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  1. Bailey is a fundamentalist Christian and loves Israel and the Jews, the Chosen People. I think most of the fundamentalist Christians you are speaking of probably know this. The fact that he met with Palestinians and American-born descendants of Palestinians speaks volumes, and I applaud him for it. Including the picture of the map that had no Israel on it.
  2. Once upon a time I shipped a firearm to an FFL in California, thru FedEx, for \California transfer to a relative.. Oh well, that was the good ol' days, I guess.
  3. One. I've done one, and considering the climate at the time, it was a mistake to do it.
  4. I don't think that ANYONE in the USA is proposing that teachers MUST be armed. However, there are plenty of teachers that WANT to be armed, that are willing to take on that responsibility to protect their students. Let's make that possible.
  5. I guess I'll have to watch to see if it was tannerite or something.
  6. https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-news-now/firearm-enforcement-blitz-across-illinois/ ILLINOIS — The state saw extra enforcement of its gun laws from June 16 to July 31 during which more than 1,000 people had their firearms legally taken away. Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Brendan Kelly, alongside Cook County Sheriff’s Department Chief Leo Schmitz, discussed the recent firearm enforcement at a Thursday morning press conference. Kelly stated more than 1,700 compliance checks were conducted across Illinois with about 25% of those being done in Northern Illinois alone which led to 223 people in the region having their firearms legally taken away. ----------------- One example provided by Kelly involved a clear and present danger report made to the ISP from Batavia. The investigation determined that individual should lose their firearms rights and, upon searching his home, police even found bomb-making materials alongside multiple guns and approximately 1,000 rounds of ammunition. The entire press conference is available to watch in the video
  7. It all made sense at the time. Springfield is fresher: they were at the NRA meeting when the burn started, and they waited until the meeting was over before they started to address it. and it was for a carve-out for themselves from IL GDL, which eventually closed half of IL FFLs.
  8. Looks like another ISRA secret alert. If you do not live in Naperville, you are not getting the alert emailed to you so check that link.
  9. That surprised me. Chuck Goudy and that "I-Team" did some weird stuff before the McDonald ruling, if I recall correctly.
  10. apparently enough of them are still criminals that the water is muddied.
  11. And I guessed wrong. The two Republicans who crossed the aisle to support the bill were Reps. Chris Jacobs of New York and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania. Jacobs' district includes Buffalo, where a white gunman has been charged with killing 10 Black people in a racist mass shooting at a supermarket in May.
  12. I'm guessing I don't have to throw the bones very far to see who the GOP'ers are that voted for this.
  13. Rich Miller is under no obligation to be neutral. his obligation is to himself: to sell subscriptions to CapFax and to drive readership of his syndicated column.
  14. He's bitter. He not getting any traction. I'm going to further assume that even if his activism brought in some cash at some point, he can't live off of being a survivor, forever. He's going to have to get a job.
  15. Was there anyone there from ISRA? And I heard a rumor that ISRA sent an alert on this, did anyone here get one?
  16. When law enforcement officers make it to retirement, then it's "Congratulations, Ladies and Gentlemen!", a promise made is a promise kept. I cringe when I see the fulfillment of that promise being called a "big fat pension" several times. Was there operational trouble in this crisis in Uvalde? You betcha, big time. This will be one of those watershed events, like Columbine, and there's a lot of processing to do. Let's leave the pension out of the discussion.
  17. SAF has already had the check in the bank for years for the Northern Mariana Islands, leveraging Heller and McDonald. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/federal-judge-rules-northern-mariana-islands-handgun-ban-violates-2a-300241986.html I found this article on Guam, their law sound similar to Illinois. Elsewhere I found comments indicating Guam residents have a hard time getting the police to follow through and issue the cards, sound familiar?. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_Guam They have a FOID card, but that also lets you open carry. They have shall issue CCL.
  18. Naperville does not care. Neither will any other municipality, home-rule or not, that will pop up for the feel-good disturbance. They are looking forwards to the friction and the suit.
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