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  1. Bingo! Well..I've only bought ONE box of ammo in crook county since the tax.... So...is this ruling 'effective' in any meaningful way for we unwashed masses?
  2. Your permission slip has a crack?? You are not in compliance!! The full force if IlliniDERP shall reign upon you!!!! Transfer/sell your firearms. NOW!!! Enemy of the people!!! BURN HIM!!! BURN HIM!!!!
  3. I said LOCAL POLICE FACILITY..not ISP Every city/township has them... You know..you may have called one if you witnessed a car accident and needed help... Just sayin'...(again)
  4. I had a thought!!! Perhaps if, in such a situation, a law abiding citizen visited their LOCAL police facility...was then able to confirm and identify... Said local police service can send a verification notification to the state. At which time the state quickly confirms within 24-48 hours. Optionally....for the uber paranoid....The verify-ee can be given a verification-verification code to verify that that have been verified... Wait... What the HECK am I talking about?!??! I'm sorry...I apologize to the state of IL for 'thinking' about a possible rational solution. Perhaps if I think of something that pays off some cronies.......(?)
  5. Linux web servers? Please tell apache/tomcat to stop screwing around with the conf file syntax/params (tomcat 9.0 +) 😁
  6. EEEewwwwww!!!! A new glock THAT dirty would NEVER be able to operate for an operator in an operation zone. You should get rid of that thing. Tell ya what...I can help you out and take if off your hands for a small disposal fee.
  7. I got a UPS shipping label for the return... I'll be dropping it off this weekend. So I finally took some pics, authored an email back to Sig as they requested with seller information and pictures. I took a BUNCH..but will post the most relevent here. (They wanted pics of the red dot, box serial numbers...anything that can help. Evidently, they are in the gathering of information phase right now. I'm glad to help them!! So first off..I bought this from the seller CONNAT. Fufilled by Amazon. When went to click on the 'item I bought'..It links to a new seller PLUME CO fufilled by amazon. Whether or not the sellers are 'in on it'..I can't say. I'm only mentioning the source (And new source) from which I got mine. Again...I own two previous Romeo 5's. The second one I bought last winter. They are both full retail boxed. So I have two REAL samples to compare with this fake. Side by side... Note the COLOR. The fake is BLACK while the real one is 'not so black' The pics were taken with a flash to show the difference. If you looked at both of them in an average lighted room, it really is difficult to tell the difference. The included key, bikini cover, instructions manual, and lens cloth are dang spot on! Its unbelievable how well this was pulled off. The Sig CS rep I spoke to also acknowledged the packaging. They already know how well its faked..even the holographic seal. The LOGOS The logo on the fake 'feels' different. On the real sig you can 'feel' the logo. Its some kind of etch thru the finish. Why do I think this? When I got my first one long ago, I tried to remove it with acetone because I wanted it 'blacked out'. (I've done this with another optic in the past). Nope didnt work...its etched. The fake..is not etched. You can 'feel it'. Plus observe the positioning of the logo. "Sig Sauer" is lower and appears slightly smaller overall "Romeo 5" follows the center edge of the body on the fake while the real R5 does not. The box. They are spot on to the original in my opinion. Right down to the material..the raised emblem/sticker on the top..and even the holographic seal. Here is the big giveaway in my opinion The emitter. The fake one has some kind of material covering it while the real does not and just looks 'clean' The serial number... While I didnt compare it to the real one, and its difficult to tell them apart, Sig wanted a pic of it to trace the number..or at least have it so they know its one of the fakes. Another hint is the rear ring. It is slightly larger than the real one. There may be other things to discover...but I think these will be enough to spot a fake.. I Sent far more pictures then I'm posting here... But I think these signs are enough to ring an alarm bell if you got one of these... The signs I pointed out to Sig.....They agree'd and knew about everything I mentioned. And evidently there are deeper more subtle things Sig is discovering as well... So I was told they have only recently started gathering samples. If they needed mine? I would have shipped it overnight at my cost to get it in their hands as fast as possible. So... If you bought one recently and think its a fake?...RETURN IT! I made it with just 2 days left for my return window. I have the UPS label and will sending it back this weekend.
  8. I'm wanting to get this out there as fast as I can.... So...I came across some interweb stuff published a few days ago. Fake Romeo 5's. Really good fakes. I just recently bought my THIRD Romeo 5. Its been sitting in the box unused waiting for a home. Bought thru amazon. Seller CONNAT So..I took a closer look at it.... The box is straight up OEM with the holographic seal. (This isnt the 'brownbox' without the low riser) Compared this latest one to the other two. Ya...a few differences you can only see if you if look reeealy hard hard. I even called Sig about this to ask if they had any reports of fakes. I was rather sheepish about doing this. Fakes? Really? They'll just think I'm crazy... We know manufacturers make slight changes. Its what I figured would be the response. Sure enough...the CS guy (who was very cool!!) said they have been getting reports over the last few weeks and their lawyers are getting on it. This is VERY RECENT, again...like only in the last few weeks. I described the following differences. The emitter is different. It looks covered with some material. The logo doesnt have the same 'feel' to it. The "Sig Sauer" Logo is lower. The 'Romeo 5" logo runs parallel to the horizontal body line. The finish is 'darker' Only really observable if you hit it with a bright light. Remember, I'm comparing to TWO other Romeo 5's. Again, Sig CS confirmed I'm 'not crazy', and this is a new discovery. I even 'explicitly' asked, "Has Sig made any manufacturing changes that could account for these differences" The answer? "No". Romeo 5's made a couple of years ago should be 'exactly' the same as one you buy today. He confirmed everything I described. These are evidently 'really good fakes'.... The CS I talked to said I was only the third person 'he' spoke to that reported this. As I stated, sig has just discovered this themselves. I was asked to send them pictures and specifically of the serial number under the mount. I'll do that after I post this up... Maybe I'll post the pics here to show the differences. I'm JUST inside my return window with amazon..and already requested a return. My 'comment'? Basically, Its FAKE and Sig CS confirmed it.
  9. With all the refreshing necessary due to pages failing to load.. I would say its gone up by 1/3rd....
  10. Galco King Tuk should do the job nicely If I go IWB, its what I use for glocks. Commonly available and Cabela's/Bass pro type 'o shops.
  11. Damn fine work there gentlemen!!! My eyes thank you!!!
  12. I was shocked...SHOCKED I tell you.... But...workin' now...
  13. Have a steak...man up...and manually feed those mags. At your next pedicure, just tell em those callouses are from twattering against right wing wackos complaining about 'rights' and stoopid constitutional stuff.
  14. MagSlap

    I feel dirty....

    All the tears and showers havent helped.... I've made an appointment with a counselor.... I'm told part of the therapy includes a bath in a tub of ammo and secret squirrel discount codes for sgammo....
  15. MagSlap

    I feel dirty....

    So today I was up at the Saddle Room in Hoffman for a thing.. Since Cabella's was just across the lot, and I was feeling ammo-curious, I took a stroll. Now then, since the cook ammo tax, I have NEVER purchased ammo there since...but, I was ammo-curious about availability. One 'shocker' was that they removed 2 or 3 isles of ammo. What used to be continuous isles now has a wide space in the center. Prices were nutty as expected...but... I spotted something I had only seen on the interwebs. At that was this... While I have other 22 mag loads I was always interested in this Gold Dot stuff..but never saw it on any shelves. So...I cringed, wrestled with my inner voices..argued for a bit...and ended up taking one where one should never go and paid the $19.99 price..plus 10% c(r)ook tax..plus the c(r)ook ammo tax... Still...only one box as I have plenty of other stuff that does the job, but hey..its 'GOLD DOT...YO!" I feel dirty...unclean...and I think I need to go cry in the shower...
  16. You choose well grasshopper... Glocktalk.com magpul glock mags...suck.(compared to OEM) I have a few and are relegated to the range. I think a few are still in bags. Fine for the range...but I would never depend on em for carry... OEM's are available and cheap. There is no reason to have a small pile of em. While got particularly close to Aurora, GAT guns in Dundee is a blue label shop.
  17. What the heck did we think they were going to do with an infusion of funds to 'improve the system'.. Security? Pffft... Cronies gotsta crone dounchaknow.... (Not purple)
  18. Bummer... I'm also having to use a defined 'stream' to achieve a comparable 'new content' equiv from the previous version.... Welp..I guess its 'tard mode' then...
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