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  1. That database might be getting updated every time you vote.
  2. I find this a disturbing question on a couple of levels. - Sure some of these are hypothetical discussions. However, the OP goes to this home-based worship. - Would there be some future legal nit-picking over details with the pastor? - Let's not forget the "fellowship" aspect to all this. Wouldn't a private discussion with the pastor be a good idea? - Isn't it a good idea for the pastor to know? What if the OP prints? - Would one carry in a small setting like this without a nod from the pastor, whether or not permission was needed? - What if the pastor said no, but didn't post the sign on this house? Can the OP carry there? Should he? - Could the pastor post it on the door (or door post) on the meeting room, but not on the outside entrance?
  3. Sen. Schimpf: Nice guy, totally qualified except does not have enough personality to be governor. Makes Rauner look like one of the Animaniacs. Rabine: Knows about paving, and how that translates into the chops to be governor. Yells at me (and everyone else) when I have seen him in person. I don't like people that yell at me. Knows about paving. It's really hard to run for governor if you have never held office before and you don't already have name recognition like Trump or Schwarzenegger. Solomon: Nice guy, well educated, great speaker. I'd really like to see him run for an office he can win, like state Representative. It's really hard to run for governor if you have never held office before - redux. Sullivan: Tall, Handsome, Rich, Ran away from San Francisco to join the Illinois Circus. Selling this guy as a conservative is like trying to sell that salsa from NYC. Mayor Irvine: Yesterday's Democrat does not make tomorrow's GOP governor no matter how many times Ken the Billionaire's money says it. Senator Bailey: Really has a farm. Really is a nice guy. Ran for the IL House because he was sick of the status quo. Ran for the IL senate for the same reason. Really has name recognition because he and his followers have built a true grassroots movement. Does not yell at people, doesn't have to and wouldn't need to, connects with people instead. Once people see and hear him once, they are instant followers. Has a convincing spiel. Unabashedly follows his faith.
  4. There used to be three big events every year, BTW: IGOLD, Open House at the Range (NRA DAY) https://www.isra.org/Events/Annual-Events/NRA-Day-2018 and... the ISRA Annual Meeting
  5. That new website has been "in the works" for over a year. The office uses it as an excuse for not doing anything with the old one they were already sold. IGOLD was the ISRA's premier opportunity to get in the public eye every year, to motivate ISRA members and gun owners from other organizations every year. A premier opportunity, wasted.
  6. For those who are ISRA critics, consider that the ISRA is sure an easy target, and people are always threatening to join if the ISRA gets rid of the FOID card, does this, or does that. If you are not a member you can still criticize, but I'm a life member and the ISRA has lots of my money and volunteer hours. For those who are ISRA members, keep in mind that YOU are paying for all this nonsense, be it good or bad! I don't like how my money is being spent. ISRA members are paying for the staff that answer the phones, including the rude ones. Paying for executives, staff and contractors that keep the website stale, with no swag, no on-line purchasing. Paying for boring campaigns that want to you to STILL write down your credit card number for payment. (Including a lack of POS payment options in the field, 20 years after everyone else has one.) Paying for executives and staff that lack the creativity or energy to do anything with IGOLD during the pandemic, or to even post an agenda for the IGOLD they would finally have after three years. You are paying for the lobbyists that make a deal on a bill they told you they were "neutral" on, then ran around the capitol selling that bill. Paying for the lobbyists that send email alerts that insult your intelligence, like telling you that supporting a bill for hunting with straight-walled ammo is somehow going to save the Second Amendment. ISRA members paid for people with no foresight who just let IGOLD happen, instead of using the opportunity to gin up something special, in spite of the pandemic restrictions. Instead it seemed like the real emphasis went into designing a direct mail piece to sell you the IGOLD memorial pin. Is this dismal IGOLD enough of a mess to get a regime change?
  7. I don't know, markthesignguy, I saw other photos. This was grim.
  8. Carefully doctored video? https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/gun-owners-return-to-illinois-capitol-to-lobby-lawmakers-against-restrictive-laws/article_27caa51a-b5fa-11ec-b1c5-7b5a2a5eaa02.html
  9. Did anyone go? What was it like? Caveat: I have gone in the past. In fact, this is the first IGOLD that I did not attend.
  10. Maybe no one at the ISRA knows about SEO and remembers how to drop a press release?
  11. From an email some may have received today. ISRA IGOLD Alert - April 6th, 2022 Welcome to IGOLD – Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day 2022 Bank of Springfield Center, Springfield, IL 10:15: Doors Open 11:45 am Legislative Briefing: Packet includes a directory of legislator offices and phone numbers. Due to COVID restrictions organized groups can not enter the Capitol. 12:00 pm: Speakers 1:00 – 1:15 pm – Prepare for the March to the Capitol – The women are urged to take the lead at the head of the march! A bus is available at the north side of Washington St exit for those unable to walk. Rally on the Lincoln Steps after march. Do Not Return to the Bank of Springfield Center. Bus pickup will be on the North side of the Capitol on Monroe St. Looking forward to seeing you there!! Questions? Contact the office at member@isra.org or 815-635-3198
  12. One week away and no timetable, agenda, list of buses, participating buses, parking places. It's like the ISRA didn't really want anyone to go. Are you going? Why? Why not?
  13. What would we do there? What time do you think it starts? Will anything be open for food? Are there any buses going there, by anyone or any group? The page could be way more informative.
  14. IGOLD https://www.isra.org/Events/Annual-Events/iGOLD Looks like an ad to join the ISRA.
  15. I think she was adopted. Anyway, look she worked so hard for so long to find the corruption, I guess she gets a participation trophy, huh?
  16. Does this mean that *gasp* the ISRA *gasp* lied to us about being neutral on the bill?
  17. i'm selling squares on the number of the recipients of these funds that get killed/charged/convicted within 10 months of dispersion of funds.
  18. The first rule of Pitchforks and Torches is: you don't talk about Pitchforks and Torches.
  19. Holy smokes, I forgot how bad this got. I did remember Barb Wheeler's statement that she was working with the ISRA on the bump stock ban, and I do remember the other bills had bans on trogger parts, trigger works, trigger cranks, etc. Thanks MauserMe.
  20. I don't see any witness slips for that bill HB4120. https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/witnessslip.asp?DocNum=4120&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=&GAID=14&SessionID=91&GA=100&SpecSess= Looks like it never made it out of rules.
  21. https://patch.com/illinois/crystallake/rep-wheeler-il-rifle-association-work-together-bump-fire-stock-bill "I want to thank the State Rifle Association for working with me to craft this legislation to improve public safety while ensuring the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinoisans is not infringed," said Wheeler. So when did they go neutral? Almost looks like they wrote the bill for Barb Wheeler.
  22. This email is worse than usual, with a different look and feel. The ISRA must have a new bumblefork behind the scenes pretending to be Pearson.
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