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  1. I use the Desantis Superfly pocket holster with my LCPII . The cover flap completely breaks up the outline of a firearm. You can find them cheaper than this listing. https://www.desantisholster.com/super-fly/
  2. Right here in my little town of about 15,000 the police knocked down the door at the wrong address with a no knock warrant. The guy had to fight like all heck to get them to pay for the damage. They wanted him to get it fixed and then they would look at the bill and decide how much they should pay. 🤬
  3. Yes I know the bill does that. I was saying it in the way that there is no reason for them to not allow the centerfire rifles.
  4. They might as well allow centerfire rifles . Not much difference in the distance modern black powder rifles shoot than the centerfires do.
  5. Mine also shows an expiration date today. Yesterday it was still showing covid .
  6. Thanks for posting this test. I think I will just stay with my Break Free CLP and Tetra gun grease.
  7. I wear the suspenders to keep my pants from falling around my ankles. I wear a belt for all the things I can't attach to my suspenders. 😉
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