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  1. Of course they will as they don't "comply" with any law(s) that don't suit them. Much like the democrats.
  2. The "blind" leading the blind. Don't worry. It will end up biting them where it counts.
  3. guzzimike66 - of greater importance is for everything - and I do mean everything - be listed. I am executor for my Mother's estate and a snag has developed because all her financial assets from her brokerage account and checking accounts were moved to an "estate account". From that, the various relatives got their various percentages. What the estate lawyer is telling me now is that all of her furniture, pictures, Beanie Babies (and asst. other "collectible"), should have been on a property list and portioned out to the relatives according to her wishes. That didn't happen. My brother, S-i-L, and I took what we needed/wanted and had an auctioneer come in to pack up the rest to be sold and the proceeds split between the 2 of us. Despite the fact that NONE of these items were ever listed in any way NOR were supposed to part of the estate funds, this lawyer is giving me some grief about it. Now we have also run into another problem. Some kind of "limited partnership" real estate deal Mom was part of sent her the K-1s last week, something that I had forgotten about as the last correspondence from them was in 2/23 with a check that we both (Mom & I) thought was the "final pay-out". The K-1s came with a letter stating that there was still one piece of property to be sold and that it might take 2+ years. When contacted, I found out that Mom had made no beneficiary designation so now the problem is to try and get them to transfer ownership. It would have been easy to do last summer before Mom died as I had P.o.A. for her but with her health declining, this asset slipped "through the cracks". To put it bluntly - INVENTORY EVERYTHING !! If the owner is still living, have them say "who gets what" and write that all down. Good luck.
  4. It may be "April Fool's Day" but, thanks to the email alert, I filed slips on both yesterday. 😀
  5. In all the times I have gone, my reps and senators have always been "no shows". 😡 No surprises there.
  6. Weather (and bad back) permitting, I'll be there.
  7. If it was a relative or good friend, keep it for memory's sake. When it expires, if it hasn't already, just destroy it just like you would any ID or credit card.
  8. That is an incredible find Dave ! If even 10% of that is accurate, this could be so damaging to this administration and their lackeys. 😲 Let us hope this works out. 😉
  9. Too bad. He never got his chance to "even the odds".
  10. Yuri - fantastic video !! I actually pulled the slider back to zero and watched the whole thing. It had originally started at about 3:30 and I wanted to see the beginning. Good find !
  11. Not "infiltrated" but "swamped". I have a relative that lives less than 2 miles from the main campus, so I get an earful about some of the stupidity going on there.
  12. Exactly. And that is the booby-trap in this law where "things" are open to "subjective interpretation".
  13. "Deception and evasion." Like "3-Card Monty", it's what the dims are so good at doing.
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