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  1. The thread is about a proposed Illinois law. Where in Illinois can one legally drive 100mph, except on a race course or drag strip?
  2. This has nothing to do with the Texas law. Sandy Hook parents sued Bushmaster in 2014 or so.
  3. Your questions are valid.. The father even "coincidently" arrived home just after it happened and called 911. The incident happened on August 11. That would seem to have been enough time to do a thorough investigation. I assume that there was gun powder residue on the child, but not on the man. The child's prints may have been on the gun. The article is very limited. Perhaps the Zoom session was recorded and gave more evidence. Maybe a neighbor heard the shot just prior to the man arriving home. For our part it is just conjecturing.
  4. I think that the no firearms in class policy is a matter of safety. You have to figure in the dumby factor. Even if the pre-class instructions would state "Unloaded Only", someone would bring in a loaded gun. Then you have those people who automatically place their finger on the trigger when they pick up a gun. Ironically the only place available for a classroom session in some areas may be a posted venue. Some, supposedly, experienced shooters are just clutsy. At the renewal class I attended, 2 shooters were bitten by the slide on their pistols. I think it i normal to be a bit paranoic when you are first licensed. Five to six years ago we had a lot of posts debating minutia - printing, cops (especially Chicago) can't wait to arrest us for the slightist infraction, knowingly, etc. For the most part most of our apprehensions have proven to be over done.
  5. The powers that be are aware of this and it is being addressed, according to another thread. Forum Themes - Site Support - IllinoisCarry.com You can simply refresh the page, and not have to open a new tab.
  6. Are you saying that residents should be able to buy directly from the state or that they should be able to get loans from the state? What about banks who are dealing gun businesses, should the banks not be able to get that business?
  7. Thanks for the updates. Handgunlaw.us is a great site. I recommend it often when I answer a question here or on other sites.
  8. I have had a small problem with this after trying tne non-default themes. Sometimes when I click on a post, I get a This page is not working right now message. Simply refreshing the page brings up brings up the desired page. It has occurred on both the light and dark themes. This could be a cause of frustration for some people.
  9. The bank should start dealing with gun manufacturers. This is from the cited article. Maybe JPM should stop dealing with the auto companies. I am sure many of their employees and families have been killed, injured, or affected by auto accidents. Bank of America also announced in 2018 it would stop making new loans to companies that make military-style rifles for civilian use. Its policy came after dozens of employees lost family members or suffered other trauma related to mass shootings in the past few years.
  10. You can also go to the top right corner to toggle between dark and light mode with the light bulb icon. The slider icon next to it gives the option to change the background.
  11. Have you tried going down to the very bottom of the page and clicking Theme? There are choices of Default, Uniform, and Dark. This may help with the harder on the eyes complaint.
  12. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom: “Knife crime is not something that can be solved by policing alone. We are working with businesses, schools, charities and community schemes to educate young people and explain why carrying a knife is never the right choice. This early intervention plays a vitally important role in stopping young people from turning to a life of crime.” New tougher knife possession laws come into effect today | West Bridgford Wire
  13. Then why the phrase "as an invitee of the person's permission"?
  14. It is covered here. Note that the court is allowing that part of the law to remain for now to allow for the legislature to make the change.
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