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  1. I see no difference. Lee wanted to keep things status quo. So did Arnold. Both chose based on personal interest.
  2. Or Robert E Lee... since his name is in the news, of late.
  3. It's a 48-2-50 Senate. Though King usually votes with the Democrats, I can see him being a Republican on this vote. And of course, Bernie!
  4. When did this happen? What size magazine did he have? How did he get out of being charged? Chicago has a 15 round limit on the books. Before McDonald it was 12. It would not surprise me that CPD might not know the law... or even what Chicago's magazine limit is/was.
  5. Smoke33, I’m finding the site far easier to read in Safari on my phone (and Firefox on the PC) than it was before, especially with my login saved properly. I haven’t used Tapatalk in years… not feeling the need to do so now.
  6. If I have disposable cash, I will probably pick up the Girsan and the new improved Tisas Zig 14 should they actually be available here. If they are as nice as my SS Regent BR9, both would be nice additions. I still need to find a pre-war model, a ‘60s Pre-T and a T-series, a nice C series and something from from 2010 or after to complete my “decades” collection. An Inglis, Arcus, FM and Ishtapur are probably on my list, too. And a something from the Belgian Congo would be awfully cool. I’ve also heard about a polymer framed version from South Africa… so many more yet to find.
  7. The Tisas Regent BR9, rebranded as the Zig 14 (or was it the other way around), is indeed a parts-compatible clone of the High Power. I expect the Girsan will be nearly identical as both companies seem to supply the Turkish military. The stainless steel model is particularly nice. It is finished far better than the FEG and Arcus clones, possibly better than some original High Powers. It has a really tight fit. MSRP for the Girsan seems to be the same as the Tisas. I would love to find some of the Tisas "special" models!
  8. Well... that was super easy. I won't have to worry about forgetting this for four years now. Thanks!
  9. I like the multi year options and will likely re-up for a four year term. I haven't figured out where my expiration date is... may I re-up early?
  10. Iowa does this. Far easier with a smaller population and fewer districts.
  11. KENDLLB360, A judge can indeed do anything he/she wants to do. Can they get away with it? I sure hope you have a better landlord now...
  12. I don't know anything about this topic. It may be worthwhile to contact the folks at New Leaf, part of Illinois Legal Aid. Because they are attorneys actually dealing with weed expungement... they can probably give you real answers. https://www.illinoislegalaid.org/new-leaf/weed-legal-now-can-i-clear-my-record
  13. I am really not certain what it is called... it is quite good! Googling "CCW app" brings up "CCW - Concealed Carry 50 State" in the Apple app store. This is the one I referred to. On my iPhone the icon is CCW. I believe "Posted" is a companion app that lets users add businesses that do not allow CC. It resides within the CCW app. CCW also has " Gun Vault" featuring some handy range tools and a place to keep info on your firearms... including rounds used and last cleaning. Googling "Posted app" brings up the same suite.
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