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  1. Hold the line....if you are intent on registering, at least wait until there is no other option.
  2. I disagree, but do not have time to debate it or explain why. To each their own, but I agree with rmart on this one.
  3. ^This. As long as America is a sovereign nation, the globalists' goal will never be reached. They know this. By diluting our population and disregarding borders, the idea of a sovereign nation slips further away. That is why legal immigration teaches the Constitution, and American history, and encourages assimilation, while still allowing a person to maintain their culture. It is not bad when followed. Those people appreciate the freedoms of America and are more inclined to defend the idea of a sovereign country. People who come here illegally are not taught anything about America, and have no regard for the rule of law. So when the time comes to dissolve our nation, there will be little resistance from the masses. The number of people who will have no idea of why we must remain sovereign will overwhelm the rest of the nation and then anything can be voted in.
  4. Correct, but they will do it on our dime. Increase the fees to pay for the system. No big deal to them.
  5. Nah....I was going to be nice, but I could care less! She directly violated the very Oath she swore to; she enhanced herself and her financial status while in office; she stripped away the rights of millions of people. She is why the country is in the shape it is. That is not anything but facts. I agree, no need to bash the dead, but nothing wrong with pointing out that she was a cancer to American politics.
  6. Look under the FOID Application, Renewal, and Appeals process forum, that is where info regarding the doctor is located.
  7. There was just a post about a doctor that seems to be aware of the process and willing to help. Dr. Kessler was his name... not sure if that is what you are seeking, but check out the post that someone just did about him in probably the post 24 hours here.
  8. You also are required to have a minimum of ten years of LE service and have left in good standing.
  9. Soundguy posted what the rules are, thank you, as I was wondering as well. That said...if OP could provide his experience as far as access, security, how closely they were checking things, wands, metal detectors?? Any update once you go would be appreciated. I am not trying to break any rules, just wondering how much they are enforcing it or even checking for things like this. I guess my question is, is entering more like a bar entrance or an actual game entrance?
  10. Thank you Euler for keeping the threads updated with legal status and changes as these cases move along....I know you are doing that for multiple court cases right now, it is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  11. The UN is no friend to the idea of the United States being a Second Amendment nation, much less a sovereign nation.
  12. He lacks any real intelligence, as he has demonstrated time and time again.
  13. The Officer in Blue Island is armed while on duty, but one news article does mention that she cannot carry off- duty due to a federal law.
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