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  1. Gomez Flip flops Leopard print dress Crazy ex-girlfriend vibes.
  2. Are you using a phone or PC/Laptop? If on a phone, did you try touching the actual year and scrolling to your birth year?
  3. At least one Republican governor has: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/414375-ron-desantis-critical-marx/
  4. A good cell phone pic of the certificate will work too.
  5. I've spoken to instructors that believe the 16 Hour requirement is only "recommended" hours.
  6. An $80 class is a good indicator that something's amiss. Found this pic on the google, it may be the same Terry Lumma.
  7. I wouldn't sell anything on Scamslist. I wouldn't send a picture of my IDs as a seller. I would NEVER send someone my SSN to sell a gun either. Post the gun for sale here on the forum, and you'll have much better luck.
  8. The ISP transfer form includes spaces for the buyer's Name and Address. The FOID or CCL number is auto populated when you choose to print the form. While you only need the FOID number and date of birth, at minimum, I'd require a picture of the FOID card to fill in the form.
  9. No legal requirement to give the buyer your address, photo, ID, etc. Some buyers do want that much info, but it's your choice as to how much information you want to give them.
  10. Assuming you renewed your card, your expired FOID is still valid. You may need to show proof that you've renewed it at some gun shops.
  11. Two friends of mine received their New FOIDS in just over two weeks.
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