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  1. I took the 3 hour renewal on 6-1-24 Submitted certificate and paid my money 6-6-24 Now I wait.
  2. I just sent off for my CCL renewal this evening. Now to see how long it takes.
  3. Makes me proud to have been a member for several years. It says something when law enforcement is against a law.
  4. I'm in on all 3. Thanks again for making it so easy to file mauserme.
  5. Thanks Mauser for making it so easy to file. I'm done on all.
  6. You may have already seen this but just what I found . https://www.andrewnickel.com/blog/2021/october/illinois-knife-laws/
  7. The Lodge small ashtray skillet can be found on Ebay. If you are a mind to visit that site.
  8. I have that book and soundguy is right. The book is quite eye opening. A very good read.
  9. I just wonder how many people were prosecuted for noncompliance in Connecticut when their registration scheme went into effect.
  10. There are 40 states that allow Full auto firearms as long as they were made before 1986 . If they were a problem , we would have seen it in the news media before now. https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/nfa-items-permitted-by-state
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