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  1. I thought registering guns was a Nazi thing? I guess it is cool to be a Democratic Nazi somehow? Look at the 1994 AWB, the only thing Bush Jr. did right was to let that thing sunset. If the 1994AWB was legal nationally, how will ILAWB be not legal? Sure there is Buren, but looking back, the national AWB was allowed...
  2. Honestly I like how the CCL is structured, out of state should not be able to CCL. FU. you don´t live here, you probably moved from here to escape the taxes the rest of us has to foot, NO CCL FOR YOU.
  3. You see what bubbling Pritkzker said.... we have a right to feel safe in our homes... YEAH, WITH MY AR *****!
  4. So a Texas Big Bore Air Force air rifle is legal in .45. In trapping, many are using air rifles and shooting animal in the eye/brain for immediate kill. Air rifles are quieter.
  5. Illinois law treated "air rifles" like regular guns under its codes until it changed in 2012 when the law was amended. The current Illinois law treats air guns as firearms only if they have a caliber over .18 and/or a muzzle velocity of over 700 feet per second.
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