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  1. I just received notice from ISP FSB that I will be receiving my new combination FOID/CCL. While my CCL is good for another thirteen months, my FOID was good for much longer and is on file with on-line ammo providers. We hate change, us humans. I’m generally better than many with change… I am not liking this one. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I suppose it’s good for those who don’t have room to carry two cards in their wallet, ending that old debate, and yet not so good for those who would prefer to carry no card at all. The prospect of losing the ability to do a private transfer without employing an FFL concerns me, too. Cheers, Tim
  2. I said when I met the Michigan Militia folks years ago, they were kooks, paranoid and anti-government to different degrees. Far beyond not being registered Democrats. A point I didn't make, because it was in the article - the characterization of the suspect as 'anti-government' was likely from law enforcement and not just conjecture by the press. Cheers, Tim
  3. I met and hung out with some Michigan Militia folks years ago. We got along great and I nearly brought home some interesting souvenirs. They were quite far beyond not being registered Democrats and may have been involved in theoretical conspiracies involving anti government stuff long before some of you were walking... one might call them kooks and not be wrong. Paranoids. *It was quite humorous when Major so and so pushed a fully outfitted 'modern sporting rifle' into the hands of our correspondent during an interview in his gunshop/garage. I can still see the look on the correspondent's face. Cheers, Tim
  4. I suppose a revolver and a box of ammo would suffice. Even with such a small arsenal, he could be of great danger to family, friends and those who come in contact with him. I suggest that though it does not seem correct to us, whatever arms he possessed is well within the standard definition of arsenal. Our outrage requires no redress from the news writer.
  5. Here is an old IC thread discussing this very topic - Giving Gun To Family Member As A Gift - 2017 Pretty much looks like a regular person to person transfer with no exchange of money. You both must be residents of Illinois. Recipient must be legal to own the gun. You need to keep a record for at least ten years. I am not sure you need to use the ISP portal, others will add comments, but it's not a bad idea. If you are asking about 'banned' items, that is a different question with different answers depending on where in Cook County the lucky recipient lives, I think. Cheers, Tim
  6. Uncovering a LaRouche scam The LaRouchites' "fund raising" technique, the indictment said, consisted of approaching people in airports, shopping centers and post offices in seven cities to solicit contributions and sell subscriptions to such LaRouche publications as Fusion, New Solidarity and Executive Intelligence Review magazines. Donors were encouraged to pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. The card numbers were then recorded on what LaRouche followers called "contact cards," which listed a cardholder's name, address, telephone number and special interests. Later fund raisers used the cards to make further pitches by telephone. Some victims were called 30 times or more, often in the middle of the night. The fund raisers used what the indictment calls "increasingly insistent tones" to ask for loans or donations to the LaRouche campaign organizations. If the solicitations were refused, the indictment alleges, the LaRouchites went ahead anyway and charged unauthorized donations to the victims' credit cards. More than 2,000 unauthorized charges were made, the indictment said; one victim was taken for $8,200. LaRouche, 64, who called the raids a "dirty trick run as a media stunt," was not indicted. He frequently denies any knowledge of his organization's finances, and he recently agreed to pay a $202,000 judgment to NBC in a damage suit rather than submit to a probe of his personal wealth. Nevertheless, the indictment says LaRouche discussed the credit-card case last year, telling a subordinate, "Just keep stalling, stall and appeal, stall and appeal." Saturday, December 17, 1988; A federal jury in Alexandria convicted political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and six associates yesterday of conspiracy and mail fraud in his group's solicitation of $34 million in loans since 1983. LaRouche, a four-time presidential candidate who has promoted his controversial ideas internationally for almost 20 years, was also convicted of conspiring to hide his personal income since 1979, the last year he filed a federal tax return. Perot: Threats drove me out Ross Perot said Sunday he decided to drop his independent presidential bid in July because the Bush campaign was threatening to use dirty tricks to smear his daughter. In his first stump appearance since re-entering the race Oct. 1, Perot said he had received three reports that the Republicans planned to "publish a false photograph of my daughter" before her Aug. 23 wedding and to disrupt the ceremony. Perot, who has made other conspiracy allegations without offering proof, provided no evidence of his contention that Republicans sought to embarrass his youngest daughter, Carolyn. snip Perot said he was told by a "prominent Republican friend" whom he refused to name, that the Bush campaign had used a computer to create a "fake photograph" of Carolyn that would have embarrassed her and the family. He said he was told Carolyn's face was superimposed on the body of another person in an embarrassing situation and it was to be distributed to supermarket tabloids before her wedding. Campaign operatives also planned to be at the church to disrupt the wedding ceremony, he said. Perot said he abandoned his campaign July 16 to protect his daughter, who encouraged him to rejoin the race after her wedding.
  7. Maybe it was just bad candidates not knowing what the voters want...
  8. Looks like Kari Lake is the first to come down with a case of the DT’s with a statement about not letting the fraudsters win… her Arizona count isn’t close to final yet. Seems she’s not used to underperforming. For the record, none of the Democratic candidates who lost come even close to DT in election denial. Ms Lake has been taking notes from the master of denial.
  9. Ron Johnson and Kari Lake are possibilities, if they lose. Herschel Walker perhaps?
  10. Yep… I prefer a plain Midwest voice, Tom Brokaw, Johnny Carson etc. My speaking voice is more Midwestern than Chicago. Once, long ago, I found myself interpreting English, in a Parisian beer bar, between the French bartender and a couple from rural Scotland who had been awarded a vacation to Paris from an employer. Neither party could understand the other. Between my extensive knowledge of world beer styles and my easy to listen to Midwestern voice, the Scottish couple had a good evening out and the bartender received a much bigger tip. I got a couple free beers. The next evening I was cheerfully greeted by the bartender with “Monsieur, you have returned!”.
  11. I don't think his voice sounds strange or horribly unpleasant. It does remind me of the speaking voice of Jim Nabors. Coupled with his appearance, reminiscent (I think) of Gunnery Sgt Vince Carter (actor Frank Sutton), perhaps there's a Gomer Pyle thing going on for some urban voters.
  12. If you were buying today from someone on some sort of on-line forum... -Contact the seller and come to an agreement on price and other terms -Send a copy of your FOID to the seller who runs the FOID check on-line -Meet up 72 hours later at a mutually agreed upon time and place *The new online FOID check for private sales of a gun (not ammo) now asks for info about the gun. This may be above and beyond the letter of the law. I have heard that some are using the AMMO section (not gun) to verify the validity of the FOID and that this satisfies the letter of the law. At some point soon the new rules kick in and we may be required to do private sales through an FFL.
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