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  1. Then why the phrase "as an invitee of the person's permission"?
  2. It is covered here. Note that the court is allowing that part of the law to remain for now to allow for the legislature to make the change.
  3. From section 10 of FCCA: “ (g) A licensee shall possess a license at all times the licensee carries a concealed firearm except: (1) when the licensee is carrying or possessing a concealed firearm on his or her land or in his or her abode, legal dwelling, or fixed place of business, or on the land or in the legal dwelling of another person as an invitee with that person's permission”; The owner of private property has the right to determine who may carry on the property.
  4. I did prints to lessen the chance that I would be confused with someone else. I once looked up my name on the internet. One of the first hits was of a registered sex offender. Prints done in 2021 confirm that the John Jacobs who is applying is the same person who had prints done 15 years ago, and not someone who is trying to steal his identity. Documents and information can be forged or hacked. I have had numerous prints done over 30 years in the military, plus in civilian jobs and volunteering in schools. I do not understand the concern that my prints will be out there. No one is going to copy them and plant them at a crime scene. Processing with prints is supposed to be faster. That claim may not be valid, reports here vary. As Bubbacs points out there is the extra cost to consider. As he indicates, it is a personal perference.
  5. What is special about county lines? All districts should have a population of about 712,000. County populations vary widely. Pope has about 4200, Will = 69200, DuPage = 928000, Winnebego = 284000, Lake = 700,000. List of counties in Illinois - Wikipedia Contiguous counties will not always fit the 712,000 model. There could some very odd pattern linking counties of various sizes. I will like to see Congressional districts designated only by simple population numbers. But then, others will claim that their party, ethnic group, etc. are not getting a fair deal.
  6. The 2020 Census reported an Illinois population of about 12,830632. https://www.rrstar.com/story/news/local/2021/08/12/illinois-census-2020-results-census-results-released-census-bureau/8110904002/ Illinois is allotted 18 Congressional districts. There are 102 counties in Illinois or 5.6 counties per district. Each congressional district has a population of about 712,813. With a population of 2,679,080 Chicago rates 3.75 congressional districts. I am not defending the Democrat’s map. I am pointing out that it is not simple to draw a map. Below is a description of the Illinois process. With Democrat control of the legislature and governor, a redistricting commission is unlikely. If there were to be a commission, then there would be complaints of control being taken farther away from the voters. “The Illinois General Assembly is responsible for drawing both congressional and state legislative district lines. Both chambers of the state legislature must approve a redistricting plan. The governor may veto the lines drawn by the state legislature.[33] In the event that both chambers of the state legislature do not approve a legislative redistricting plan, a backup commission must draw the lines. The majority and minority leaders of each chamber must appoint two members each to the commission (one legislator and one general citizen). Of the eight commission members, no more than four may belong to the same political party. In the event that these eight members cannot approve a plan, the Illinois Supreme Court must select two individuals (from different political parties) as potential tiebreakers. The secretary of state must then appoint one of these individuals to the backup commission to break the tie.[33] The Illinois Constitution requires that state legislative districts be "contiguous and reasonably compact." There are no such requirements in place for the state's congressional districts.[33]” https://ballotpedia.org/Redistricting_in_Illinois
  7. How would that be done? The map represents Illinois seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. We have 18 seats at present. There are 102 counties in Illinois. List of United States Representatives from Illinois - Ballotpedia List of counties in Illinois - Wikipedia
  8. A link to a version of the Posted! app used to be at the top of the page in the old platform here. The exclamation point is part of the name. I was not using it for emphasis. I probably should have enclosed the name in quotes. I have it both on my iPad and android phone. Posted! - List Pro & Anti Gun Carry Locations - Apps on Google Play ‎Posted! - List Pro & Anti-Gun on the App Store (apple.com)
  9. "A far better tool than the USCCA page is, IMO, the phone app CCW developed by one of our IC members. I think you can search the app store for your phones OS to find it". The app is called Posted!
  10. Whitesox1, Does the letter accurately describe your brother-in-law as being being admitted under a non-immigrant visa? If so, then that seems to be the end of the process. If the letter is inaccurate, then he can begin the appeal process cited in the letter.
  11. I do not see any problem. Your counselling was well beyond the 5 year limit. Some have had problems because they mistakenly check "Yes". That throws a monkey wrench into the whole process. There is not reason to share trivial matters that happened long before the the time limit. You are not lying or committing perjury. Based on the OP's statement, this was a limited situation, that has been resolved years ago.
  12. I do not have a custom avatar and I have stars. Back to the OP, Euler gives the best answer in the second post. Since the start of CC there have been very few arrests for violations and those seem to be in connection to other violations e.g. shootings or threats. It is also a good idea to maintain a polite attitude toward an officer who stops you. Do not give them a reason to give you a rough time.
  13. My first thought was that they wouldn't try to do this under a Trump admin. He would have turned it around likely something like King suggested, or worse. By what authority could he have done this? Other than appointing federal judges with consent of the Senate, a President has no authority of the judiciary.
  14. How soon is pretty soon? For some people 6 months is pretty soon. is this a done deal with a signed lease or closing or is this a pretty sure thing? I assume the planned move will be in Illinois. By law, motorists must notify the Illinois Secretary of State's office within 10 days when their address or name changes (Illinois Vehicle Code, Sec. 3-416, 6-116 and 6-511). This will ensure that you receive your renewal notices and other correspondence at the appropriate address. https://apps.ilsos.gov/addrchange/ If the address on your FOID application does not agree with the address on file, it may not be approved.
  15. I did not see any mention of whether he had a CCL. I do not believe that this episode indicates a problem for us who have CCLs.
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