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  1. I have stars but I don't have the supporting team identity anymore. Edit to add ..... Molly must have worked her magic . well someone did because I now have the supporting team identity back. Thanks to whoever fixed this.
  2. It isn't nice to laugh at old people.
  3. 😍<--- I think this is how I will be once I learn this newfangled outlay. How I am right now ---> 🤪
  4. papa


    I have a lot of extra meat on me . I get poked and stuck no matter where I place the holster or for that matter what type of holster I wear. I normally wear an IWB leather or kydex depending on the firearm. A shoulder holster would stop the poking but hard to wear during the summer. If you only have a big belly and no extra side meat , you could probably get away with an outside the waist belt holster.
  5. https://www.peopleofwalmart.com/category/location/il/ Just for you Bubbacs .
  6. This is always a good read Lou. Thanks for posting.
  7. We can't even get the total membership of illinoiscarry to file witness slips .
  8. To not do so would make us complicit with the anti-gun side. The long term goal of the ISRA is to get rid of the FOID card. You sure did pick a fine way to go about it . I call B. S.
  9. Non of this is about stopping crime. It is about controlling us period. They can't control us as long as we have firearms , thus the reason to slowly but surely implement these " gun laws " .
  10. I can't say what I want to about this because I don't want Molly B put knots on my head . All I can say is " bad words , bad words , bad words " .
  11. I am beside myself that I finally decided to join the ISRA early this year. I don't know nor understand how you can justify such actions when you are supposed to be fighting against the FOID card .
  12. I finally joined ISRA the first of this year after years of thinking about it and then not doing it. I will not renew my membership as long as the current leadership at ISRA remains in charge.
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