth the crap, IMO.
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