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  1. jelly belly is trying to out 'california" Illinois in preparation for his expected future battle with Gavin Newsom For the 2024 POTUS election.
  2. Don't mistake it, he is an enemy. face to the name: https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/sociology/faculty/hs23698 From 9/2021 - 7/2022 Harel Shapira is an ethnographer whose research focuses on gun culture, militias, and right-wing politics. Dates at IAS Member School of Social Science 9/2021 – 7/2022 Degrees Columbia University Ph.D. 2010 The University of Chicago B.A. 2001 Appointments The University of Texas at Austin 2013 Associate Professor of Sociology
  3. the latest spew courtesy of the progressive democrats. signaling to their disruptive forces to get ready.
  4. done wow these stinking things not only move the goalposts, they put wheels and an engine on them. so many undefined, open ended, subjective things.... SMH
  5. Who needs vote fraud when you have Gerrymandering? With the gerrymandering the Demoncrats control, the opposition doesn't even bother to run in a LOT of jurisdictions. The key to unlocking Illinois is to stomp out gerrymandering.
  6. And the opponent should capitalize on that extensively. Turn Soros into a bond or austin powers villain.
  7. I've got ENOUGH nightmares, thanks for a couple more doozies...
  8. I'm starting to wonder if this is their "plan". The individuals caught up in the pistol brace fiasco are surely NOT voting Democrats, they have no votes to lose there. Then they'll have the adoration of major portions of their LWW spectrum, as they "stick it to those nasty gunnies"... You say the prison system can't handle an influx of 2 million new prisoners. They'll be convicted and put directly on parole. (they WILL have few other crimes on their "sheet") meanwhile "parole" will be changing, into more of a communist china social score that will proscribe various goods and services from the less well rated. kind of a way to put us in a jail without having to build more walls. Through our credit cards and banking. Cash flow. To those that would resist the credit card changes, well, we had a taste of that already.
  9. Try deleting all ilga cookies, restarting your browser and log on again. I had no problems.
  10. sigh... lined out is the proposed change to the existing legislation: (8) (Blank). Any bus, train, or form of transportation 24 paid for in whole or in part with public funds, and any 25 building, real property, and parking area under the 26 control of a public transportation facility paid for in HB1429 - 3 - LRB103 05848 RLC 50868 b 1 whole or in part with public funds. this removes the restriction on carrying on public transport..... or in other words, CARRY ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!! .
  11. There's that magic word again.... "Guard" a bank guard. security personel tan cards different rules for carrying on the way to work or home after work. and if he had 4 jams, that does not speak well to weapons care.
  12. hotel echo echo Lima typed in as a word is substituted as "heck" ( hotel echo charlie kilo ) by the browser software. oops! hotel echo Lima Lima typed in as a word is substituted as "heck" ( hotel echo charlie kilo ) by the browser software.
  13. "It is likely no one will" Cheers Tim I have a suspicion that it will be exactly the opposite, they will figure out how to have a few splashy media centric "examples" that rake some prominent souls over the coals "to encourage the others" In a hearing The Director of the ISP said they would not be in the business of kicking in doors Willis then said, half off mic: "can't you do just a few"... referring to the Director of the ISP. (it's on the hearing's video)
  14. "will retire later this year" doorknob's gonna get bruises. I lean with Hap, the Biden circus has been going through staff like the spanish flu, they always need more suckers staff.
  15. JB Pritzger would love to sign a gun grabbing bill BEFORE his second term starts, would make a great blustering point for his further political ambitions. Granted reality and Bruen and 25 constitutional carry states have hollowed out that bluster - EXCEPT in JB's mind.
  16. She is a lame duck, and my "vote" is to let the crazy lady fade into history.
  17. yeah, imagine the unwary DRIVING in to lawfully turn in their guns, only to be arrested by THAT gotcha. They really are a slimy, detestable bunch, I would relegate them to the deepest circles of Hades. "Oh really??? The Sec of State hasn't informed you yet that your car cannot be re-registered and OH, BTW your driver's license ALREADY IS suspended" OK you're busted for driving on a suspended license... ya know, I never ever thought of wishing someone a terminal cancer diagnosis, but she qualifies.
  18. He already owns the military armament bonanza he showered down on the taliban. His hand are dripping red with blood already. Although I really wonder if that senile old fart had ultimate say in the matter. More and more this is reminding me of "weekend at bernie's", with some "wag the dog" mixed in.
  19. You would be unpleasantly surprised to find out how many politicians were and still are ardent anti-gun true believers. To them being in effect for a few years is a win, and they hope that when it finally comes to trial they somehow can swing upholding it. To them it is a wise use of their time.
  20. Since the author is concealed, it has to be the spawn of one of the more odious gun control oligarch. Bloomie himself??
  21. "implies" is sucker bait. the law is as the law is written, not what some poor mook is misled to believe. structure definition would include an open framework, definitely not a dwelling. An antenna tower would qualify. a dwelling : a building or portion thereof, a tent, a vehicle, or other enclosed space which is used or intended for use as a human habitation, home or residence.
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