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  1. Thanks for posting this test. I think I will just stay with my Break Free CLP and Tetra gun grease.
  2. I wear the suspenders to keep my pants from falling around my ankles. I wear a belt for all the things I can't attach to my suspenders. 😉
  3. My sister brought by her copy of the notice yesterday asking if I had gotten an email concerning this topic. I hadn't at that time. It was late yesterday evening before my notice came through . Don't give up hope yet Molly B. I am sure you and Mr. B. will get to roll in the money like the rest of us. 😁
  4. I wouldn't go if it was being held right across the street from me.
  5. ISRA can kick rocks ( being nice here ) as far as I am concerned. I was planning on becoming a life member but that won't be happening now. 🤬
  6. So if we don't remember the expiration date of our F O I D card then we have to call in also? I guess we can go online and check every couple months to see if we are nearing a renewal date ?? This stupid state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Or you could send it back to Springfield to let them fix it for free. JMHO
  8. I cut mine up into 4 pieces and mailed it back to them along with their letter. This was my first year to join ISRA due to being on a limited income . I wanted to upgrade to a life member . Now they can kick rocks and they won't see another dime from me. Not until they show that they will fight tooth and nail to completely protect our 2A rights.
  9. I don't know about it being "armor piercing " but it was certainly arm piercing.
  10. Like my mother used to say , I feel for him but just can't reach him. So sad. 🤣
  11. I have been using the default theme and not having any issues until I clicked on this thread. I then went to one of the new options and again had to refresh to get it to open. I have returned to the default theme.
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