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  1. Never mind!


  2. There is a forum that discusses changes to the private sales of a firearm. In the past you just did a FOID check on-line. I checked my own status numerous times just to see how it worked or to show others. Nothing happened… The link to ISP (in the thread) shows two links: -sell ammo; -sell gun. According to a known member here, clicking the “sell ammo” link satisfies the letter of the law and is a simple FOID validation check. Clicking the “sell firearm “ box asks for what we might think of as gun registration info. Read the thread. I would click the sell ammo box. I could be wrong. There may be more info forthcoming.
  3. Every so often I misplace something… I have always found it exactly where I last put it. If you have really lost a firearm, it is probably best to follow the rules as posted above by Euler. I imagine you can report it found at some later date if it turns out the firearm was just playing hide and seek with you.
  4. I just looked to buy a Girsan MCP35 at CDNN. Alas… they will not ship mags over 10 rounds to anywhere in Illinois. There are others with the same policy. I’d love to convince them all their policy is wrong.
  5. I would like to hear Molly’s thoughts on this. I think I prefer the previous FOID check. I’d like to know what happens with the new information they require.
  6. A DA or DA/SA (decocker or safety) pistol is designed to carry with a round in the chamber. The longer/heavier first shot trigger pull is your safety, and your GX4 has that toggled trigger safety thingy. I would not hesitate to carry a GX4 with a round chambered... as long as the trigger is appropriately covered and I maintain safe handling practices. Do not change what you are doing because someone on the Internet suggests you should! With my SA pistols, the thumb safety is one extra step to accomplish, but I greatly prefer a shorter lighter trigger pull. And, like many DA/striker users, I prefer the trigger pull to be the same every time. Adding a manual thumb safety to a DA striker fired pistol could be an additional measure of safety, while adding an extra thing to do in a stressful situation. My first carry pistol was a Kel-Tec P11. It was incredibly safe with a very, very long 10lb trigger pull. It was painful to fire more than 25 rounds with and made me flinch after the first round went off. I imagine my views could have been different if my first "safe for carry" pistol had a 6lb trigger like the GX4. If you shoot it well and enjoy shooting it...
  7. Yes. I find leather more comfortable than kydex or the hybrid leather/kydex types. I find OWB to be far more comfortable than IWB. I gave up IWB a couple years ago.
  8. I have a few of the Nemisis type holsters in different sizes... and a couple of similar pocket holsters in leather. I rarely use them because of lack of access to my pockets. I do keep one in my center console for temporary storage to protect the pistol, or move it to locked storage. What I do use everyday is a Privateer Leather "Corsair" outside the waistband holster. For IWB carry I use their "Cutthroat"... basically the same ride height and cant. My Sig P238 or Browning High Power disappear under a loose untucked shirt or the Columbia vest I wear everyday. A suit coat or jacket would provide the same concealment coverage. Holster pic attached. For center console carry... I might prefer a rig that can attach to the inside of my console so it is in exactly the right place at all times. As to the safety of your GX4... I agree with 2A4Cook. You should be good to go. My favorite carry pistols are single action. There have been times, at the end of the day, when I discover the safety on the Sig is switched to off. It has remained safe because the trigger is fully covered and my finger does not go to the trigger unless I am ready to fire. The Privateer Leather Corsair runs around $110, plus whatever fancy leather trim you might want to add. Wait time for these custom "made for you" holsters is 11-12 weeks. My last one did not take as long as expected. Other craftsmen will have similar pricing and wait times. For me, OWB is far more comfortable than IWB, and you don't need to get bigger pants. The combined cost of the three pictured is less than the drawer full of holsters (hybrid types, Kydex models and pocket holsters) I have found to be unsuitable for me. Never cheap out on your holster. ... or your gun belt.
  9. I agree... courts will be looking at the new rules involving several recent SCOTUS cases. It seems NY will craft their new gun laws to presume a business does not allow concealed carry unless the business specifically posts that carry is allowed. The opposite of Illinois. Yikes. RE: your carry experience I have never pocket carried because I cannot imagine having adequate access to a pistol which is in my pocket, especially while driving. YMMV. And my pants pockets are for other things... EDC knife, flashlight, multi-tool. The center console is also for other things. With a good leather OWB holster I feel quite comfortable carrying cocked and locked, chamber loaded. Never cheap out on your holster.
  10. IMO - Bailey is too far right to win Illinois, at least in the current climate. Rauner lost because conservatives felt he was too far left on RTL... not their ideal candidate. Ms.Clinton lost because lots of D voters stayed home... she was not their ideal candidate and they felt she was a sure thing... a protest no-show. Start planning for 2026.
  11. Numbers from yesterday: Bailey took 451,000/782,000 JB took 745,200/812,000 I'm guessing there will be a higher turnout in November for Democats.
  12. Long ago... some 30 years... a neighbor had a PERC (tan card?) so he could work as a uniformed armed bank guard. He could not conceal carry - the card allowed only on the job open carry. It had to be unloaded and in a case on the way to and from his place of employment. He was not ex-LEO nor was he a gun guy. Former or off duty cops and qualified ex-military seem to be the preferred choices for armed security amongst the companies who book them for the TV biz.
  13. Unless you have a license to manufacture firearms, I think selling completed un-serialized 80s anywhere is a violation of Federal law.
  14. You can't even have an unopened bottle of wine in the back seat at a Nuclear Power Plant. I had to take them down the road and hide them behind a tree because the guards wouldn't let me through them out on the premises.
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