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  1. Florida...........amazing how they actually help you to obtain their CCL for a non-resident.
  2. Same type of misdirection these dum0craps use............I.E. Inflation reduction Act?
  3. Any 'R' that makes it to the general election will get my vote regardless. Jumbled Brains has done absolutely nothing for the middle class of this state and his business sense is 0. He is almost as bad as Potato Head was.
  4. The courts will be the one to get rid of the FOID before we ever see a GOP majority anywhere in this state.
  5. Finally caught up with the ol' Machine! Let's hope he does some time in the gray bar hotel real soon!
  6. Done.......it is getting tougher to stay in this liberal paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How long before this turd ends up in court or another class action. The hits just keep coming.............................
  8. Pretty ease to figure this out Turdbin.............no jail for thugs and cops take two or three steps back because they are not supported or underfunded by the likes of you and your cohorts. No mystery here.
  9. Grandkids are still in the baby phase.........maybe in a couple years.
  10. This guy is a real piece of work. Typical machine, elitist and above the serfs politician.
  11. He falls on his own sword. The GOP needed an R in his seat (seems like the one going away to Florida or Texas) but I will not miss him too much. I do respect his decision not to run and would Thank him for his service but his politics are a mixed bag at best.
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