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  1. Very worthy organization. I have heard the leader speak a couple times and he is informative as well as in tune with current events. Some of the stories where he interacts with the leaders of Chitown are amazing. Definitely a thumbs up!
  2. Seriously? Groot thinks this is a solution? Stupid is as stupid does.............................
  3. A super-super majority seems in the offing real soon. Does anyone think Prikster is going to change this?
  4. Went to a few of these 'local' meetings pre-Covid. They are actually pretty interesting when the guest is a congress member, gun store owner, etc.
  5. Happens to the best of us.............desperate times call for desperate $$$$. The reloading world is crazier..........
  6. Of course this will never see the light of day and no person who voted for this will ever admit it didn't work. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/one-third-of-chicago-murder-victims-likely-killed-by-someone-released-under-affordable-bail-law/
  7. Nothing but respect and gratitude to the ISP or any LEO for that matter. The issue is with this state's legislature and overreaching laws. Most of the LEO's do the most with the least as they are constantly being thrown under the bus by the very people who are supposed to support them yet they still carry their responsibility with great pride and respect. A plastic card to employ a U.S. Constitutional guaranteed right? That is the issue we face and needs to be rectified. The other part.........now we are not allowed to sell private property of minimal value when compared to a home or car without an FFL recording and keeping records? Say Thank You to any LEO for their service and dedication and vote out the miscreants in the state house.
  8. Supposedly the FOID is fixed..............SURE! https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/illinois-state-police-website-hacked-gun-owner-data-compromised-site-wont-accept-new-foid-applications/
  9. This is only the first salvo.........wait until next spring when Willis and her ding-a-lings come up with more 'genius' common sense ways to take away more rights.
  10. Hornady single stage kit was the first press followed a year later by the Hornady LnL AP. Couple years later the Forster Co-Ax showed up in the reloading room with the hand held Lee hand press. The single stage presses are used for 6.5 Creedmoor, 7.62 NATO and 30-06. The single stage still gets the most use as I like doing my reloading in slower stages and one step at a time unless it is pistol ammo. The Dillons are really the Cadillac of presses and there certainly is nothing wrong with Lee or any others but the Hornday/Forster works for me.
  11. Way ahead of his time........so was Larry and Moe's 2 brothers!
  12. The U-sight on my Hellcat is one of the best sights I have used. Was between this and the Sig Sauer and the Springer won going away for me.
  13. This kind of garbage legislation almost makes a person want to go to law school to break if off in a ding-a-lings ear in court! Well maybe not a lawyer..................
  14. This is going to be interesting and probably have a huge effect either way. It is a real sad day when the highest court in the land is afraid of making a sound decision based on becoming 'packed'. I truly believe Manchin and Sinema are not the only Senators who are against packing any court. The left will have the advantage for a year until the tide turns rolls back out and takes many of their lefty heroes with it. But this case should only be the beginning of a 2A avalanche hopefully in our favor.
  15. They are not taking cases directly related to splits or unconstitutional laws because they are afraid of a liberal packing? https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/supreme-court-wont-take-cases-challenging-lifetime-bans-for-non-violent-offense/
  16. Sounds like lots of boating accidents coming with magazines going into the deep.........................
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