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  1. Yes, there are clones, and many used originals. This new one seems to have addressed some of the things BHP enthusiasts have been improving for decades. But... this one may be a bit longer and half a pound heavier, making it somewhat less desirable for concealed carry. I would like to handle one, and will probably buy one, just because. At this point a lightweight short slide version, like the one I put together, seems preferable for carry for me. As a collector, I don't see how a non parts compatible pistol fits in with examples spanning nearly 90 years (nearly 80 years in my collection). This new one will share the history of the original in name and reminiscent styling only. I fear it will affect the market for used original BHPs by raising the prices higher. Rehabbing a used High Power purchased at a low price, or even the SA-35/Girsan at below MSRP, easily brings the final cash outlay to the MSRP of this new pistol. This is an interesting development in the High Power world. Adding a link to FN America: https://fnamerica.com/pistols/fn-high-power-series/?utm_source=meganav_by-series
  2. There seem to be so many changes to this new FN... so many differences that I wonder if the High Power world will take to it.
  3. So... who wants a cashless society! The $600/1099 thing is a Federal IRS requirement. Smaller income receipts are on the honor system... we are all required to report all income. Venmo and PayPay go beyond this... they have an agreement with the IRS because (I imagine) they are moving lots of money around. Your Venmo Agreement IRS 1099 Misc
  4. Buy the new slide from Sig for $300 and sell the old one on GunBroker for <$250... I would keep both, 'cause ya never know! I once was looking for a Sig P938 slide/barrel to go with my P938-22. One came up for sale and I withdrew from bidding before it sold for far more than it was worth. Sometimes a seller gets lucky. I keep a couple spare High Power slides 'cause it's my favorite and ya never know when a pistol with a damaged slide will turn up for cheap. And it's fun to mix them up sometimes.
  5. Contact Sig first and see if they will do it, or offer a slide configured that way.
  6. Kind of like what Sidartha wrote. The 3 hour renewal course doesn't expire but is useless if your CCL expires. If you fail to submit your CCL renewal application before your CCL expires, you are required to take the full course, as if you are applying for the first time.
  7. Even with the FOID, Illinois is better than NY. Not sure how the endless New FOID will change that... Heck, unless you have a MI LTC, we are better than Michigan.
  8. It is/was part of the same ordinance requiring all retailers to keep carpet/box knives and other similar tools under lock and key... I am not certain laser sights are really effective in the real world.
  9. I think... you can be a resident of only one state for the purposes of purchasing a firearm. If your primary residence is Illinois, and your DL is from Illinois, you are probably an Illinois resident? I have a buddy who lived in Illinois for 20 years or so, bought a home here and yet wanted to remain a Texan, for taxes and auto insurance, by keeping a mailing address at his sisters home in Texas. He always felt he would be lying if he bought a gun in Texas as a Texas Resident and eventually got an Illinois DL and FOID, partly because his auto insurance company realized he was living in Chicago, rather than San Antonio, and refused to insure him as a Texas resident, insisting he get an Illinois DL. It is possible that you need to pick one state over the other. The one you actually live in is probably the one to choose... if you actually live in NY you should get a NY DL and make yourself an honest man. You may then purchase your guns in NY. When you visit your old room at your parents home, you may transport your firearms to their home per Illinois laws. I think you are a NY resident who is still using your childhood ancestral IL DL. From Illinois.Gov
  10. Yep. The ejector is binding where it should slide effortlessly through its channel in the slide as the slide travels rearward. I haven't gotten to the extractor yet! Gotta solve this new problem first. Tim
  11. I picked up my SA-35 (#3094) yesterday afternoon. - The edges are pretty sharp and could be painful - The safety engages a bit when un-cocked making it difficult to rack the slide - The slide/frame fit is extremely tight... far too tight... * The EJECTOR is binding in its channel in the slide. I hope to swap ejectors with a working High Power and see if it works adequately. In its current "new - just out of the box" state I believe the pistol will not function properly. The SA slide fits on 5 other High Powers and those other FN/Tisas/FEG slides exhibit the same binding problem as the SA slide. I think the real cost of a new High Power is near $1500. This $700 pistol needs to be finished... it's kind of like it is a 90% finished pistol. My opinion may change as I seek to solve the problems. I must fix the binding issue before I can shoot it to find any other problems. The Tisas was under $700 three years ago and required far less work. Perhaps the Girsan, a MK lll clone, will perform as well as the Tisas did. - The grips look really nice - The sights seem to be quite usable - The stock trigger averages 4# 6oz (range 4# 9.7oz/4# 0.1oz - I like the new safety lever but will add eventually SFS to the pistol - I like that safety lever better This one may go back to SA for warranty repair of all of its issues though there are reports of others doing this and the issues have not been fully addressed. I am not in a hurry. Eventually, it will go to BHSS for complete rehab and finishing. Cheers, Tim
  12. The SA-35 that BHSS tested and rebuilt is being auctioned with the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. It looks really nice and runs like a High Power should… only better!
  13. He did say that after some work, it's as good as any FN High Power. $700 paperweight or $1500 great shooter.
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