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  1. Except for a few, the JB signs around me I see are anti JB signs.
  2. Jesus once said that he who is not against me is for me. Imo, I may not agree with everything Tulsi Gabbard says but on the other hand she’s fighting on our side to a point. If she helps Bailey win that is fine by me.
  3. They are simply using language you would expect from a network who wants to make a conservative court appear illegitimate going into mid terms.
  4. Saw a Bailey commercial today actually downstate. Was on the radio as well.
  5. I can tell you that downstate more ads are starting to run asking how much worse does the state have to get?
  6. Another thing to consider is this. Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld Beats Stephen Colbert To Claim Title As Ratings King Of Late Night (forbes.com) I know this sounds silly, but consider how long Colbert has been out there and suddenly a conservative talk show host has higher ratings. It gives you a clue what people are actually listening to.
  7. One interesting thing to remember about your statement about dems trying to prop up pro Trump people because they think they’ll be easier to beat.. When Trump ran the first time, remember how they made fun of him and how they thought Trump was stupid and could not win. Look where their arrogance got them. Now they’ve got in Trump a political enemy that if he were ever to regain office he’d be out to clean house, I think they know this and why they are fighting so hard. I’m just saying they made a mistake before underestimating opponents, propping up the pro Trump candidates could prove to not have been a good political move.
  8. Oh I’m sure they do. But they are probably also thinking up anything to buy votes come November. Think about it this way, if you were one of the people who though all or part of your school loan would be forgiven, then a court case would say the administration can’t do that, if I were someone without morals or conviction and I wanted to buy votes, then I’d probably be saying see the republicans don’t want you to have a better life and try to project that republicans were simply out to step on the little people. I don’t feel that way, but just thinking through if I were on the other side, that reasoning makes sense because then you didn’t give up the money but you still get to attack your opponents.
  9. Just like the school loans. Which I heard a very interesting take on that today. The radio host made the comment, could it be they trotted out the idea of forgiving 10,000 in school loans, knowing that idea will be struck down in court, then use that to bash republicans to say how mean and hateful republicans are for not wanting to help with school loans.
  10. Personally I think scotus should be in charge of the doj or at least the federal marshals to where if politicians introduce bills that are against the court’s rulings then they would have a way to enforce.
  11. Over in a couple of areas. Most of the others are in the 3.50 or so range. What’s wild, in one area it’s that price, 5-10 miles it’s 3.49-3.59. It helps that my little car gets almost 40mpg. I think I’m at 39.9mpg at the moment.
  12. And you don’t have to stop again for gas either lol. Of course I try not to buy much in this state if I can help it. I paid 3.22 a gallon today, then saw it for 3.12 after I’d already filled up. My local area is still over 4 bucks a gallon.
  13. As I said, easiest thing, avoid the rest stops, go to private gas station. Probably cleaner anyway and you don't have to worry about the carry issue.
  14. In my mind, if you are old enough to potentially be drafted, old enough to vote, you are old enough to own a gun, even drink or smoke. Now that said, I do not drink or smoke, I speak as a Christian who typically leans conservative, but if the law says you are an adult, you should be an adult period. If that number needs to be changed, fine change it to 22 across the board for example. The 2nd ammendment is not a 2nd class right. However, it should be remembered that probably back in the revolutionary war days, many times people probably grew up in more rural environments, so boys likely grew up shooting/hunting a good portion of the time to have food and to survive. Today is different. I say if perhaps what needs to happen, do something along the lines of teach a course in schools in everyone's sophomore or junior year. Make it a requirement for graduation, about gun safety. I know I'm going to sound overly conservative as well, but as someone who is into computers and video games, on video games for example, some of the newer ones are way too far out there. I am in my 40's and have played video games since I was a kid. As someone who likes video games that have action, some of the newer ones with the excess amounts of blood, gore, profanity are too far over the top in my mind. Keep in mind I have played a lot of these games, and some of the ones the last few years I won't play. Some of them just glorify killing and blood way too much. I realize there is supposed to be artistic freedom and I get that, but maybe on the ratings there should be incentives for parents not to buy the most violent ones for their 12 year old kids for example who may not understand and are impressionable. Not sure where you draw the line, but there has to be a balance, as some people seem to not value human life anymore which is sad for our society.
  15. You probably had a lot of people like me who didn’t have a foid before 2020, so buying wasn’t as easy since it could take a while to get that. I remember looking at websites like buds, etc and seeing how much they were out of stock.
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