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  1. Most likely not Vezpa! I do not understand why there was such a large swing on slips for our side??? So over 1200 people filled out one slip, but not the other? Just wondering
  2. Done, and sent to friends. Trying to encourage a new person each time, and then trying to convince them to get just one friend or family member to do the same. I had a buddy say he filled it out one night, so I went and checked. He had not yet done it so I jokingly called him out, good friend so no harm here....he quickly went in and signed the slips and does it everytime now knowing I might check and call him on it if he bluffs! Told him we cannot get lazy! Be safe everyone!
  3. I have used gunbroker many times as well, I have always had smooth and easy transactions and as noted, you can view feedback about your seller prior to buying.
  4. I can view armslist for free...I thought you only pay if you want to make contact, but I have found many sellers put their contact information in the listing which circumvents the need to pay. I am sure location makes the selection a bit easier for some, but I have been successful in finding what I want locally doing that.
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