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  1. The Wife and I are both Mid 70s and yes moving at any age is a REAL pain but more so when you are a seasoned citizen. It’s especially true when you have 23 years worth of accumulated “stuff” to sort through.. We used a real estate firm that specializes in seniors. They packed up for us, arranged the movers and will clean up the old house after you move. Then they market the old house. There are several RE firms that specialize in seniors. Google is your friend. Of course you pay for the services but without the help we might have kept procrastinating.
  2. I was born, raised and educated in Chicago. We moved to Suburban Cook to raise our children. When we became empty nesters we moved to DuPage County but after a while the crime and corruption followed us. After this last election I knew there was no hope for Illinois. Moving is a real hassle but being in a red state will make it worth while.
  3. I got mine in the mail today and will be a resident of Missouri y sundown tomorrow. At least it will be valid for the next 24 hours. 🥸
  4. By sundown tomorrow we will be residents of Missouri. I’ve had enough of Illinois, especially after this last election As will be fitting for this screwed up state I got my new combined FOID/CCL card in the mail today. It will be valid for about 24 more hours.
  5. Curran’s rabid anti-gun zealotry was bought and paid for by the antis. He has openly accepted campaign contributions from anti-gun groups.
  6. I’m thinking that reducing their state pensions would be against the IL Constitution. But then it is the Democrats …..
  7. I moved into DuPage 21 years ago and at that time every single elected office was held by a Republican. Then the people escaping the crime and corruption of Cook County moved in and brought their ideology with them. Now it isn’t much different than Cook other than the court system.
  8. Time to join The Great Illinois Exodus
  9. The Anti-gun zealots have overused the dog whistle ASSAULT WEAPONS so they had to come up with a new dog whistle to stir up the troops.
  10. https://t.co/1KjRbyb99J Democrat-turned-independent Tulsi Gabbard backs Republican ‘man of the people’ Bailey as one of the ‘great American patriots’ Despite saying former President Donald Trump was “unfit to serve” as president in 2019, Gabbard is now campaigning for Trump-endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidates, including Bailey, Tudor Dixon in Michigan and Kari Lake in Arizona, as well as Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt.
  11. Another reason only 16% have faith in the media.
  12. How much faith do people have in the media? According to this Gallup poll only 16% have faith in the print media and 11% in the TV news Note that Congress is at the bottom and the biggest drop between the 2021 and 2022 polls was the 15% drop in faith in the presidency. Did you see this poll mentioned in the media? I wonder why not?
  13. I know in the past the American Legion Post 1941 in LaGrange ran such a program as a recruitment too. I’m not sure if they are still doing it. https://www.al1941.org/
  14. I think they are going with the premise that if you tell a lie often enough it will become a truth.
  15. Some of the pundits stated that Bailey “won” the debate or at least came out looking better than JB. Unfortunately what maters most in IL is the D or R after their name.
  16. https://www.advantagenews.com/news/local/granite-city-news/as-gun-owner-permits-are-being-revoked-avenue-for-appeals-remains-narrow/article_adbb8a78-40d2-11ed-8431-ef5587eced50. Pritzker has not filled any of the 7 appeals board seats. “ISP said earlier this month they have conducted more than 200 FOID enforcement details with more than 1,000 individuals surrendering their FOID cards and weapons. But John Boch, with the gun-rights group Guns Save Life, said while there’s a FOID appeals board in state statute, the governor has not appointed anyone to field challenges to revoked privileges. “Governor Pritzker and his friends in the legislature that are leading our state have done a fine job basically taking people’s FOID cards away without any due process at all,” Boch told WMAY.”
  17. As is becoming more and more common, Illinois passes more and more laws so fast that many municipalities cannot keep up. They also do not write in a penalty for noncompliance. That ISP pages is rarely updated.
  18. I’m going to lock this thread. It seems like we cannot discuss this without conflict. Let’s try to do better people.
  19. Law weapons in Naperville has a decent ‘smith.
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