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  1. It usually works that way, doesn't it? 🤪
  2. Yeah, that is what libs/progressives are good at doing to the general population. That is why we call it "F.U.D." (Fear/Uncertainty/Despair) and they use it to control the "masses".
  3. Grainderson - don't forget to check out pawn shops in your area for used guns that might save you some cash. Ten years ago, I found a Ruger GP-100 in .357 at one and, after checking out Gun Broker, etc., offered them $100 less than their tagged price and they accepted. The gun was only 1 year old and in mint condition. Its only minor flaw (something I didn't know to check) was that the cylinder gap is at the upper end of Ruger's specs. This will always remain in my mind for any other revolver I might want.
  4. Or they may just be fed up with the bureaucratic nonsense here and are taking a more "active role" in protecting themselves and their families. With the information coming out about the SAFE-T act, they may be getting better prepared in anticipation of its impending disaster.
  5. Neither am I but being retired and having most of the guns I want, I see no need to give this state additional tax money.
  6. A judge from Chicago ruled this way??? 😲 Has H.e.l.l. frozen over?!?!? 🤔
  7. Yes, like on Amendment 1 for another issue.
  8. Actually, that can be said for nearly every major metropolitan ares. Look at Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, St. Louis. Need I say more?
  9. What else would you expect from the Belleville News-Democrat ??
  10. It isn't only an AR that is a "violence interrupter". Basically, anything that can keep them beyond arm's length could be that.
  11. "Gun Free Zones" are just one of the symptoms of the insanity gripping this country. How many of you remember the saying that doing this or that is "as easy as shooting fish in a barrel." Think about that for a minute. GFZs are the "barrel" that we put one of our most valuable resources, our children. And who made that a "requirement"? How will you "thank" them? This is part of the reason that GFZs should be eliminated. They are "targets of opportunity" that draw in the lunatics that want to make a name for themselves.
  12. Here is a link from the Illinois Policy group with some "unpleasant" information about this amendment. This needs to be defeated in November. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/workers-rights-amendment-website-ignores-tax-hike/
  13. Or you can find a local crafter to custom make your holster, just like I did. 😁
  14. Nice idea but it won't get any more traction than the attempts to hold Cuomo and Bloomie responsible for their "sting" operations in other states trying to circumvent the gun laws and blame those non-NY facilities for the gun problems of NY.
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