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  1. Darren represents MY values. I give not a damn what Chicago thinks.
  2. Like TRUMP said at Bailey endorsement, all Pritzker has is money. "and something else, not good"
  3. I agree, Bailey needs to stay in the North East for several months, the rest of the State is a shoe in! He needs major campaigning in "the burbs". The rest of the state he has won, since nobody likes JB. All he has is money. Also don't put all the loot in attack ads, need major internet presence in that area. Bailey can win this, the only issue I see keeping JB strong is Abortion... but that will be a non issue by election.(Bailey said he can't repeal abortion, the legislator won't let it) And another thing.... Bailey, will he get anything done, since Springfield is infested with radical left Dems? At least with Bailey as Governor, we won't have to hear blow tard on the TV taking credit for everything....
  4. Outside of the Chicago Machine, I believe we have fair elections. Since Chicago has misappropriated power, there is no need to cheat outside of Chicago, as it does not matter. There may be a red wave in the State legislature, but right now, I see J.B. winning another term, and it will hinge on the Suburbs of Chicago. Plus the Republicans don't have a front runner, it's all divided up, so J.B. might win with only 30% of the vote...and we all know what a blowhard he is. In ways, California has a better constitution. Illinois desperately needs a way that something can be put on the ballot based on signatures. Springfield is useless. The next governor SHOULD BE Darren Bailey. An actual farmer that got screwed on taxes....that is why he is running. But the RINO's and Democrats has a firm grip on this State. Just look at the Illinois License plate, half of it is Chicago, a little barn, Springfield rotunda, and nothing south of there. The Illinois License plate depicts the states problem, very accurately.
  5. I googled this, and there were some effort to ban guns in houses of worship.... the bills all died it seems. So I can carry in a Church building, unless posted. But, what about home fellowships? I attend a home fellowship that is tax exempt as a church(501xx). Do I need the permission of the homeowner to conceal carry in his house, that for tax reasons is a place of worship? Or it is more I need permission to carry on his land, like private property?
  6. Darren Bailey is as close to an "American First Republican" in the field....and is a farmer. This is a farmer state. Who else stood up to JB's unconstitutional emergency mask requirement? Everyone who backstabbed Rauner's state shutdown showdown for the balls to stand up to the Madigan's is a RINO... and no we will not vote for a RINO, (Republican IN NAME ONLY)
  7. Just an update: Natural Areas are "Nature Preserves" so NO GO on carry. This is a older sign which no longer exist on the site. It is a nature preserve. even though it's not in the database.
  8. I tend to agree, I have not contacted IDNR yet. but I found it interesting the site is not in the register of "nature preserves" I agree with Quiet Observer, some Natural Areas are not nature preserves, since the area I'm interested in, is NOT registered in the Natural Preserve directory, I am still waiting for a response from DNR...
  9. A Natural Area is not a Nature Preserve. The area I'm interested in is called "Devil's Prop" Natural area. Interestingly it is NOT listed in the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory (INAI) sites. It is NOT LISTED IN THE NATURE PRESERVE DIRECTORY. However the place has those fake wood brown plastic signs saying "State Natural Area" signs and ROW markers saying Natural Area, IL. Dept of Conservation, and has a parking lot and a trash can. The trail is unmarked, and much graffiti and UTV trail damage. Thoughts?
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