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  1. You are probably right, but thus far the others haven’t seemed to take an active stance that they won’t ship from brownells for example. Unless I’m mistaken.
  2. Well in that case if that’s really their policy I have the right to vote with my wallet and use any carrier but them.
  3. I don’t necessarily agree with the foid, but I agree they need the best attorneys working on places like New York and California. Illinois is definitely annoying at times, but compared to places like New York we’ve got it pretty easy unless you are in Chicago or that area.
  4. Wow they need to be sued for every last dime the state and governor possess until they stop doing that. The second amendment is a God given right, yet they expect that the burden is on you to prove that you are worthy of them giving you said right? Even in court you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. I hope people see exactly what they are doing and the court hits the state very hard over this. Their opinion as written didn’t seem to leave much wiggle room.
  5. While I agree with you, compared to what it was a year or so ago. To someone like me it’s reasonable. Keep in mind I got my first handgun in 2020 after all the riots. Then at one point I remember paying 25-30 a box. So compared to that price it’s much less. However, I remember talking to dad and he mentioned being able to buy 1000 round buckets at rural king for about 100 bucks. Unfortunately those days are probably gone. On the topic about 5.56, I think I remember seeing some article mentioning the army wanting to adopt a new main rifle with a higher caliber. So could be part of why less supply of the other.
  6. Thinking of selling a handgun I don’t use much to a friend, but honestly the only time I’ve ever sold has been directly to an FFL. Was trying to search and I know there was something about verifying the foid on the isp website and entering info on the gun, but not sure of all the steps.
  7. I was just talking about that with dad today. It seems to me that the court should really be the one with control over the doj. Just an opinion, or at least an arm of it like the marshals to enforce the rulings similar to how a judge would have the sheriff take control on things. As far as the gx4, all’s well that ends well. After talking to my dad earlier and going to the range for practice, I tried drawing with a round in the chamber. A little fear but I felt funny about it. They had a nice Springfield hellcat pro for a good price and gave me a fair deal on a couple of other guns.. So as soon as my waiting period is up I’ll bring that home. It did have the manual safety so I can carry with a round in and flick with my thumb as I draw to pull the safety. Hope things never come to that but I do like the Springfield and it seems to be a nice gun.
  8. Kydex just seems to me like it would be too hard and inflexible to me which is why I prefer softer material. When pocket carrying I find that comfortable but the trigger is covered. Am starting to consider something with a safety that way I could carry in chamber but still feel as though there’s a bit of protection and not add to the draw time since I could train to paw at the safety as I’m drawing.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I don’t pretend to know everything. Still learning a bit from others who have more experience in this area. Since I was already pocket caring and getting used to that I think this DeSantis holster will do the job. It didn’t cost as much as others but it seems like it will be functional. It is about the same size as the leather holster I was using but I can draw a lot easier with it.
  10. Not 5.56 as I don’t have an AR but makes me think more about having 9mm around that’s what my carry gun and another take, as well as the fact that 9mm is dirt cheap right now and you can get 9mm carbines.
  11. This came into my email from palmetto state armory. Looks like a specialty gun to their store, but looks like a nice kit for the sale price. Not that I need another gun at the moment. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-dagger-compact-9mm-rmr-pistol-w-10-pmag-27rd-15rd-magazines-psa-pistol-bag.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_deals&utm_campaign=20220702&utm_term=morning&utm_content=51655128277#compliance
  12. Well at least maybe some people can get rich by suing the state. I guess for my part, I was raised around guns but I never felt a great need to even own one when I got married. To tell the truth of it, the rioting in 2020 and democrats started calling for defunding the police is what made me want to get into guns as an adult. I told my wife I wanted one because of the police wouldn’t be there to protect us that we needed to protect ourselves. I know of at least one friend of mine who got his foid due to the same reason.
  13. Good deal. I’ve had it less than 24 hours but I find if I’m carrying with it, grab the gun handle and just a little push on the holster with my middle fingers and it comes right out. I’m sure it will loosen up as well.
  14. You can see how the gx4 fits the p365 holster. It covers the trigger. I can see just a bit of space behind the trigger it doesn’t cover, but since I pocket carry I dedicate that pocket to that purpose and don’t put anything else in the pocket with it. It stays loaded with hornady critical duty, which was what the range had when I bought the ammo and the gun seems to run it.
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