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Call to Action 4/23/2023! Witness Slips Needed!


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We Must Do More!


On March 30, SB754 Regulation Tech passed out of the Senate as amended by Senate Floor Amendment 1. The amendment requires one to have a valid FOID card in order to purchase or posses Tannerite and similar binary compounds. During Senate debate the sponsor explained that she was motivated to offer this bill because the Highland Park shooter had stockpiled Tannerite with a presumed intent to put it to nefarious purpose. Thus, we must require Illinois residents to have a FOID card in in order to purchase this product.


What didn't she explain?


She didn't explain that the shooter, Robert Crimo III, had a valid FOID card.


She didn't explain that this bill would have done nothing to prevent his possession of Tannerite.


She didn't explain that since a firearm is needed to put Tannerite to use, a FOID card is already required in Illinois for Tannerite to have any effect.


Now comes the House sponsor, Bob Morgan. Early in session he stressed that while his firearm and magazine ban was a wonderful (albeit temporary) win on his part, he insisted that “we must do more”.


And now we know, the “more” he spoke of is a bill that would have had no effect on Mr. Crimo's possession of Tannerite. His “more” is another infringement of our rights that will not impact the safety of Illinois residents. His “more” is a bone thrown to their so called advocates, those folks who believe this nonsense and blindly support it, the folks who are starting to see through the charade.


If you've lost your way, if you too can no longer tell what is and is not gun control, sit back and do nothing. Join those who were neutral. Join Senators Curran and Rezin, both yes votes in the Senate, who rejected their oath to uphold our rights.


If you would rather fight the good fight, if you prefer to hold NYSRPA v Bruen as the standard they must meet, if you would like to honor the traditions the Founders established, join us in opposing this nonsense. Join IllinoisCarry in filing witness slips against this bill because it's true, WE must do more!



File Witness Slips Now!

Detailed Witness Slip Instructions


Log On to the ILGA Dashboard


In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip.




SB754 Regulation Tech



Read More About This Bill


File an OPPONENT Witness Slip


Track the Witness Slips




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