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  1. Anybody care to bet that the gun was in his waistband and not a holster? In trying to get the gun out of his waistband, he may have grabbed the trigger.
  2. DITTO ! I used Word to put multiple pictures of my various guns with some history about each (2 are over 100 y.o.). It also tells (approximately in several cases) when the gun was purchased or inherited and the serial numbers. Two electronic copies are on my computer and a relative's and hard copies at both places as well.
  3. That's going to be hard when you bought them over 20 years ago.
  4. With the "judgement" of these corrupt judges an almost forgone conclusion, does this not make the likelihood of it being brought to the USSC much greater?
  5. No, they are taking the "gloves" off. This is going to end up as a "bare knuckle bruiser". Yeah, right. Fat lot of good it did the Founders. What rules? They don't have any and, even if they did, they STILL wouldn't play by "rules".
  6. And this was the first day of work for one of these assistants. Good grief !
  7. It now turns out that the SA investigating Gardiner had her followed on a day when she was supposed to be in court to face the judge that referred to her office as a "rudderless ship" on a contempt hearing. Instead, she went to some medical office and stayed there for about 3 hours, missing her mandatory court appearance ! Would it be fair to say that Gardiner appears to be digging her own grave"?? June 1st can't come soon enough !
  8. Agreed. But an occasional reminder doesn't hurt. The problem is that they have nearly all of the media (TV, radio, "social garbage", etc.) either on their side or actually in their pocket. They also have greater financial resources to use for their deceptions. Between the likes of Soros, Bloomberg, and their hostage taxpayer base, they can out-spend our side.
  9. That is my greatest concern - that they will tie this up in the courts for years and give themselves time to "engineer" replacement "laws".
  10. This bears repeating - keep all of your firearms fully loaded and close at hand. I'm afraid they will be needed before next year's election.
  11. Agreed. When written, the "militia" that the Second refers to was meant to mean those "able bodied men". Too young or too old was excluded for a variety of reasons, but mostly for age and physical fitness. Women were denied as that was "appropriate" for that time.
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