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  1. Or, perhaps, you are arguing a point by making the claim that the economy of an oppressed and suppressed people will remain the same when that oppression and suppression is lifted. Maybe the correct question is, do you believe past performance under oppression is indicative of future performance under freedom?
  2. To choose not to vote for a candidate because you don’t think they are “electable” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They won’t be “electable” because you didn’t vote for them. Maybe the biggest thing Trump should have taught us in 2016 is that there really are no “unelectable” candidates, something perhaps Biden reinforced in 2020. Select candidates based upon who most accurately represents your positions and beliefs and then VOTE FOR THAT CANDIDATE!
  3. And THAT ^^^^ right there sums up why and how this state is/got so fricking screwed up…….
  4. Add to those questions: Brother lives next door, can I lend him a firearm without transfer? if he moves out of state do I then have to do a transfer? Can I give him a firearm without transfer? if I give him a firearm and he then moves out of state do I have to do a transfer?
  5. So apparently the ISP is issuing multiple different cards to some, multiple identical cards to others, single incorrect cards to some, single correct cards to others and no cards at all to some others….. So what’s next?? A declaration that all cards are null and void due to “printing irregularities” and everybody has to reapply?? And yes, that was supposed to be purple….. or was it???
  6. So one must wait until assault turns into lethal assault to defend one’s self. I see. And what, exactly, constitutes lethal assault — you have a legal definition?
  7. Tell that to my cousin who suffered a shattered orbital socket and damage resulting in blindness in one eye — all from a single punch…. Assault is assault.
  8. I hope he sings — long and loud! Would love to see him take down a whole bunch of his cronies.
  9. Apologies, wasn’t trying to being combative, sorry you took it that way. I was simply looking for clarification on your statement about “no ties to extremists of any party”. Seems you are willing to accept centrist candidates with party ties to extremists on both sides, as am I. Party ties, unfortunately, tie them to those with extremist views. I’d much rather have far more independents not tied to the parties but we have to make due with what we are offered
  10. So you’ll only vote for a true independent? Nobody with a D or R association as they are tied to party’s with extremists? Doesn’t take long to mark your ballot does it?
  11. Wouldn’t that all depend upon whether the invasion/overthrow comes from without or within???
  12. So, if you only paid $150 and others are paying $250 do you also believe that those (like you) paying $150 are being shortchanged on their training as well?? We just saw an instructor who charged $150 get busted for fraudulent training, does that mean your $150 class was fraudulent too? Note, I know nothing about the training in question, I’m just saying judging the quality of training based upon the cost is utterly ridiculous.
  13. Exactly. Instructors, remember, you’ve been over everything hundreds (maybe thousands) of times. You KNOW what all is in there. Us regular folk get force fed a ton of info in a short, rather intense session — kinda like taking a sip from a firehose — yeah it probably WAS covered in his class along with dozens and dozens of other things — doesn’t mean it ALL necessarily stuck. So he did the right thing - he asked for clarification or conformation. So please, pass on your expertise (thanks to those who simply did so). But for some others, please lose the snark, it’s not necessary. THANKS!
  14. Mr. President, do you advocate the arrest, holding, prosecution and sentencing of those, ALL THOSE, who wield firearms in the commission of a crime? Before you blame the tool how about you address those who are using that tool for nefarious purposes.
  15. It tells you everything you need to know when their mission is to “CREATE” a new narrative to MAKE folks make the choices they CHOOSE for them. So instead of providing information and facts and then allowing the informed to make a choice the will, by necessity, need to filter and twist the facts to try and force the direction the informed will choose. It won’t be accurate information they’ll be providing as they claim but, instead, manipulated information.
  16. Kinda like you got a pic of my license plate now prove I was driving…..
  17. Actually he’s managed to get in place the start of an extensive “anti voter fraud” movement. Unfortunately it’s lodged in only a handful of red states at present and all of his current efforts are centered on trying to destroy it…. Hopefully, following midterms, that’ll switch around and there will be a better push to expand the movement….
  18. Interesting enough - government mandates apparently don’t apply to government…. But in a statement sent to ABC7 News, Medicare says they only pay for tests done at testing sites. Their statement reads, in part: "We continue to explore the best ways to provide critical resources that will keep Medicare beneficiaries safe and healthy. While at this time original Medicare cannot pay for at-home tests, testing remains a critical tool to help mitigate the spread of COVID. That's why we have made lab-based PCR tests, rapid PCR tests, and rapid point-of-care antigen tests available through healthcare providers at over 20,000 free testing sites nationwide." https://abc7news.com/medicare-coverage-covid-tests-at-home-testing-insurance-test/11492824/
  19. I don’t disagree with the FBI numbers — just the assertion that nightly FOID checks are skewing them. It’s rather obvious that they are NOT doing nightly NICS checks on all FOID holders.
  20. the math doesn’t add up….. 2.2 million FOID holder x 360 checks a year (nightly, excluding some holidays) = 792 billion checks….. Or 8.4 million checks in a year / 2.2 million FOID holders = 3.8 checks per FOID holder per year.
  21. One would think that your FOID would auto renew upon expiration at no cost to you and this would likely trigger the issuance of a new card. But, then again, THINK, and Illinois seem to be pretty much mutually exclusive….
  22. AGREED that would definitely change the economics of the situation!
  23. We plan on remaining until such time as it makes more sense, financially, economically and politically, to move. That could be within your 1-2 year timeframe, but could also be well past that. Right now, while easily financially feasible it makes absolutely no sense economically to do so. Farmland prices, profit margins still well outweigh the less than desirable political climate. When the political climate down here starts to sour we’ll reconsider. Perhaps all you “northerners” can fix your political climate before that happens…..
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