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  1. Here’s a bit of history that includes background of Chicago gun registration, and the attempt to have statewide gun registration. https://www.themarshallproject.org/2023/03/24/chicago-gun-laws-strict-history-illinois it does not say why gun registration was discontinued in Chicago
  2. Seriously everyone, go easy on Vito. His prior posts speak for themselves. And it’s good to realize what was not taken away, that could’ve been, because that will be what is taken away next.
  3. Going off track again….I didn’t follow the topic for a bit and I saw some people carry on about the Spanish Inquisition. I’m pretty sure that came up tongue in cheek as a joke. It’s a line from Monty Python skit. … I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  4. I don’t recall Manchin or Sinema(?) obstructing judicial nominees but maybe they did, I don’t follow that. Collins and possibly a couple others could go along for most picks making that moot. The bigger impact of a Warnock victory is VP Harris might not need to be in town for certain budget votes that only require a straight up majority.
  5. I never lived in DuPage I just figured every republican elected in the Chicago metro area in that time was a moderate.
  6. Wouldn’t they be RINOs in todays world? Would they even place in a primary today?
  7. Eons ago I was In Miami for New Year’s Eve. Right after midnight people went to their yards and fired guns into the ground. I don’t know if that is still a custom there, or if there were any laws then or now about doing this.
  8. I only saw the last minute or so. Bailey looked very good for that part and Pritzker sounded like a politician.
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